4 America’s Favorite Movie Channels for Movie Lovers

Channels for Movie Lovers

Spending weekends without a good movie leaves you tired and exhausted for the rest of the week. If you are addicted to Hollywood movies Channels for Movie Lovers, things might turn you off without getting the proper dose of the movie on weekend. To add fuel to the fire, if the movie is based on a novel that you finished reading, your patience might not bear anymore without watching it. 

In the digital age, access to entertainment is just a click away. Either you can subscribe to a popular streaming service like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video etc. to watch your favorite movie or you can catch your favorite content on television, for which you need to subscribe to Spectrum, Mediacom, Suddenlink, or Optimum cable depending on availability in your area. 

If you are looking for a movie channel provided by your cable provider, the extensive channel lineup will offer you plenty of options to choose from. However, finding the best channels out of several is a quite challenging task. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best movie channels dedicated to movie lovers. Stay tuned because you are going to get enough treats for the coming weekends

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The Movie Channel 

The Movie Channel is one of the most popular cable channels in America. The programming includes everything movie buffs love to watch. Showtime Networks primarily own the channel, and broadcasts independently produced pictures along with motion pictures and theatrically released movies. If there are a bunch of adults at your home, then you can also catch up with adult erotica. Make sure to set a parental lock on The Movie Channel to keep your children away from viewing adult material. 

The Movie Channel is only available to pay-TV subscribers as the channel is sold and operated separately. A secondary channel name The Movie Channel Xtra offers more viewing options for its subscribers. 

Popular Movies and TV Shows on The Movie Channel

3 Day Weekend Agent Cody Banks
American Christmas Andy & The Donald
Barely Lethal Batman & Robin
Batman Forever Best in Show
The Big Lebowski Body of Deceit
The Best of Enemies The Adderall Diaries
The Captive The Burbs
The Blues Brothers Barely Lethal


HBO is not only famous for its being the oldest channels, but also for the quality of shows it airs. If you are looking forward to watching the greatest blockbuster movies and thrilling TV-shows, HBO is going to give you a bunch of goodies and treats. Especially if you are feeling bored at home, turning to HBO will help you kill some time and boredom. You might get a chance to watch your favorite shows and movies that are still a treat to watch. My favorite one is Gladiator and I can leave everything behind to watch this movie again. 

Warner Media, an entertainment brand everyone knows how much it offers for its audience, owns HBO. You can’t resist watching TV-series and movies that are broadcasted on HBO. For instance, breaking bad and game of thrones are two popular ones that are hard to resist. 

The channel is aired all over the globe across 155 countries. However, the branded service is available in only 85 countries including countries from Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. The programming includes shows and movies that people across the globe love to watch irrespective of ethnicity, gender, or creed. 

There are several ways to watch HBO through the app, on-demand, and of course your cable. The network operated 24 hours a day to keep you hooked and entertained round the clock. 

Popular TV Shows on HBO

Barry Succession
Watchmen Insecure
Big Little Lies True Detective
Industry The Undoing
Silicon Valley Gentleman Jack
Perry Mason Broadwalk Empire
Girls The Deuce
Sex and the City Eastbound and Down


When searching for movies and TV shows, Reelz can be one channel to get hooked to. The popular American channel is widely watched by residents of the United States. The channel started back in 2006 with the name Reelz Channel. 

Hubbard Broadcasting owns Reelz and gained massive traction for providing oriented programming. The channel can let you watch blazing gossips trending all over the media. If you haven’t watched Reelz yet, make sure to give it a try. And if it is not included in your cable channel lineup, switch to another provider to watch Reelz. 

Reelz coverage is available to more than 70 million households in the United States. Almost 60% of Reelz’s audience are cable TV subscribers. 

Popular Movies and Shows on Reelz

Interview with the Vampire Branson Taxi
Rain Man The Story of the Royals
Broke and Famous The Capones
Cashed Out Celebrity Legacies
Celebrity Page Clint Eastwood: Hollywood Outlaw
Deadly Shootouts College Admissions Scandal
The Elton John Story Demons in the City of Angels
Elvis: Are You Lonesome Tonight Exposed with Deborah Norville


If you are, feeling bored and have nothing to do, switch on your television and tune in to AMC. The channel is a flagship property of AMC Networks launched back in October 1984. The widely popular channel is viewed across the United States due to its original programming and some classic movie flicks released before 1950. Later on, AMC was operated by the joint ventures Rainbow Media and Tele-Communications Inc. 

At present AMC broadcasts mostly theatrically released movies in addition to original programming. Before 2002, AMC was known for airing classic movies. While in 2002, the channel shifted its programming. 

As of July 2015, the channel’s viewership across America was around 94,382,000. Sling TV has also included the channel for its subscribers since 2015. 

Popular Movies and TV Shows on AMC

Fear the Walking Dead A Discovery of Witches
The Athea Tapes Best Christmas Ever
Dispatches from Elsewhere Better Call Saul: Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training
Film Fakers The Salisbury Poisonings
Talking with Chris Hardwick The Walking Dead: Cold Storage
Quiz Ride with Norman Reedus
The Terror McMafia
Killing Eve Gangs of London

Summing Up

In this post, we have discussed some of the widely popular TV Channels for Movie Lovers across the United States. Try them and watch the popular shows and movies aired on these Channels for Movie Lovers to kill your boredom.

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