4 Attributes Of Having The Best Escape Room Experience

Escape Room Experience

Over the past few years, the popularity of escape rooms has skyrocketed, and it’s easy to understand why. Their blend of cooperation, problem-solving, and gameplay that is directly adapted from the thrilling video games and films that we all know and love can result in a tantalising real-life experience that is unrivalled by anything else.

However, not every escape room is made equally. Many escape room offers poor thrilling experience, while some escape rooms just have outdated gameplay. Thus, if you are seeking a high-level escape room experience, then you should consider these attributes of having the best escape room experience. These are the things that distinguish high-level escape room experience from a poor one.

1.     A good escape room offers an immersive experience.

The ultimate objective of a good game designer is to fully engross the players in the action and trigger their own internal suspension of disbelief. There are several keyways to accomplish this. Players will likely notice the location of the escape room as one of the first things about it. Players won’t ever acquire the essential immersion if the room is improperly designed.

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It should be roomy enough for the players to move around in, and it should be packed with information that will make them consider their surroundings and the task at hand. Escape room games like Fox in a Box Chicago offer massive space for players, enabling them to explore hidden clues effortlessly. Together, space and detail should deepen immersion and guide players’ thoughts.

2.     A good escape room has a good theme collection.

The puzzles themselves should be of a high standard that is stimulating to the mind, enjoyable, and different from what they might typically encounter at home or in their daily lives. You should hide significant clues around the environment to make players pay closer attention to the particulars you have previously built up and to motivate them to cooperate more closely as a team.

The best escape room in NYC like BrainXcape offers a versatile theme collection that includes Jailbreak, Rinkers Island, The Haunted Hotel, Game of Gold and many others. You can book the experience as per your preference, each experience is marvellously designed to keep you on toes and to make the most of your thrilling experience.

3.     A good escape room has a good balance of clues.

The game master should strike a balance between the room’s difficulty and the games’ level of difficulty. If players find the game to be excessively challenging, the experience may not have been well created. The environment and the games should be set up such that players can solve problems by applying their intellect and cooperating, but not in a way that is cryptic, esoteric, or necessitates too many logical leaps on the part of any one person. 

On the other hand, players shouldn’t have it too easy either; if they can figure out the riddles in a flash, there’s a good possibility they’ll get bored and not appreciate the game as a whole.

4.     A good escape room offers the ability to briefly transform into someone else.

Everyone enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and reading novels because they allow us to temporarily escape reality and live the lives of others. A good escape room will make players feel that they are that character in a story, cooperating with the others to find a satisfactory resolution through the environment, riddles, and overall story presented by the game master.

Even though this can be the most challenging aspect of escape room design, when done well, it invariably gives players a sense of happiness, accomplishment, and satisfaction that is difficult to match in most other mediums.



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