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In this technological era, things have come way too far. Or, in simpler terms, the Internet is a world of potential–and there is plenty of potential in the online video space. You can enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere from affordable access to fantastic channels. Earlier, we used to wait for movies and TV shows to air on Television. But, today, we can watch them on various subscription-based OTT platforms. Additionally, these movies and web series are available before they are aired on Television. Being an entertainment fanatic, it is very difficult to wait for the most awaited web series or movie. And these OTT platforms solved the problem. Nevertheless, getting access to them comes with a cost or subscription fees. However, When it comes to binge-watching movies and TV Shows without spending a penny on OTT platforms, our browsing history is full of failed searches. But, Thanks to the 9XFlix Homepage, a public torrent website. It is a power pack package of Bollywood movies, Hindi Dubbed and web series.

Wondering what is so special about the website? You will find out in the upcoming section. Also, by the end of this piece of writing, you will be able to stream movies and web shows online for free. So let’s dive into the river!!

What is TV Online?

Video on demand can be a bit of a misnomer when it comes to TV streaming. Unlike a download or a TV channel where you can select a show, and it will start playing instantly, a video-on-demand service means you have to select the show you want to watch, find it in the program guide, and select the episode. Once that’s done, you must wait for the show to buffer and start playing.

Moreover, there is a problem–finding the best way to watch TV on the Internet has become even more difficult than two years ago — when we had no personal computer or digital TV reception devices. There are so many distinct choices that it’s almost impossible to know which ones will work for you. But in case you are searching for a particular web series or movie, 9XFlix is the way to go. You can watch shows and movies online on the 9xflic website. Its URL is extensively available on Google. But, before directly searching for the website, know what it is and how to use it.

Introduction to 9XFlix Homepage

To begin with, the 9XFlix homepage public torrent website is widely acknowledged as a “pirate website.” Most of the users recognized it as “9XFlic.com”. The word “public torrent” suggests that the website provides authentic links to download pirated versions of web series, movies, and TV Shows. But, it is known as the Nation’s unlawful website. 

Moreover, the outstanding feature of the website is that it has a huge collection of new movies along with old and classic ones, which a user can download. Additionally, it offers dual audio features for movies, especially South Indian. For example, you are an action movie lover, and South Indian movies are widely popular in this genre. 9XFlix allows you to download the Hindi version of the movie. Further ahead, it also offers download links in several regional languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, etc., along with Hindi and English.

Furthermore, The website also offers live streaming to watch movies online. One can rely completely on the website in terms of print quality. It offers HD standards for all the movies and web series that one can binge-watch while sitting on the couch and popcorn in one hand. Additionally, there is always something exciting and something new to watch. Whether you love drama, romance, comedy, or action, 9xflix will not disappoint you. Thus, you can easily find whatever you are searching for. 

9xFlix Homepage: List of services that the website offers


  • 9xFlix Homepage- 9xflix South Hindi dubbed and 9xflix Bollywood full movies
  • Web Series- free download 9xflix Hindi web series and Netflix shows
  • TV shows- Hindi Dubbed Tv Series, 9xFlix Tv shows, and Bollywood Hindi tv
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies- South Indian Hindi dubbed and 9xflix South Hindi Dubbed
  • Dual Audio Movies: offers dual audio( Hindi and English)


Why choose 9xFlix for downloading the latest web series and movies?

Binge-watching movies, TV shows, and web series on paid OTT platforms may feel hefty in your pocket. In that case, pirated websites like 9xFlix homepage act as rescuers for those whose budget doesn’t allow them to buy expensive subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Moreover, 9xFlix’s main website provides wonderful features that users cannot deny. As a result, it is regarded one of the most visited pirated websites.

Thus, check out the best features of the 9xflix homepage:-

  • The key feature of 9xflix is that it allows the users to download any movie, web series, or Tv Show for free. 
  • Another benefit of this pirated website is that it provides content in various video formats such as 720p, Web-DL, 480p, and DVD Rip.
  • 9xFlix offers easy download of movies, Tv shows, Dual Audio Movies, and South Indian Dubbed Movies. One can download them in a few minutes with a high internet speed.

What else does 9xflix offer?

  • Another amazing feature of 9xflix is that it doesn’t redirect you to any other link. Rather all the details and information are addressed properly. Users can easily access the content on the website.
  • Users can also watch consent movies( 18+ movies). The website has an epic collection and offers dual audio for convenient watches. 
  • 9xflix has an in-built library. The library consists of more than 60,000 movies in HD quality. No doubt, the collection is huge. Thus, it has something for everyone. Moreover, the website is updated constantly to provide you with the latest content without any subscription fee. 

The 9xflix homepage, a TV shows, movies downloading website, is not responding– How to carry it out?

Indeed, it is no surprise if you face issues while using the website. The pirated websites like 9xflix are unlawful or illegal. And using these websites to download copyright content can be proved dangerous. These websites give access to those copyrighted content copied/stolen/illegally recorded from subscription-based OTT platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

Inevitably, these websites’ servers may go down for a while. In that case, you might be unable to get a response from the website. However, you can’t be so sure because it may be your internet fault. Therefore, check out the measurements mentioned below to run the website smoothly without any risk involvement.

Measurements to take while visiting a pirated website like 9xflix

  • The very first measure to take while using a pirated website like 9xflix is to use VPN. To use a “Virtual Private Network or VPN, first, download and activate it. Using it will secure your IP address visibility from the owner of the website and several other lurkers. Hence, your location and identity remain undetectable. Consequently, you can download content from these pirated websites.
  • Another measurement you should take while downloading the content from proxy websites is never to use Public Wifi. Usually, Public networks are known to be unsafe while visiting proxy websites. And in the worst-case scenario, if something goes wrong, there is a slight chance that the cybercrime branch can take action. 
  • Also, ensure you are not providing any information about your credit/debit card, location, card pins, or passwords to the website. However, if 9xflix.com or any other website asks for the same, instantly jump out from it.
  • Keep in mind to use your devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., for visiting the website rather than a business one. 
  • At last, download the premium antivirus on your device and activate it. It will help your device wall up in case of any ransomware or malware attack.

Can you watch movies or TV shows in 1080p downloaded from 9xFlix?

It is one of the amazing attributes of using 9xflix. Users can download their desired movie or TV show in whatever picture quality. Moreover, depending on the user’s internet speed and usage, one can download distinct qualities such as 720p, 240p,480p, 1080p, 4k, HD Movies, Dual Audio Movies, Blu Ray Movies, etc. 

For example, if you are binge-watching on a smartphone, then 720p is quite satisfactory. However, if you are on your laptop or PC, you need at least 1080p. 

Additionally, you can also browse series based on your desired picture quality, such as 4K HD. Even some TV shows, web series, or movies on 9xflix. It is surely a convenient website to download shows and movies.

How to download TV Shows and films from 9xFlix 

You must have been waiting for this moment. Finally, the wait is over. Now, in this action, we will present a step-by-step process to download any web series or movie online for free. So, let’s have a look–

  • Open your browser on your smartphone or laptop. However, we recommend you to use a laptop or PC for ease.
  • Now, search for the official 9xflix homepage URL- https://9xflix.quest/m/. 
  • Please make sure that you are following all the precautions mentioned above.
  • Now, search for the TV shows or films based on the alphabet, dual audio, Hindi movies, web series, etc. For example, tap on Hindi Movies to view the Bollywood or Hindi movie collection.
  • In that column, you will find a mix of movie genres. You might get confused about which film or show to watch. So be careful of that part. It might waste your hour also. So, research the Internet before visiting the website, depending on your favorite genre. 
  • Once prepared with your movie or web series choice, select it to download.
  • A movie/ Web series profile will appear in front of you.
  • Next, scroll down to reach the “Download Links” option. Click on your desired picture quality for that particular film/ web series. 
  • You will also find ‘Torrent” Link’ just above the “Download Link.”
  • Once you select the picture, quality will redirect you to the extension page if you haven’t added it. On the contrary, tap on “Allow” to initiate the download.
  • Please make sure to choose the location before downloading. Enjoy the movie in your living room with popcorn in one hand!!

Note: There is another method also by which you can download a movie or web series of your choice. Could you read the next section to know about it?

How to download web series, Films by using Torrent Site?

As mentioned above, 9xflix also functions as a public torrent website. It means it provides you with direct torrent links to download the desired film, web series, or Dubbed movies for free. Thus, follow the guide mentioned below to download it for free.

  • The very first step here also involves visiting the official site.
  • Before accessing it, make sure you have taken all the preventive measures.
  • Select your content, such as web series, Hindi movies, Dual audio, etc., or choose based on the alphabet of the movie or TV Show
  • For example- by clicking on the web series option, you will get an amazing and latest collection of web series taken from different paid OTT platforms.
  • Pick one and tap on it. The profile will open and scroll down until you find the “Torrent Link” option.
  • Tap on the highest quality available for the same, and you will redirect to the download page. It will start downloading, and then enjoy it!!

Note- If you are using a smartphone to do all this process. Firstly download uTorrent on the device and then follow the steps!!

Is 9xflix an unlawful website?

Several benefits of using these pirated websites offer a huge collection of web series and films for free. But unfortunately, these are considered unlawful websites, or in simpler terms, these are completely illegal websites. Stealing or using content from premium OTT platforms without permission and providing them for free worldwide is a serious crime. 

 A short Disclaimer: We are not promoting the use of torrent and pirate websites. Data collected for these websites is not legally right. Moreover, being caught during such activities can lead you to jail for up to 3 years, or even the court will sentence you to pay a fine of thousands of dollars.

Undoubtedly, the risk falls on the shoulder of the owner. But being a responsible citizen, we are not encouraging you to involve yourselves. Thus, perform actions at your own risk.


This piece of writing is all about the 9xflix homepage, a public torrent website that allows you to download films, web series, etc., for free. Please bookmark the page for more informative articles!! 


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