Adelfa Marr: Everything you need to know about Manny Montana’s Wife

Adelfa Marr

In 2016, popular American Actor Manny Montana tied knots with Adelfa Marr. You may recognize her from 2018’s well-known comic television series called Good Girls. Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana’s pictures describe their love for each other. Without a doubt, millions of fans love this Hollywood Couple for their love goals and appearances on the red carpet. However, what else do we know about Adelfa Marr, except that she is the beloved better half of Manny Montana? Are you also wondering the same thing? If yes, then you are in luck today. 

We present to you a complete guide on Adelfa Marr’s Life with Manny Montana and her career details in the Hollywood Industry. Can’t wait to see what’s in today’s treasure? Without any further ado, let’s begin this reading: 

Who is Adelfa Marr? 

To begin with, Adelfa Marr is a 30 years old American actress. She appeared in the television series Good Girls in 2018 for multiple episodes. In the series, she played the character of Dylan. The role was short-term and crisp. Beautiful Adelfa Marr grasped fans’ attention through her exotic looks in the show. But, did you know? In Hollywood, Adelfa Marr is also popularly known as the Wife of Manny Montana. 

The couple tied the FOREVER-knot of marriage in 2016, and they have been together since. However, do you know? Apart from building her career in the Hollywood industry, Adelfa is also an independent and multi-talented woman. Before entering Hollywood, she explored her corporate career as a retailer, book reviewer, freelance writer, and more. She also has a talent for writing. Her contributions to high-end websites such as 21 Ninety, Byrdie, InKIND, etc., are famous. 

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Not only this but Adelfa also runs a business taking in clientele for life coaching. Well! Adelfa Marr has gotten a charming and successful husband like Manny Montana. Of course! She is a proven life coach. 

Is that all? Well! No. we have more stuff you must know about Adelfa and her beloved husband, Manny Montana. So, let’s keep going. 

Adelfa Marr Biography

Full Name Adelfa Marr
Popularly known as Manny Montana’s Wife
Birthday 3rd of August, 1992
Birthplace New York City, New York, USA
Currently lives in  Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA
Parents  Not Available
Siblings Not Available 
Age 30 years old (2022)
Height 5’6’’ (Five Feet Six inches), 170 cm, 1.7 meters. 
Body Weight 50 kg or 110 pounds
Figure 32 – 23 – 32 INCHES
Tattoos Three (One on neck, one on arm, and wrist)
Eye Color Black
Special Features Dreadlocks, small eyes, black-latina complexion
Popular movies or TV Shows Good Girls (2018) on Netflix
  • Community High School in New York City
  • Guttman Community College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree.
  • Hollywood Latina Actress 
  • Life Coach Professional
  • Freelance Writer, and
  • Staff Writer.
Husband/Boyfriend Manny Montana — American Actor
Kid One Son (name unknown)
Net Worth $500K approximately


Manny Montana Biography

Full Name Manny Montana
Popularly known as Adelfa Marr’s husband
Birthday 26 of September, 1983
Birthplace Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA
Age 39 years old (2022)
Height 6 Feet (185 centimeters)
Weight 80 kilogram
Body features Lean body, six pack abs, tattoos, spanish – irish facial features
Eye Color Black 
Hair style Small hair with neat cuts
  • Hollywood Actor
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Brand promoter
  • Jordan High School
  • California State University Long Beach
Additional Interests
Parents Not Available
Siblings Single Child
Net Worth $245 Million
Relationship Status Married
Wife Adelfa Marr
Children 1 son (name unknown)
Income source Acting and real estate investment


What is Adelfa Marr’s age?

Born on 3rd August in 1992, Adelfa Marr is about to turn 30 years old in 2 months. On the internet, her pictures on the red carpet with her husband, Manny Montana, have gone viral multiple times. Her exotic looks, confidence, and amazing fashion sense leave fans aspiring. 

Did you know? Manny Montana, Adelfa Marr’s husband, is 9 years older than her. Born on 26th September 1983, he is a popular American Actor. You may recognize him from shows like Good Girls, NCIS Los Angeles, CSI NY, and Lie to Me. 

According to the inside details, the couple met before working together on the show “Good Girls.” The timeline of the couple’s affair is unknown. Yet, we can say Manny Montana and Adelfa Marr are one the Hollywood couples who are embracing the age gap and working things out better than broken couples in the past. We will keep our fingers path-crossed for them.

Where does Adelfa Marr come from? 

For the most part, 30 years old, Adelfa Marr was born in New York City, New York, USA. She is an American citizen. Life Coach, Actress, and Writer Adelfa Marr currently lives in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA, with her husband Manny Montana since 2016. 

Is Adelfa Marr an immigrant? 

No! Adelfa Marr, by nationality, is an American. She was born in NYC. However, her ethnicity is Black American plus Latina. Thus, we assume that, sometime back, her parents or grandparents immigrated to the United States. 

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She is one of the most appealing black American and Latina actresses in Hollywood. In the upcoming years, you can expect to see her in more movies and television shows. 

How tall is Adelfa Marr? 

Manny Montana’s wife for six years, Adelfa Marr, is 5’6″ tall. In centimeters, her height stands at 170 cm approximately. In meters, she is 1.7 m tall. On the contrary, her husband, Manny Montana, is 6 feet tall. She is 4 inches shorter in height than her husband. 

Did you know? Manny Montana is half Mexican and half American. He is a single child (no sibling) of his parents. According to the inside details, Adelfa Marr’s husband, Manny Montana, is also American by nationality. In 1983, he was born to his parents in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. 

Without a doubt, this exotic couple set a benchmark for all the Hollywood couples and their millions of fans online. 

What is Adelfa Marr’s body measurement? 

Beautiful and exotic, Adelfa Marr is well-known for standing tall beside her husband, Manny Montana, on the red carpet. The black-Latina Hollywood actress Adelfa Marr has a perfect body figure of 30 – 23 – 32 inches. She is also very popular among fans for embracing her personality as a black American. She has a beautiful forehead, a small and oval face, and dreadlocks. 

Her graceful personality is loved the most. Apart from this, she has black, well-shaped, and small eyes. Her hair color is black. She has a lean body. 

On the other hand, Adelfa Marr’s husband, Manny Montana, also has a lean and well-built body. His complexion is tan (light brown). His favorite hairstyle is short hair with neat edges. He also loves getting tattoos. Like her husband, Adelfa Marr also has several tattoos. One on her neck, on her arm, and on her wrist. 

What does Adelfa Marr do for a living? 

Up until now, Adelfa Marr’s career has not taken big steps in Hollywood. She has only emerged in one television series with a supporting role in “Good Girls’ Dylan.” On the one hand, where fans are assuming she is not getting any work in Hollywood, we would like to put forward a distinct perspective. 

Adelfa Marr
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According to Adelfa Marr’s career details, she is a professional life coach. She also owns a website called “,” over which she invites clientele for life coaching experience. Apart from this, Adelfa Marr, as mentioned before, has a talent for writing. She has been a Staff Writer and blogger in the past for big-time websites like 21 Ninety, InKIND, etc. She earns a big part of her annual income from writing and life coaching. 

On the contrary, her husband, Manny Montana, is a full-time Hollywood superstar. He has emerged in several films and television series. According to the inside details, Adelfa’s husband also indulges in brand promotion, modeling for fashion brands, and other activities. 

What is Adelfa Marr’s education? 

According to the sustainable source, it has been disclosed that Adelfa Marr completed her high school graduation from a community college in New York City. Further, she also attended Guttman Community College for Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree. Here, she accomplished her qualifications in Life Coaching. 

On the other hand, Adelfa Marr’s husband, Manny Montana, attended Jordan High School in Long Beach. In addition to academics, he also took a high-end interest in Football. He frequented California State University Long Beach, where she was one of the best football players. He did not pick Football as his mainstream career field due to his real-time interest in acting. 

Both Adelfa and Manny come from backgrounds of intellectuals. However, both have not revealed anything about their private Life in the context of parents, siblings, and so on. 

What is Adelfa Marr’s Net Worth? 

To begin with, according to the celebrity net worth estimation 2022, Adelfa Marr’s Net Worth is not confirmed. Various websites mention her net worth to be anywhere between 500K USD to $1 Million. On the contrary, some websites only talk up to 200K USD. 

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Adelfa’s mainstream income source is life coaching and freelance writing. Her income is 30K per year. Although, she lives a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her successful better half — Manny Montana. 

Did you know? In the past decade, Manny Montana has appeared in over 42 films and 8 television series. His current net worth is touching $245 Million. You will also be surprised to know that Manny Montana also runs an investment business in real estate. His major part of his net worth and fortune comes from his multiple investments. 

He owns a mansion in Long Beach, LA, California, in a quite posh area. He lives there with his wife, Adelfa Marr, and their kid. During an interview, Manny Montana spoke about his love for Long Beach, and he loves to represent it as a big-time real estate investor. 

Do Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana have a kid? 

When you watch Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana walking down the red carpet hand-in-hand, you may think of this couple as young love. But, do you know? Adelfa Marr and Manny Montana have a son. The age of their son is unknown. Nevertheless, the couple hasn’t publicly spoken about their son or what his name is! But, we are happy for them to start a family together after marriage in 2016. 


That’s it for today! This was all you must to know about a beloved couple of Hollywood, Adelfa Marr, and Manny Montana. To know more about your favorite Hollywood pairs, sportsmen and their better half, comedians, social media celebrities, etc., bookmark us today! Thank you for reading with us. 


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