Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume: Guide to fix

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

Bluetooth makes everything better. Isn’t it true? From amazing audio delivery to easy access to noise-cancellation in public via personal entertainment facility, Bluetooth makes a lot of aspects of daily life better. Thanks to Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume (or enable) feature, now you can easily adjust the quality of audio delivery based on how advanced your main device is? 

For the most part, since the availability of the Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature in almost all the latest smartphones and PC(s), a countable percentage of users have complained about audio glitches from time to time. For example, let’s suppose you are playing audio with 8D audio delivery. However, speakers in your device are not technically capable of handling such high-end dimension audio delivery. In this case, absolute Bluetooth volume will exercise to improvise the audio delivery, which further causes glitches. What to do? You will find out true and tried solutions in this reading. 

Thanks to our team of technical experts, we brought you a concise guide on what is Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth volume? What does it do? And how and when to turn this feature ON/OFF?  

Because Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume is specifically a new feature, it is crucial to know what it does exactly. So, let’s take a glance at the introduction below:

What does the Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature stand for? 

When it comes to Bluetooth facilities, they are in every device. For example, today, you can connect your iPhone/Android Smartphone with a television at home using Bluetooth or wireless connection. Not only this, but when you connect two devices with each other, their “volume” option synchronizes. It means that you can further utilize the volume button on your iPhone/Smartphone to control or adjust the volume on a second party device like digital television. Sounds thrilling, right? This is called Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature in Android. Whereas, for iPhone, this feature is called “Equalizer or EQ.”

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However, as fine as the Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature sounds, it is not entirely flawless. The reason is, only a limited number of devices (with advanced software) can handle it. For example, let’s suppose you connect basic featured headphones with your high-end quality (software) smartphone. In that case, the Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature will only run on your device but not the headphones. As a result, it will create glitches in audio delivery.

Thus, it is crucial to acknowledge when you should enable or disable the Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume or Equalizer option on your smartphone/iPhone/PC, respectively?

When to “enable/disable” it?

To begin with, first of all, understand the terminology of the “Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume” feature. Many users confuse a lot when it comes to enabling or disabling this feature. Please note that because there is a “disable” term itself in the option, it means that when you “turn ON” this option, Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume is “disabled.” Whereas, when you “turn off” this option, it means that Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume is enabled. 

Now, there can be multiple reasons why you want to disable Absolute Bluetooth volume on your smartphone. The main reason would be to control the volume on a second-party device in a basic manner. Alongside, according to our research, the following glitches also seem to resolve by turning it off. Here’s a list for your reference: 

  • When you keep connecting and disconnecting to the second party device automatically (for example, headphones or AirPods).
  • Irrespective of your current volume setup, audio delivery (Output) is frustratingly low or high. 
  • Audio Output has an “abrupting” noise in the background. 
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  • In the event that your Android smartphone is limiting audio Output on the second party device (like digital TV) that has higher audio output potential.
  • Whenever you play any audio file, video, or such other content, audio Output remains incomplete. I.e.., cuts every once in a while. 

Apart from the main glitches that may cause you to turn on the “Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume” feature, you may also consider exercising it when your smartphone has limited power. It will make the process much more efficient

Five Methods to Disable/Enable “Android Disable Absolute Volume” in all devices

Has your smartphone model been released before 2015? In that case, this logue will assist you turn OFF the “Absolute Bluetooth Volume” feature which will allow your smartphone to remain unsynchronized with the second party device’s audio output. As a result, you will easily be proficient to adjust the volume of a second party device (like TV) simply using a remote. Henceforth, making your entertainment experience much smoother. 

Please note that all android devices, iPhones, PC(s) manufactured, designed, and released after 2015 have absolute Bluetooth volume features enabled by default. Therefore, if audio Output on your device has been a problem lately, try out the following methods to disable/enable this feature based on your convenience. 

#Method 1: Disable Android Absolute Bluetooth Volume in “Developer’s” section for Android

To begin with, “developer’s section or developer’s options” is a hidden feature in each Android Smartphone which allows a developer to enable/disable features in a device by default because of a lack of knowledge among users. However, in the event that the advanced absolute Bluetooth volume option is troubling you, you can access the developer’s option by using the steps given below. Let’s take a glimpse: 

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume
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  • Open your Android Smartphone and go to the App Library.
  • Now, tap on the “settings” option or “cog icon.”
  • From the settings menu, go to the “About phone/My phone” section.
  • Next, scroll down to the option called “Model Number.” Tap it. Nothing will happen. 
  • Now, tap it “seven times” without pausing. 
  • As a result, the “Developers Option” menu will pop up on the screen.
  • From this menu, scroll down to “Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume,” which is generally in the last. 
  • Now, see if the “toggle is ON or OFF.” 
  • In the event that you want to disable absolute volume, turn the toggle green.
  • Whereas, if you want to enable absolute volume, turn the toggle gray. 

Please ensure that the option does not say “enable absolute Bluetooth volume.” In the event that it does, turn the toggle green to ON it. And turn the toggle gray to OFF it. 

#Method 2: How to disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume in Windows laptop?

For the most part, in the event that you are connecting your smartphone to digital tv, you have to disable the Absolute Bluetooth volume option only on your smartphone to collaborate devices without volume synchronization. However, because Windows PC and Smartphone both have an absolute Bluetooth volume alternative, it means that you will require to turn it off on PC as well to avoid audio glitches. 

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

To the reader’s surprise, this guide is also very helpful in resolving audio glitches that you may encounter while connecting Windows PC to audio accessories like Speakers, Headphones, Airpods, etc., especially for gamers

  • Enter the registry editor section on your Windows PC via the start menu.
  • Enter “Regedit” in the search box provided on the bottom.
  • Click on the “Registry Editor” option that appears under the best results section.
  • Now, right-click on the same.
  • In the registry editor, type the following command key. 


As a consequence, a dialogue box will occur on the screen. From here, follow the given instructions: 

  • Do you see the “edit or create” option called 32-bit DWORD Value.
  • First of all, change the 32-bit to 64-bit in the event that your processor is 64-bit by manufacturing. 
  • Next, scroll down to another section called “Value data.” It will say “1.” Replace this digit with zero. 
  • Finally, click on the “Apply” button to save settings. 
  • For the best outcome, restart your PC. 

You have successfully disabled the absolute Bluetooth volume option on Windows PC. Thus, now whenever you connect your PC with a third-party audio output device like headphones, you will be required to use volume buttons on the firmware to adjust the volume. 

#Method 3: Bluetooth Volume disable “absolency” in iPhone (all series)

To begin with, the availability of “volume synchronization” in the iPhone via collaboration with other audio output devices like headphones, digital tv, AirPods, apple watch, and others is new. Therefore, in iPhone (all series), the feature “Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume” does not go by this term. Instead, it is called “Equalizer” or EQ. 

For the most part, in all iPhone series (6 plus to the newest), the Equalizer option is activated by default. The main purpose of the equalizer is to adjust the audio output quality on the device. However, by turning it off, you may also notice that your volume system is no longer synchronized with that of headphones (audio output source, second party). 

Please note that by disabling the equalizer feature on the iPhone, you may be compromising on sound quality. It will no longer be as good as it used to be. So, make a wise choice. Here’s a guide for your reference: 

For iPhone (older series):

  • Access the iPhone Settings option from the App Library.
  • Now, move your thumb down to the “music” alternative. 
  • Please note that music is different from sound and haptics. So, be aware!
  • Now, from the main music menu, click on the “EQ” option.
  • Tap on the “OFF” option to disable it from messing up audio Output in any way. 
  • Once settings are saved, go back.
  • For best results, restart your iPhone. 
  • Check audio quality and volume control by connecting your iPhone to headphones. 

For iPhone (newest series):

The newest iPhone series (12 and 13) have new specific features which improvise upon both existing audio output quality and camera quality. When you connect an iPhone to a pair of AirPods or headphones or another second-party audio output device, you can adjust the volume on both using iPhone volume buttons, which is easy and convenient. Yet, sometimes, the iPhone’s excessive adjustment causes it to improvise on loud noises in the background. Henceforth, causing audio glitches from time to time. This is similar to the problem caused by Absolute Bluetooth volume. Here’s how to resolve it: 

  • Access the iPhone Settings option from the App Library.
  • Now, move your thumb down to the “headphones and safety” alternative. 
  • Please note that it is different from sound and haptics. So, be aware!
  • Do you see an option called “Reduce Loud Sounds?”
  • If yes, use the toggle to turn it green. This will enable it. 
  • As a result, all audio output glitches will resolve automatically. 

#Method 4: Disable BLT volume on macOS

In this method, BLT stands for Bluetooth. Because absolute Bluetooth volume feature has cons in all kinds of devices like Android, Windows PC, iPhone. Thus, there’s no reason to deny that it also impacts audio Output in Macbooks. Thanks to our tech experts, we have a way to turn around this problem. How? Let’s find out: 

Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

  • Turn on Macbook and go to the desktop screen.
  • Now, click on the “apple icon” on the top.
  • From here, go to the “System Preferences” option. Or, you can directly use the launchpad to open it. 
  • Next, do you see the sound option with the speaker icon? Click on the same. 
  • In the sound menu, click on the “Sound Effect.”
  • Choose the “internal speakers” alternative.
  • Now, use the tab to go to the “output” option.
  • Next, select the Bluetooth device (second party) that is causing the problem because of the absolute Bluetooth volume effect. 
  • Next, click on the toggle (slide) in front of “balance” to disable the volume balance between the two. 
  • The job is done!
  • Save the settings and go back. 


Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume Effect is prone to many real-time audio pleasures that users crave. Thus, until the developers fix this issue in the future, keep it disabled. For more information on the subject of Absolute Bluetooth Volume, keep us in your bookmark. Thank you!

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