Best 11 Inch Laptop 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 11 Inch Laptop 2020 Top Brands Review

Best 11 Inch Laptop reviews: In case you haven’t been residing in a cave for the last ten years, you would understand the way the usage of computers has evolved through recent years. With giant PCs (that took more than half of the desk area ) virtually turning obsolete, the technology market is flooded with a range of strong and finest 11 inch notebooks, which could be precisely the sort of machines this production requirement.

I have recognized the importance of mobile computers, and I would just add the growth of laptops is always pushing towards sleek, slender, and power-efficient layouts. Sooner or later, you may have felt the necessity to have a feather-light, streamlined notebook you could carry around without needing to worry about the extra baggage’. The one that does not urge you to remain confined in one place just since moving or traveling around using a bulky notebook is too much work.

If you’re even slightly confident with the idea that I’m attempting to put forward, then here’s your full-fledged laptop purchasing guide to purchasing the top 11 inch notebooks that will definitely allow you to purchase the very best ultraportable notebook on your own.

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Buying Guide

Before we proceed using the listing of the greatest ultraportable 11-inch notebooks, here is a summary of the hardware specs and functionality that you may anticipate from the ultraportable 11-inch laptops. Please proceed through it differently. You could wind up purchasing the incorrect notebook on your own!

Running System & CPU (Processor)

The CPU/Operating system mix is going to be the largest factor behind your computer’s speed. Many 11-inch laptops do not have a processor or”processor” quick enough to deal with the”burden” of their operating system in order that they will run painfully slow. Here are a couple of hints:

For the full-blown version of Windows 10: You need an Intel Core m3/m5/Y processor. Ex: M3-8100Y or M5Y31. It’s possible to use a Celeron/Pentium processor sometimes, though!

For Windows 10S: Pentium/Celeron is fine. Ex: N4000,N3550. Atom/ARM chips. are AMD E2-6110, AMD 9 9420e,AMD A6-9220e. Atom/ARM chips such as the MediaTek MT8173C & Atom x5 E8000 are fine too; they are only a good deal slower.

For Chrome OS: Pretty much anything will do. Even MediaTek MT8173C & Atom x5 E8000 processors.

Following is a breakdown from fastest to slowest.

Core i3>Core m3/m5/y5>AMD A9=AMD A6=Celeron>Pentium>Atom/ARM


Windows 10/Windows 10S takes 2GB! So, 4GB in the least. Should you visit 2GB, that could be fine for Windows 10S!

Chromebooks: 2GB is fine for Chrome OS, 4GB will allow you to operate far more programs simultaneously, but using 2GB, it is possible to run heaps already.


Prevent HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).

Get an SSD* (though that is all but impossible to locate ), or a Flash storage (eMMC) that is universal in the marketplace.

Do not be concerned about capacity if you don’t intend on installing a new OS such as Linux or the entire version of Windows 10 yourself.

*You are able to upgrade to an SSD later. They’re pricey but worth it. They will create any 11-inch notebook flies.


Many 11-inch laptops have low resolutions: HD. Not much you can do about it.

Complete HD will provide you tons of additional distance regardless of the restricted display size, but they are rare & ultra-pricey.

HD+ is quite acceptable. Also rare, however.

I will begin with the top 3 11 inch notebooks (I have these myself and purchased them about five months back or so, I will post the Most Recent models, though)

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Top Rated Best 11 Inch Laptops Brand:

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Dell Inspiron 3000 11

Dell Inspiron 3000 11

If it has to do with resilient convertibles, DELL is the sole empowering name that emerges in the horde of all PC makers, largely as a result of the creativity and efficiency they are proven to bring to the table.

With this especially reasonably priced version, the pros are certainly the mild, elegant chassis. To add more points to its general functionality, it’s powered with the newest creation AMD A9 processor that operates at a rate of 2.6GHz. Considering the price tag, it’s not a terrible deal to proceed with as the double core processor can take up favorable jobs quite efficiently and also a small bit of progress processing too. In addition, the built-in CPU is strong enough for regular stuff such as video streaming, media editing, displaying, so on, etc. The 11-inch screen isn’t simply impeccable but also enables smooth touch-sensitive navigation between notebook and tablet mode.

The cons? Non-upgradable RAM. That means you’d need to perform using one 4GB module of DDR4 RAM it includes working at 2400MHz.

So ask all of the proper questions in case you purchase this 11-inch notebook? Well, if you’re a power user, now since there are lots more rational choices, you can avail yourself in this price range (continue reading to learn more). However, if you’re a sucker for compatibility and convertibility whilst remaining under budget, then this is among the top 11-inch laptops you may purchase.

Apple Macbook Air 11

Apple Macbook Air 11

Colorfy will still mention the 11-inch MacBook Air in this, though it’s nothing we would normally recommend, because of the outdated hardware and poor-quality TN glistening display.

The build quality, studying experience, the very long battery life as well as the operation to take care of everyday tasks are still here, however, so this may still be a good alternative for some of you seeking to acquire a cheap MacBook, in spite of these substantial quirks, but only in the event that you can discover it heavily discounted, for $500 or less. Follow this link for updated costs.

Just remember, a discounted or even a Licensed Refurbished 12-inch MacBook may be a much better choice, and you will also find better-value apparatus in the Windows and Chrome OS camp.

In all honesty, however, if a superior ultra compact notebook is what you are after, there are barely any persuasive options within this 11-inch section anymore, and I would recommend leaping over to the 12-inch and 13-inch sections for a broader pool of alternatives. You are getting a slightly bigger product there, but also bigger and better quality screens, contemporary specs, and plenty of features that are no longer accessible 11-inches.

And in the event that you absolutely need to go with the ultra-compact path, I would rather suggest among those few 11-inch choices below. They are still not much concerning functionality, but they are highly portable and offer upgraded specs and good-quality screens.

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Acer 11-inch Chromebook

Acer 11-inch Chromebook

The main reason you must find this is due to the advantage it provides. It is not the ideal notebook for coders. However, it’s a fantastic notebook for individuals in different areas who wish to do the job. It’s portable and functions amazingly well as a workstation in addition to an entertainment hub.

It provides an excellent battery life compared to other notebooks in this section. Even though the debate here is that the operation it provides is insufficient. Nevertheless, the confusing reality is that the operation provides only adequate for areas aside from computer science.

As a freelancer, nearly all of my communication is performed through drives. Google drive chiefly. While the planet is mingling throughout the net from the remotest corners of the earth, physical storage webpages are gradually becoming redundant.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Microsoft Surface Goes two is fittingly among the very reliable 11-inch gadgets on the current market, boasting of numerous productivity-centric features along with a trusted processing conglomerate.

So far as the processing capacity is concerned, Microsoft integrates the Intel Core M3-8100Y chipset, capable of attaining increased clock rates up to 3.4GHz. The dual-core processor includes a Hyper-threading service and lets you receive a little more expressive with reasonably demanding tasks, connected to internet editing, streaming movies, and much more. But, the decreased TDP is 8W, which makes passive cooling potential whilst retaining overheating from the question.

Fundamental graphics support is left from the Intel HD Graphics 615, incorporated co-processor, with a comprehensive outlying, encouraging for images output, regarding DisplayPort, HDMI, and much more. So far as the RAM allotment is worried, you access this 8GB of memory. It’s more than sufficient for your demanding multitasking indulgences, letting you keep over 20 chrome tabs opens with no noticeable lags.

Storage-wise, you can require the 128GB solid-state driveway, which can be quickly and heaps up the power-efficient, Windows 10 Home S style in the twinkling of a watch. If it comes to display real-estate, Microsoft provides a 10.5-inch panel to operate with, displaying a cumulative resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels. The Surface Move 2 includes its talk of bell and whistles, with a responsive touch display using an adequate contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a durable Gorilla Glass 3 protective coating.

So far as productivity and gadget flexibility is concerned, the Surface Move 2 makes space for the incorporated Kickstand along with the bespoke Computer Keyboard cover, which needs to be bought individually. In any case, the gadget can also be stylus compatible and comes equipped with dual-camera performance and studio-grade microphones for greater professional vulnerability.

But consuming media or viewing films, streaming on Netflix at rock-bottom rates is made more productive with all the integrated stereo speakers for audio listening in the helm. What stands out, though, is that the bonded front-facing shooter, effective at improving the safety criteria. So far as the gadget heft is worried, the Surface Move 2 weighs just a mere 1.22 lbs, excluding the discretionary Type-C cover.

Concerning connectivity, you receive Type-C support followed by the addition of this Surface Connect and Type-Cover interfaces. Added extremely resourceful features incorporate the TPM security chip (necessary for law students) followed closely by WiFi, Bluetooth 5, and innovative X16 LTE modem from Snapdragon for voice calling assistance.

The battery offer is among the main highlights, capable of lasting up to ten hours, on regular use. Consequently, if you’re really looking for a resourceful and advanced 11-inch laptop, the Surface Move two from Microsoft is absolutely one of the better choices to consider.

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Lenovo N22 11

Lenovo N22 11

The Lenovo N22 is a majority black notebook using a matte finish on top, and many buyers may instantly assume it might not be an outstanding performer. Do not be fooled by its looks since the 11.6-inch HD screen has anti-glare capabilities letting you use it in bright sunshine and the 720p display is suitable for both function and press consumption.

Underneath the thick casing, the Lenovo N22 is powered by an Intel Celeron N3050 processor clocked at 2.16 GHz processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of SSD storage. Solid State Drive is exceptionally reliable, particularly in case you’re planning to travel a whole lot with this notebook. It could withstand the bumps on your bag and will guarantee your information, or the bundled Windows 10 64-bit functioning system does not face any problems usually found in traditional HDDs. The notebook also has the newest WiFi AC technology. Bluetooth 4.0front webcam and is even water-resistant, which lets it withstand the occasional rains.

BMAX 2 in 1

BMAX 2 in 1

If you’re searching for an 11-inch notebook, maybe BMAX 2 in 1 Convertible Notebook may be exactly what you want. This really is an 11.6-inch apparatus, but it utilizes full HD resolution, and it includes an IPS multi-touch screen.

Underneath the hood, there is the 8th generation Intel Gemini Lake N4120 1.10GHz CPU, but you can boost this up to 2.6GHz with the Turbo Boost feature. BMAX 2 in 1 Convertible Notebook includes 8GB DDR4 memories in 2133MHz. Therefore it needs to have the ability to manage multitasking with ease. In terms of storage, there is a 256GB M.two SATA SSD.

For multimedia, there is an Intel HD Graphics 600. Added features include 720p webcam, two-channel speaker, 802.11AC (2×2), and Bluetooth 4.2 support. The system measures 10.8 x 7.4 x 0.5 inches, and it weighs 2.2 pounds, so it is comfortable to carry. It is worth mentioning that there is just one USB-C port accessible and an SD card reader.

BMAX 2 in 1 Convertible Notebook is a good device, and it may provide you with up to 8 hours of battery life, so you may want to consider it.

HP ProBook X360 11

HP ProBook X360 11

If you’re searching for an 11-inch hybrid design, you would like to be certain to receive the best of both worlds. With Windows 10 plus a broad, well-designed computer keyboard, that is exactly what you receive with HP’s x360 ProBook.

4GB of RAM plus a 128GB solid-state driveway are often at the top end of everything you may expect from a device of the size. There are two drawbacks here, and they’re both fairly minor. Regardless of being a 2-in-1, you do not receive a stylus included with this version.

Should you want to scribble notes or doodle designs, then you ought to get a touchscreen pencil individually. This version can be marginally heavier than several other 11-inch apparatus, at only three pounds.

That having been said, the ProBook remains considerably lighter than any bigger notebook. Actually, buyers frequently mention how light dimensions and hybrid character work nicely for pupils needing a mobile computer.

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HP Stream 11

HP Stream 11

There are lots of HP stream laptops on the internet with an ATOM CHIP or even a CELERON CHIP. You understand the rule: avoid ATOM CHIPs if you’ve got the budget.

Additionally, there are several HP flow laptops using a CELERON CHIP and also the entire version of Windows 10. That is not a fantastic combo. It’s also advisable to prevent them; some of these Pentium/Celeron processors, regardless of what amount they have, won’t have the ability to manage Windows 10, and launching programs will probably be painfully slow (although net browsing viewing videos will probably be fine ). The version shown here comes with an Intel Celeron plus a Windows 10 S functioning platform, and this will be the combo that you desire if you would like to have sufficient speed to become productive.

The processor on”HP Stream” laptops are an ATOM CHIP or an Intel Celeron/Pentium. If you are choosing an ATOM CHIP, then make certain it’s less costly than your Celeron Version. If not, you are being ripped away.

This version is the most affordable one using a Celeron processor on it. The sole problem appears to be the absence of RAM. But since it’s Windows 10S rather than Windows 10, it will still run quickly through each program you use.

If you’d like a version with 4GB, prices may go up 100 bucks more like this particular model. I believe in this scenario, and it’s just best to purchase the 2GB model. You save 100 dollars, and if you’d like, you may install an excess 2GB for under 50 dollars even though that could be unnecessary.

The HP Stream laptops or some other”funding” 11-inch notebook should just be utilized; no, it can simply be utilized for SchoolWork. All of them just have 32-64GB of Space, not much you can put in on them apart from Windows. However, this is sufficient room to store docs, spreadsheets, and music, however, not games and heaps of films.

It is also possible to program/code with this notebook. IDEs do not need any specific hardware and may be performed on an internet browser today. Yes, you can stream Netflix, watch YouTube, and run many tabs at precisely the exact same time without any problems!

Just buy a distinct SD Card. Should you proceed with your files/docs into it, your notebook will be faster. Freeing up space consistently helps with functionality.

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Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E

If you’re among these not-so-delicate users and desire a strong machine that’s capable of shooting some bumps and lumps, appropriate for your life on the street or even a classroom — Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e is what is missing from your daily life. Together with scratch-resistant glass, reinforced hinges, the rocky chassis of the midrange convertible-hybrid notebook is effective at what we could predict shapeshifting. For readily drained comrades, Lenovo has produced a design that you’ll be able to position in four distinct manners, Screen, Notebook, Tablet, and Tent.

It was powered by an Intel Celeron N4100 processor and 4GB of memory. This 11-inch ultrabook type scores an average score on operability aspects. On run-down battery evaluations, the device lasted a middling 7 hours 22 minutes. So, not on the top copy, but not among the worst.

So, general, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e is on the set due to (a) its tiny layout and (b) its high durability to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, humidity, dust, and obviously a couple of shunts even though it will not provide quality A performance, particularly if in comparison with its contending notebooks, but it has well-spaced chiclet-style keys, gorilla glass, curved corners, along with a rubber bumper surely add factors to its durability and long-term reliability.

Samsung Chromebook 3

Samsung Chromebook 3

An 11 inch Samsung notebook with adequate performance effective at basic to moderate level multitasking. The LED screen is more expensive than its rivals’, at 259 nits. Its luminosity is higher than most of those opponents out there, which normally stand in an average of 188 nits. The viewing angles are large, and together with the LED display from Samsung simply can not fail.

If you want to purchase a notebook only for amusement and social networking functions, then at this cost and display resolution, then this is among the best options for you. Launch ten tabs concurrently in chrome won’t shake this apparatus from doing seamlessly. The performance which Samsung provides is overpowering for the price that you pay for this notebook.

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Is an 11.6-inch notebook PC good for school and personal use?

Why do 11.6-inch laptops feature underpowered processors?

The processors housed from the 11.6-inch laptops incorporate the Pentium N5000, Intel Core m3, as well as the Celeron-family of their quad and dual-core SoCs. What has to be known is that the bigger footprint of those gadgets needs low-power processors to be added into the machine specifications, particularly those which take less space and also have lower TDP amounts to consider.

Which are the most appropriate display specifications for ultraportable laptops?

In the event you’re on the market for an 11-inch laptop, you have to start looking for an IPS panel because it more frequently than not constitutes the reduced resolution. Though the FHD+ is still an adequate resolution to utilize, you can make peace with an HD display provided its touch assistance and anti-glare performance.

Why do the vast majority of 11.6-inch laptops rely upon passive cooling technologies?

Smaller laptops don’t have the luxury to integrate active cooling elements like heatsinks and fans for maintaining heat production to a minimum. This is the point where the ultraportable gadgets follow another approach towards apparatus cooling in which the processing elements are intentionally slowed down to maintain the warmth levels inside permissible standards.

Are eMMC storage components around Chromebooks and smaller notebooks dependable enough?

EMMC or Embedded Multimedia Card modules tend to be more like cheap and paced flash storage components, together with data transfer speeds payable to 400MB/S. Consequently, if you’re planning to buy a Chromebook or a cheap, 11.6-inch apparatus, eMMC storage components are often very resourceful since they’re just intended for managing smaller document recovery and storage-centric jobs.

When to select a Chromebook if you’re obtaining a Windows-powered convertible to get exactly the exact same price point?

Smaller Chromebooks usually package in a great deal of processing firepower since the Windows-functionality is forfeited to get a substantial bulge from the specs sheet. Consequently, if you’re into internet platforms, online storage management, along with other web-centric activities, an 11-inch Chromebook is a far greater option.


The very best 11.6-inch laptops are those which are cheap and provide outstanding battery life. The Dell and Acer laptops glow in this field, but for much more power on the move, you can consider investing more in a notebook that is premium. The less expensive ones usually enable you to not worry too much about keeping them secure on a trip, and they also help you get work done on the move. Concerning hardware specifications, they might not impress as ultrabooks or gaming laptops perform as the whole objective is to supply a more compact screen that reduces the size of the notebook and also make it travel-friendly.

As we mentioned earlier, we wanted to pay for laptops with various features and different rates, so you can find one which meets your requirements. This listing of the most effective 11-inch laptops can allow you to find just what you want. Happy shopping!


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