Best 800 Dollar Gaming Pc 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 800 Dollar Gaming Pc 2020 Top Brands Review

Are you attempting to construct yourself the Best 800 Dollar Gaming Pc possible? With that type of budget, it is simple to construct a strong gaming PC that will not require any updates for quite a while! This $800 gaming pc construct is completely loaded with an AMD R5 3600, a 6GB GTX 1660 super, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and 500GB of all SSD storage, simply to be certain that you don’t fall brief anytime soon!

All that hardware provides you a seriously amazing customized gaming PC that can allow you to destroy your competition without even doing the exact same for your wallet! It is going to easily have the ability to manage AAA matches in 1080p at 60fps or better, and it will also provide you strong 1440p functionality too!

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Buying Guide:

So you’ve decided on whether to proceed with AMD or Intel and also have a brand new gambling PC ready to go, but what is next? Is there anything that you want to consider before you go ahead and finish that buy? Below we’ve gone over several places for your consideration to make certain you’ve created the best decision and get the most out of your gaming PC.


A gaming pc under 800 sits in the center of our budget range and includes a few compromises for the purchase price. While this still provides excellent gaming outcomes, we must make sure it matches your gambling expectations. This best budget gaming pc, with enough in the tank to meet both casual and hardcore players alike.

For all those out there that wish to future-proof their own PC or perform 4K, you might choose to update this or go for a few of our high-grade gaming PCs. It’s worth noting that although we attempt to maintain these gambling PC assemblies within funding; Amazon prices can vary. The change in cost can occasionally fall or raise the purchase price, but we always do our very best to make sure it’s as near as you can.

Upgradability & Future-Proofing

A significant area to consider about using a gaming PC is the way easily upgradeable it will be down the line. Despite the fact that you get excellent performance from this habit build, you might choose to improve your experience at a later stage using a hardware shift.

It’s for this reason we’ve left some space for future updates, ensuring that the recent components are selected with this in mind. Do not forget that with updates, you may incur more expenses but if your budget will accommodate this, do it.


Overclocking is a superb way to squeeze additional energy from your parts, and the farther down the funding ladder you go, the more valuable this becomes. Both the AMD and Intel processors can be boosted to provide you higher clock speeds, plus they include motherboards that could manage said overclocking.

When overclocking, it’s crucial to be aware that you’re pushing the part farther and will potentially require an aftermarket CPU cooler. We’ve included a funding CPU cooler, which really does a great job of managing overclocking at this degree.

We’ve included quick RAM in this construct to enhance your gaming experience, which is particularly true from the AMD construct course. The motherboards can handle these high speeds effortlessly, but you will have to overclock the RAM in the BIOS to have complete benefit of what they are capable of.

Benefits Of Construction

You might wonder — just how are these elements to build with? We’ve chosen a situation that comes from a producer that’s the simplicity of building in your mind. The circumstance is cheap but very good quality and will eliminate the pressures a budget situation can deliver.

Cable management is simplified for this particular case and eliminates the need to understand how to perform it properly. That has been said, there’s also lots of space outside the back for the ones that require cable control seriously.

It’s well worth noting that proper wire management won’t only improve the aesthetics of your construct, but it is going to improve the airflow from the machine also. Both of those featured processors include stock coolers. These coolers also contain pre-applied thermal adhesive, giving you outside of this box activity straight away.

That is having been said; you might wish to consider buying yourself a good tube of thermal paste and substituting what’s currently there, as it was demonstrated to improve functionality.

Non-Gaming Performance

As mentioned before, both the AMD and Intel build to provide you with good gaming performance, but what about in different locations? As you can make arguments to your Intel CPU’s capability, it does not come near what the AMD construct path is really capable of.

The AMD CPU is multithreaded, and it’s those additional digital cores that make this a far better choice for multitasking, live streaming, and video editing. If you’re simply likely to be gambling on this particular system, then the choice is considered. But for a much better system, generally speaking, you need to go to your AMD construct we’ve recommended.


Ordinarily, when it comes to reducing budget gaming PCs, the aesthetics are to suffer. As a result of our economical instance choice, you do not need to sacrifice the way your system appears in just one piece. The situation in this construct features a tempered glass panel; therefore, at minimal additional cost, you may pimp out your PC with a few brand new lovers as well as an RGB lighting strip.

Calculating The PSU Wattage

Ensuring that your PSU provides a suitable quantity of wattage for your custom build PC is a vital part of the build process. Because of this, we have established a useful PSU calculator that will work out precisely what PSU wattage your parts need — regardless of how many changes you’re making.

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Best 800 Dollar Gaming PC Build:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Ryzen 5 3600

The Ryzen 5 3600 provides six cores using 12 threads, which gives it an edge for multitasking and highly-threaded productivity programs. Additionally, it boosts up all of the ways to 4.2 GHz when wearing a small 65W TDP. This CPU does not really make the cut to our listing of the greatest CPUs for Gambling (that the more-expensive Ryzen 5 3600X does), but it is the very best for this particular budget.

Like many other AMD processors, the Ryzen 5 3600 includes a serviceable inventory cooler at the box, in such an instance, a Wraith Stealth. This saves us a fantastic chunk of money over purchasing a cooler. With this type of processor and this funding, we did not anticipate testing overclocking, so using a great cooling process is not vital.

The nearest comparable Intel chip would be the Core i5-10400, which has six cores, but no multi-threading and lesser-quality cooler and lover from the box. By opting to go with AMD over Intel, we not only acquired cooler and more threads for our cash but also support for PCIe 4.0 SSDs, which provides some amount of future-proofing should we would like to upgrade later.

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CPU Cooler: Wraith Stealth

Wraith Stealth

An amazing thing about the Ryzen 5 3600 is a simple fact it includes a stock cooler — that the Wraith Stealth.

Although it isn’t anything to write home about, it is still amazing that AMD provides you with a cooling system solution free of cost, which adds value to the already-great processor.

It will not have some additional features, such as the LED lighting the Wraith Prism has, but we surely do not obey this functionality-over-form approach. Most of all, it is able to get the absolute most from the construct (which not many stock knobs are) without requiring you to put money into almost any aftermarket solution right off the bat.

That is, naturally, dependent on the assumption that you will not be doing some serious overclocking.

VGA: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC

Among the greatest graphics cards available on the marketplace, the Nvidia GTX 1660 Super card provides us the very best performance for our small budget. If its cost came down or we might spend an additional $40, we’d have opted for its AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, which will be roughly 11 percent quicker in accordance with our GPU benchmarks hierarchy.

However, completing the GTX 1660 Super is much more than sufficient for 1080p gambling at mid-range preferences or obtaining 30 to 60 fps at large settings. It may also play games easily while streaming to Twitch.

At the time we purchased it, Gigabyte’s GTX 1660 Super OC 6G was the cheapest GTX 1660 Super we could get that’d output for four screens. Additionally, it boasts a slightly-higher-than-stock clock rate of 1,830 MHz. Its double fans were a little on the loud side throughout match benchmarks, but it’s otherwise a good card.

At the time of writing, the price had shot around $285. Thus we would certainly consider another 1660 Super card should you find one for cheaper. We also conducted into fan sound problems, which we will go into in more detail below. And we need the card to have any sort of light, but that is a corner that you want to cut at this price point.

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RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

Corsair Vengeance LPX

In terms of the RAM, we have decided to really go the extra mile and then pile this gaming rig with 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX running at 3200MHz.

You can technically get by on just 8 GB, but when the concept is to max out the settings in each match, you will surely enjoy the excess mileage you’ll escape 16GB.

What is even better is you will not need to be concerned about shutting all unnecessary background processes each time that you need to game.

We have also picked to inject that extra piece of functionality by choosing dual-channel memory using two 8GB sticks.

This won’t just have a beneficial impact on functionality, but it is also a better choice than having one 16GB stick because, if one of these fails, you will still have the ability to work together with the remaining 8GB till you discover a replacement.

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PSU: Corsair CX Series 550 Watts

Corsair CX Series 550 Watts

With this construct, we’ve got the 550-Watt energy source by Corsair. This brand was producing quality electricity supplies for many years, and also the testimonials vouch for its quality.

This power source is totally modular, maintaining your cabling to a minimum. In addition, it has a major fan to be certain your build does not get overheated, but nevertheless stays very quiet, letting you concentrate just on gambling rather than fan sound.

A malfunctioning power source can damage your other parts, and thus don’t decide on some quite cheap ones with reduced wattage. Be certain that you have one that’s reliable for the long run. A product, such as a Corsair 550, also needs to have a guarantee.

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Mainboard: MSI X470 Gaming Plus

MSI X470 Gaming Plus

The MSI X470 motherboard is an excellent fit for this particular build. It is an ATX motherboard, allowing you to get a whole lot of upgrade paths later on.

Additionally, it is a high-quality motherboard that houses all of the principal functions with no issues, and the cost is perfect! Last but not least, the MSI is famed for the BIOS, which is specially tailored for gambling and enables you to better alter your PC components.

If you intend on changing motherboards, be absolutely sure it’s compatible with the remainder of the build.

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SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB

While the kind of storage you use does not have some direct bearing on performance regarding FPS, going using an SSD will still improve your gambling experience by considerably reducing the time you are going to be stuck looking at loading screens.

But do not go thinking that we would choose any SSD either. What we have here is 250GB of those Samsung 970 Evo Plus.

As you may believe that 250GB isn’t sufficient for gaming also while, thankfully, we’d tend to concur, that the reason we chose with this particular NVMe SSD was that, as always, we hunted quality over quantity, and in its present cost that the 970 Evo Plus was just too great to pass up.

But, this will mean that You’ll have to get extra storage in the long run, and here you have three choices:

Maintain the storage you already have from an older PC provided that it is practical

Get a brand new HDD with Lots of storage.

Get a routine 2.5″ SSD

The first solution is the most budget-friendly, and that which many of you on a small budget will probably opt to proceed with.

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Case: Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow Edition

Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow Edition

To get a mid-tower circumstance, the Thermaltake N21 is absolutely worth every cent. Not only are you going to get lots of room, but also a slick design that will impress anybody who looks at it.

Though the appearances are what makes this case stand out, it has all of the space required to upgrade to larger CPUs and video cards.

Among the greatest reasons, we picked this instance as a result of its design, allowing for greater airflow, which contributes to a cooler PC (meaning not as stretchable as well as the expansion of your PC’s lifetime ). This case also includes a single fan to help cool it better.

One major difficulty in this situation has been in the cable direction. That is not to mention it’s dreadful. However, there are a number of instances for the cost with better cable management. However, you’ll drop the appearances variable.

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Pre-built Choice:



The very first PC on the list is your CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8060A8. For $750, that PC is absolute gold!

The processor is Intel Core i5-9400F, using a base clock rate of 2.9GHz plus a maximum boost of 4.1GHz. This is only one of those best-valued CPUs for the cost, and it is potent enough to support an RTX 2080 with no difficulties.

Sadly, this PC does not possess the RTX 2060, but what it does have is your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 with 6 GB of VRAM, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, a 240 GB SSD together with some 1TB HDD.

With this installment, you will have the ability to run games such as Sekiro, Overwatch, Metro Exodus, PUBG, Battlefield V, and lots of other people on ultra settings in 1080p, without a lot of these falling below 45 FPS, and the majority of them being nearer to 90FPS.

Games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Shadow of the Tomb Raider typical at roughly 60 FPS on ultra configurations, and with a few less demanding names, you can also try out gambling in 1440p provided your monitor is able to keep up.

SkyTech Archangel Gaming PC

SkyTech Archangel Gaming PC

Our next choice for this listing is a bit poorer but also somewhat more affordable than the former entry.

The SkyTech Archangel is outfitted with all the Ryzen 3 1200 processors with four cores, four threads, also a foundation clock rate of 3.1GHz, along with an increased clock rate of 3.4GHz. The nearest Intel equivalent of this is the i3 7300 CPU that’s definitely a step down from our prior submission, but as we have already mentioned, that’s reflected in the purchase price.

Continuing this trend, the Archangel is outfitted with all the GTX 1060 graphics cards using 3GB of VRAM, it’s 8GB of RAM running at 2400MHz, and just a single 1TB HDD for storage.

In terms of the extra features, the PC includes Wi-Fi along with preinstalled Windows 10 Home, a dual-link DVI video output, and a display interface, in addition to the typical mouse and keyboard.

That which we were especially pleased to see was a 500W 80+ accredited PSU. We’d suggest that you update it if you decide to have a better GPU, but for the time being, it’ll do its work nicely, along with the 80+ certificate simply to make us confident within this power source.



While we make an effort not to take sides and look just at the greatest functionality for the price, a number of individuals have a different taste for AMD products. There is nothing wrong with Team Red, and their Zen launch is still one of the greatest launches for consumers because it forced Intel to react and reduced prices throughout the board.

But we did not need to just urge something since it is AMD, so we discovered the finest AMD-based option that may also be regarded as the finest budget’ choice for someone that actually wants to devote somewhat less compared to the pure $800 limitation. For someone searching for that sort of pre-built PC, we advocate the iBUYPOWER TRACE 4 9310.

Regardless of being our budget’ option, this PC packs a significant punch. The dear Ryzen 5 3600 is your centerpiece, offering among the best AMD gambling CPU’s accessible, competing well with the Intel 10400F despite being out of 1 generation earlier. The GPU isn’t quite as powerful as the Nvidia 1660 Super.

However, the AMD Radeon 5500XT remains a fantastic graphics card that can affect performance stunningly at 1080p, offering between 60fps and 144fps based on the match and just how far you push the images.

The circumstance is well-designed and contains a few RGB lovers to stay cool, and also the exact same 8GB RAM as above combined with a diminished 256GB SSD will make you started and will not hold you back to many gambling, but could always be enlarged after at a comparatively low price.

In reality, since this is our budget’ Team Red alternative, you can incorporate a 500GB SSD and yet another 8GB of RAM and stay under the limit. That is because this 1080p-machine is recorded at $700, a fantastic purchase for the cost and encouraging the timeless AMD underdog. For all those reasons, we readily suggest the TRACE 4 9310 as our very best AMD budget pre-built gaming PC under $800.

Skytech Gaming Chronos Mini

Skytech Gaming Chronos Mini

Locating a true miniature’ construct at this cost is hard, but a few are still searching to get a marginally reduced footprint in their own desktop computer. For these, we recommend locating a’mATX’ pre-built, or micro-ATX. ATX is your normal desktop size for motherboards/cases, along with the genuinely very small sizes known as ITX, but mATX is the happy medium for space-conscious users.

And even by opting to decrease the measurements of the PC, that does not automatically entail cutting operation past the further price of the slightly heavier components; many GPUs and virtually all CPUs are only as effective at running inside an mATX rig as a full-size tower. To find that balance of fantastic functionality and dimensions, we advocate the Skytech Gambling Chronos Mini.

Like the two tips above, this PC comes from a famous and respected traditional builder, Skytech (another two are iBUYPOWER and CyberpowerPC), and balances nicely the CPU/GPU along with other elements. Both are just one half-step down in the most effective overall recommendation, together with the CPU being the 4c/8t Ryzen 3100 along with the GPU that the Nvidia GTX 1660.

You can expect about 10-15percent less functionality in-game. On the flip side, this construct includes the contemporary conventional 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD, which can be nice upgrades to our own budget and overall recommendations, respectively.

However, in exchange for the small performance hit, you receive the mATX bundle in a gorgeous windowed case with numerous RGB fans. And in addition to that, the cost is a bit less than our general recommendation at $750. For anybody looking for a bigger construct, the Chronos Mini out of Skytech is a really powerful option.



Now, this is where things become tricky. Like we mentioned, this $800 PC readily meets and even surpasses the top $1000 PCs of the past year concerning performance. Concerning value, this really is excellent; it is any gamer could need!

But when deciding peripherals to include such manuals, we also must ensure their cost is proportional to this funding. That is precisely why we’re fortunate that the track market has also witnessed some development within the last year, which we’re able to give you a product that may really do justice to the rig we have assembled above.


The AOC C24G1A is a gorgeous new launch from AOC, which is ideal for this particular rig. This really is a 24-inch VA panel using a 165Hz refresh speed and 1ms response time. The screen has a curved display with almost non-existent bezels, supports FreeSync Premium, and sports a flexible stand with swivel, tilt, and speedy launch choices.

The 24-inch panel is excellent for a 1080p resolution, and that means you will have a fantastic time gambling on this screen. However, naturally, a PC that could run games on maximum settings at 1080p and get 60FPS can certainly run lots of less demanding games in 1440p also, and in these situations, the pixel density is likely to make the picture look better.

Keyboard and Mouse Combo:

Redragon S101

If you’re a gamer and need to get that competitive advantage online, but are on a budget, then Redragon S101 Combo is an amazing combo collection that actually feels just as great as a number of the very premium keyboards and mouses. That is one thing we could recommend without even needing to be concerned about whether it’s well worth the purchase since it certainly is.


HyperX Cloud II

For the cost, these items provide excellent layout, sound quality, and relaxation. The design of ​HyperX Cloud II headphones is unquestionably an essential component, but the one thing that actually makes them a pleasure to use needs to be their relaxation.

You can match for hours, and at which a different set of gaming headphones will begin to damage your ears, the layout on those cans is odd, but this image really makes a superior final product worth checking out. You hear games seem just fine, and folks hear you crystal-clear throughout the microphone.

Windows 10 Home USB


Previous licenses for Windows may be moved to new machines, but you might want to really get in touch with Microsoft to finish the transfer process. But in the event that you still must acquire a USB backup of Windows 10, you are able to do this from Amazon. As an alternative, it’s still possible to get Windows 10 on DVD if you would like.

Wi-Fi Adapter

The cheap adapter delivered really powerful functionality, linking to our 5-GHz ring at -54 dBm, which’s much superior compared to the -74 do we discovered on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon notebook with integrated Intel Wireless AC 8265 Wi-Fi, which was situated approximately 6 ft away from it.

Should you want Wi-Fi on your desktop computer, we would definitely suggest it — especially if your board does not have an essential E M.two slot for installing an internal wireless module.


How much does a decent gaming pc cost?


If you arrived here seeking to build an amazing $800 gaming PC, I KNOW you discovered what you were seeking! This construct puts out a great deal of electricity for the cost; also, in my opinion, it is probably the best value in regards to some 1080p 60fps gambling PC, as well as 1440p 60fps!

As I said at the start of this construct manual, it is likely to require over a year with this particular build to require any type of serious updates; and even then, you may just have to throw in a few more RAM or something else simple like this.

All-in-all, you’ll be hard-pressed to construct a much better 1080p gaming PC for $800 in 2018, unless you are building it using a particular match or purpose in your mind! The power that this construct provides is more than enough to deal with all your beloved AAA matches in 1080p at 60fps with no problem!

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