Best Astrology Apps In 2021 [TOP 21 CHOICES]

Best Astrology Apps In 2020 [TOP 21 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Astrology Apps? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose.

Astrology programs can be a handy means to integrate predictions in the planetary moves to your life. Insight into struggles, for example, financing, relationships, or household, is made accessible whenever you require it.

Some programs may be tailored to you personally than others, and this listing we’ve researched the very best ones for any situation. The programs below are curated for quality of design, forms of investigation provided, usability, and availability.

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Top Rated 18 Best Astrology Apps

Top Rated 18 Best Astrology Apps

Daily Horoscope

This program is in the current market or states in people’s usage for a very long now. This one works the best; it’s most precise. As you start the program, it exhibits all of the zodiac signs so that you can visit yours if you are aware of it and if you do not, you got kindly check out the tiny mounts beneath the zodiacs that exhibit the segment of dates which lie beneath that specific zodiac and from that point, you get to understand what signal you are then you can take a look at your horoscope.

This offers a very excellent description of your daily life, and you’ll be able to go back and forth to whatever day that you wish to learn what it’s going to bring you. This program has plenty of other cool things you can do, too; you can know about all of the zodiac characteristics and inform you that you’re compatible with it. You may also see exactly what the entire year in itself attracts you and things like this.

Astrology Zone

Susan Miller is understood by many as the queen of astrology, and her written monthly horoscopes are equally detailed and enlightening. The Astrology Zone program provides you immediate access to Miller and her experience.

The program features a brief daily horoscope plus a comprehensive monthly horoscope, in addition to quick links to Miller’s tweets, where she discusses important astrological events that influence us all.

Though the basic version of the program is free of charge, it’s well worth upgrading to a superior account for $4.99 a month (at the time of writing) or less if you receive a yearly subscription. This can get you considerably more comprehensive daily horoscopes, better accessibility to previous horoscopes, in addition to access to essays written by Miller on a huge array of critical astrological subjects. Accessible on iOS and Android.

Astro Gold

This program is designed for professional astrologers and prioritizes, making accurate and precise calculations to facilitate educational and in-depth interpretations. It is simple to get info on Natal, Transit, Progression, and Synastry places, which are simple to interpret thanks to its program’s clean layout.

Even though this is great for individuals wanting to perform their interpretations, the program also provides professional interpretation for people who demand a little more structure.

The caliber of the iOS and Android program is reflected at the purchase price, which can be high at $39.99, but the app’s precision and detail to make it rewarding for acute astrology fans.


Launched in 2017 by style business alum Banu Guler using co-founders Ben Weitzman and Anna Kopp, Co–Star’s chic black-and-white layout and easy-to-use interface create assessing your horoscope an aesthetically pleasing experience before you process the data provided.

But there is substance behind its eye-catching fashion. The buzzed-about startup that has over five million consumers worldwide traces the world’s positioning to the specific moment you’re born with artificial intelligence to offer you a highly-customized character analysis and discuss straight-talking insight into your strengths and defects.

The program is not just famous for sugar-coating items: The pithy counselor in Co-Star’s “Day at a Glance” perspective has gone viral for honest (and occasionally, downright impolite ) suppositions. However, its supremely postable, fortune-cookie-esque daily tidbits arrive with a social component, also.

Users may compare their star signs with people of the buddies on Co-Star for free (or pay $3 to get compatibility evaluation with people that aren’t on the program ), measuring compatibility on a whopping seven classes.

AstroSage Kundli

If you want to know more about Vedic Astrology, subsequently, AstroSage is the program for you. Calculate your Rasi graph and Navamsa chart to determine precisely what Vedic Astrology can reveal about your personality and character. Get detailed daily, monthly and yearly predictions based on each of the many areas of Vedic Astrology.

Tailored to an Indian audience, it also provides information on baby names, matchmaking, and auspicious days.

This iOS program is free, so it’s perfect for serious followers or Vedic Astrology and people that are only curious to find out what this alternate system has to offer you. Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive and detailed Vedic Astrology app now offered.

Luna Solaria

This one may be used to monitor the stages of the moon. More, it lets you know whether it’s a new moon or a complete moon or anything. It shows the proportion of many percent of the thing is. Tells you when are the following fool and moon and simultaneous advice such as this.

This program shows you the precise description of exactly what the moon now resembles, How old it’s, its brightness, the moon signal, how much it is, and the dates for your half-moon, new moon. When you swipe shows you that the chart of this lunar position And the solar location as well that has the rise and set time too. So this program is super useful to get a day’s daily function.

The Pattern

This complimentary, no-frills program can be freakishly accurate: Request Channing Tatum, that proceeded Twitter from 2019, to state his skepticism during its precision. Users begin with sharing their name and sex, together with info like date, location, and exact time of arrival.

The design bills itself as social networking, so users can associate with buddies throughout the platform to better understand how the cosmos might impact their relationships.

However, it will not stop there: it is possible to run relationship evaluation for individuals not in the program and input information about a friend, crush, intimate partner, or even potential small business partner.

The program is excellent for users who wish to comprehend the astrology reading’s wide takeaways without getting in the weeds on language or celebrity signs. Anticipate a down-to-earth language and tips in your own life, divided into three classes: base, growth, and associations. Also, you have the choice to read a fast overview or go deeper with an in-depth evaluation.


When it’s your very first time dipping your feet into the world of astrology programs, Sanctuary is where to get started. Breezy and formatted such as a text dialog, this program boasts 1-on-1 birth chart readings along with an illustrated library of astrology language. The significant pitfall: a few of the additional features will cost you $19.99 per month. If paying is not something, their Instagram page hosts a few reasonably sound infographics on everything from brand new moons in Cancer to just how much a Gemini climbing you’re (seemingly, a lot).

Great for anyone with a vague fascination with astrology, it provides lots of positive reinforcement, exclamation points, and daily “energy emojis,” all in a single candy-colored bundle.

Chaturanga Astrology

Chaturanga is a superb scrapbooking program if what you’re searching for would be to talk to a real astrologer. Please enter your birth information to come up with your own Natal Chart. It is possible to use the messaging service to send your particular questions to actual astrologers, that will provide you with comprehensive and individual replies. They promise to contact you within a day.

This program is also useful if you don’t know the precise moment of your arrival. Bearing in mind the skies world changes by one degree every four minutes, this is sometimes important. It supplies a service known as rectification, which lets you figure the specific time of your arrival based on several previous landmarks.

Accessible on iOS and Android, your initial question is free of charge, then you have to purchase bundles for additional discussion. Even though it may appear expensive, it’s fantastic value considering you’re talking to a real individual.

Sky View Lite

This program is fantastic if you’re like taking a look at the skies at night and watch stars and wonder if you are taking a look at a world or even a constellation. This program uses your place to monitor the latitude and longitude of the skies. All you need to do is hold it up, and it will reveal to you precisely what it is that you’re holding your telephone, and it’ll demonstrate the constellations and things, and that’s simply wonderful. This program has rather soothing background music as well, which only enhances its usage.

Time Passages

This utterly free support from Astrograph, a site, and background program that takes its title in the telescopes that entire astrophotography, provides to-the-minute details on astrological occasions.

Access into an expansive glossary, in addition to graphs that describe the significance of your sun, moon, and rising signals, make Time Passages that the perfect app if you are trying to delve deeper and comprehend the forces in play supporting every horoscope.

Should you use the free version of the program, you can expect personalized daily horoscopes tailored for their particular birth info. Added features cost approximately $10 each.

Pick from add-ons such as a grip meter that makes it possible to navigate possible romantic and business connections by assessing graphs to figure the possibility of a successful result, or calling for your future, letting you view upcoming astrological events and considering how those could affect what goes ahead.

Additionally, you do not need to spit over the program to acquire the significant takeaways fast: Mercury retrograde intervals and future moon periods may be available on the program’s homepage, so they will never take you by surprise.

Astro Future

This program is installed beautifully. It visually shows you your natal chart with all the indications and charts. Even though it isn’t understood by plenty of individuals but for the individuals who hold awareness, this one is a gem to get these as it clarifies everything visually. It requires less time compared to the ones which you need to read.

Although it will describe the images as naturally, not everyone is conscious of structures and symbols. It gives your outline natal chart, and also you may go to enjoy straight jump to another fool moon and see that can bring you, and it retains a lot of details farther than those.

Time Nomad

This program was created for amateur astrology buffs. It provides amenities that allow you to quickly and correctly draw your Natal Chart, in addition to that of family members and friends. You might also do graphs for almost any location to better comprehend the astrological effect over particular occasions.

The program uses state of the art applications to figure out the positions of celestial bodies; also, you can look at both tropical and sidereal calculations using only the click of a button.

Something that stands out for this program is its privacy. You can compute an infinite number of Natal Charts, and also all of the information is private to you, saved on your iCloud account. There’s also no requirement to register in or register.

This iOS program is free to download, but calculations are complete via in-app purchases.

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Time Passages

This program is the ideal mix of depth and simplicity. It provides a free daily horoscope based on Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign, and you’ll be able to get more detailed by calculating your Birth Chart. It is also possible to find regular updates about moon phases, Mercury retrogrades, and other significant astrological events, so you could always be well prepared.

In addition to studying your won prediction, you may place profiles for friends and family so you can check in on how things are going together regularly.

Time Passages is now just accessible on iOS. Also, although it’s free to download and use, it will have in-app purchases. Most importantly, it costs 99 cents to compute your Birth Chart, currently on iOS.

Charts Astrology

Charts astrology is just on ios, and for today, they do not possess an android yet, but they state that is coming shortly. This program is quite likable because it is useful for beginners; it gives birth charts, complete circle graphs, daily horoscopes, and seems super clean.

It is a straightforward design. When you head out for the profile, you click on’me,’ and you also have a look at your graph; the graphs astrology program shows an effortless design to comprehend how transiting astrology is impacting you. How it frames its description and text makes it just so easy to digest and know how to apple facets on your own life.

Thus, you do not need to rely on programs the graphs astrology inform you, and you may begin knowing the transiting astrology and how it’s affecting you more on your own. It’s somewhat a new program; therefore, a lot of folks have not heard of them, but it’s an excellent program for novices; it is going to inform you about all of the transits, your graph, the homes. This one is very like time passages that the graphs astrology, but it’s relatively smooth and straightforward compared to this one and useful also.

Moon Reader

This one trendy one, since it allows you to know about all of the voids of course moon you will be in, what signals, what goes, its beginning, and its ending. If you slip it over in the left to the right, you may go into anything you think about on a single slide and things like this.

This new thing called an affirmation; this thing isn’t available in some of the additional astrology programs that exist that make this one quite exceptional. It’s new things that you have not have thought of, plus they are excited to find out more about it.

AstroSage Kundli

This one is somewhat more popular, but that one speaks about you and your life cycle and the routines you go through and what; the principal focus is inside your inner world and what you’re focusing on a good deal. This one is analyzed relatively accurately, and a number are types of general; however, as you proceed through the program, you will discover that it’s somewhat unusual. So, its a very excellent program, And you’ll have friends with this also, which is similar to the very special part of it.

Palmistry HD

Now it’s stated that the lines on your mind are direct lines into your personality. This one makes predictions out of the significant lines, the center, wellness, etc.. All it requires is a photograph of every hand, and you get the results immediately. It is a very sensible and historical thing, reading traces of your hands and if it can be in the comfort of your cellular phone. Why don’t you give it a go?

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