Best Paid Android Apps Worth Buying [TOP 21 CHOICES]

Best Paid Android Apps Worth Buying [TOP 21 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Paid Android Apps? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose.

Most of us love free items, particularly regarding free programs. Without a doubt, free programs are excellent as we do not need to cover it and can find the services at no price. It is not essential that if going at no cost, we’ll also get the ideal. A few apps provide one of the services depending on your requirement and requirement; however, you’ve got to cover them.

There are hundreds and hundreds of high quality compensated programs available on the Play Store in each class. If you’re searching for the program and wish to purchase it, it isn’t easy to understand what you require. Which program is right for you and will meet your needs, then? In the present article, you will be acquainted with all of the ideals Paid Android Programs in each class. We expect that the listing prepared by us will meet you. So let us have a roundup.

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Top Rated 21 Best Paid Android Apps

Top Rated 21 Best Paid Android Apps


Gorogoa, a five puzzle game, is entirely hand-drawn, which makes it a gorgeous artistic encounter. There’s no text, which makes players finish puzzles and learn more about the game independently.


For $6.99, you can find the entire world of Minecraft on your Android device where you go. It is a 3D sandbox-building match where you put cubes made from different types of materials to construct whatever you desire. From the hardcore and survival manners, the thing is to live when critters land on the spectacle. Meanwhile, the creative manner gives the player total freedom of innovation.

Nova Launcher Prime

Some decades back, people used to get launchers to replicate the inventory Android look in their skinned OEM apparatus, but now, launchers are so far more significant than that. Nova Launcher Prime permits for profound customization, to get more gesture activities than any other stage.

The free version is excellent, along with the Prime variant makes it more straightforward, with gesture activities like swiping anywhere on the home-screen to draw down notifications or pinch to start Hearthstone. Nova Launcher has you covered for icon packs as well and hides programs you do not use.

You will need the free variant of Nova Launcher and also the Prime Unlocker to receive the complete functionality.

KLWP Live Wallpaper

KLWP Live background is just one of the most acceptable live wallpaper program you can use now which can enable you to create setups which you could picture; KLWP is restricted by the creativity of the user such as how we need our background to seem, to have a sense what degree of customization is possible in KLWP to take a look at here.

In the KLWP program, you can create a distinctive live wallpaper that no one else has; each piece of wallpaper is going to be customized to you together with the info provided by you; you can display live weather, information from detectors of telephone, RSS feed info, info from the web, incorporate it with Tasker program, control audio playback, display device info such as battery status, CPU speed, memory, net speed, etc..

SD Maid Pro

Each android telephone at launch runs efficiently, but over time it begins getting laggy and slow because of hardware degradation and trash saved on your android apparatus,

To wash that crap out of your device, you will need SD Maid pro; it is a simple system cleaning tool, not like any other android booster and cleaner program that claims to wash your AndroidAndroid however, bloats you with advertisements, trackers, malware.

Using SD Maid Pro, you will have the ability to get rid of residual left by uninstalled programs, remove duplicates documents, ability to clear program cache one by one, or all at once, storage test to understand where your androids real area used.

Dictionary. com Premium is a very first English dictionary program for AndroidAndroid – using over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. This program works offline – you do not need to have an online connection. Besides this trusted reference material from along with The, this program includes.

Nine Email

In a world full of host hacks and information breaches, Nine Mail does things a bit differently. Rather than utilizing cloud-based support to store all of your data, everything gets stored in your device or a host of your own, making sure that your information does not fall into the incorrect hands. Nine supports Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, and IMAP, integrates with your calendar, contacts, and notes comprises SMS sync features, provides widgets, and provides much more. Download the program to get a two-week free trial before getting a permit for $14.99.

Pocket Casts

Many programmers concentrate on iOS first for their products, but Shifty Jelly is quite vocal in Android’s support. Pocket Casts, the very best podcast program on all platforms, is among those few high profile programs to upgrade brand new Android features before iOS.

Pocket Casts includes a strong feature set, looks fantastic, and works cross-platform. It’s updated shortly after significant OS releases and contains habit URL sharing for podcasts.

Weather Timeline

When considering the best-looking programs on Android Weather Timeline from Sam Ruston, it is among the first to come to ahead. The bar was set so high with Weather Timeline that virtually every other Google Play program will pale in comparison.

Weather Timeline is a beautiful weather program with some widget alternatives and weather resources. You may tweak the program to your liking with many icon collections and topics too.


Poweramp was made especially to provide music fans the very best possible sound quality available. Appreciate gapless playback, excellent crossfading, along with a strong equalizer tool. The program also supports several different file formats, such as FLAC, WAV, mp4, and much more. Purchase the entire program for $4.99 or download the free version to get a 15-day trial.

Telephone Recorder License- ACR

ACR is the mechanism where you start raw files in Photoshop or Elements. If you would like to create a new document, ACR pops up with a load of choices to adjust and edit your image before heading into Photoshop. I could spend all day writing here, but I did a movie instead!

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For weather fans, the RadarScope program costs $9.99. Still, it also permits you to see high-resolution weather information, monitors severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flash flooding, and get all of the latest warnings and data in the US National Weather Service. The program can get information from any Nexrad or TDWR from the USA, Guam, Puerto Rico, Korea, and Okinawa, Japan, in Addition to Environment Canada and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology radars. RadarScope also includes two different subscription programs for the truly committed.

Dr. Panda& Toto’s Treehouse

Perform a variety of matches with Toto, from bubbles into basketball! Toto will emote and react to what you do to allow you to know how he feels! Cook many unique dishes for Toto: create sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, and a lot more! Use a map to research all four rooms at Toto’s tree home!

Scanner Radio & Fire

There are various free police scanner programs available to keep your eye on the cops. One such program, Scanner Radio, provides over 7,000 fire and police scanners, weather, air traffic, marine radios, and amateur radio repeaters. Additionally, it lets you navigate by place and type and preferred the scanners to listen to this post. By paying $2.99 for your Scanner Radio Pro version, you knock out the advertisements and get access to various program topics, quicker push notifications, recording performance, and widget playback management.


Your smartphone is a potent device that fits in your pocket, but you are restricted by what Google, along with your phone’s manufacturer, will permit you to do-unless you’re ready to commit time in rooting it. That is where a program such as Tasker comes from.

For $3.49, Tasker permits you to expand your cellphone’s customization-no programming required. It provides you with the capability to define what kinds of alarms (e.g., vibrations, Notify LED, pop-ups, sounds) any person digital activity will cause. This makes it a whole lot easier to sort through your phone’s files (such as zip/unzip capabilities) and a great deal more.


Twitter has come to be quite a programmer hostile by restricting what third party programs can perform. I have purchased multiple programs on Android and noticed many of these get left for various reasons.

At the moment, Fenix is your most effective overall Twitter program on the stage. I am not fond of the default theme and the darkened motif and customizations for highlight color to make it look great again. With powerful muting service for several brand new Twitter features, Fenix is the most potent Android Twitter program too. Like extensive scrolling and advertisements, all of the official program’s shortcomings will also be absent in Fenix.

Battery Widget Reborn

Most Android mobiles show the battery percent from the status bar, but not one of these shows you comprehensive charts and stats the manner Battery Widget Reborn does. This program lives on your telling shade and may be expanded to show a chart of battery use and assorted battery data.

The title is misleading since it is a widget and a practical program with a battery background and much more. There is a free trial available to the program too.


Wolfram Alpha is similar to Google but based on information and mathematics. While Google can help you discover the very best site to let you know about Portugal’s fish cuisine, Wolfram Alpha will generate a chart comparing the fish consumption of this Portuguese versus that of Americans, categorized by various kinds of fish. And now that electricity is offered in a useful $3 program.

While this official Wolfram Alpha program will be a welcome tool to anybody who operates in the stem, there is a lot of cool things you can do with it, some of which don’t even need an advanced level in math.

Relay for Reddit

If you utilized Reddit’s official android program, you’d surely enjoy the Relay for Reddit program since the Official program lacks customization, which Relay program brings to the table.

Reddit is an area of public community for users and everything post and opinions on things they’re considering; Reddit’s official program does not help that much in the sense that adventure, but Relay for Reddit program makes this experience smooth; it’s possible to browse and browse through opinions and subreddits easily.


When most individuals on Android advocate Poweramp, I would rather not listen to songs than manage that port. Shuttle+ chooses the best Material Design areas and combines them with fantastic features to deliver an excellent music program for the Android apparatus.

The paid version permits you to browse any folder on your telephone instead of merely the audio program, edit id3 tags, and then throw your audio to Chromecast enabled devices, which include a good deal of significance to this gorgeous app.

iA Writer

IA Writer is among the very well-known text editing programs on Apple platforms, and it eventually leaped Android before this season. IA Writer is your ideal markdown editor accessible. The Android program is well worth getting if you edit text on the move or enjoy writing on your Android apparatus.

I like the quick activity bar over the keyboard. Hopefully, a future upgrade will make the program interface a bit more consistent.

Wrapping Up

We expect that these ideal Paid Android Programs will ease you in your everyday activities. Should you purchase one of these programs, we guarantee that they won’t disappoint you at any instance.

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