Best Pedometer Apps For Android [TOP 15 CHOICES]

Best Pedometer Apps For Android [TOP 15 CHOICES]

Are you having difficulty in finding the best pedometer apps for Android devices you have? Worry no longer, because Colorfy has made a list comprising worthy pedometer programs you may download to your gadgets.

Running is a superb way to stay flexible and fit, but occasionally it may be somewhat challenging to remain motivated. Luckily, among the most significant pedometer programs for Android from your side, operating becomes exceptionally rewarding. Running or power walking could have a large effect on your fitness, and such programs will help!

How do these pedometer programs help you?

Well, most pedometer programs can count your steps, monitor your mileage, and then reveal how many calories you are burning daily. These programs are primarily promoted to users looking to be and remain healthy.

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Virtually everyone these programs have tutorials in those who educate its users on how they could stay fit simply by running and walking. They’re useful programs for people looking to begin exercising and do not know where to start.

Wonderful, right?

With no further ado, let us look at the pedometer program for Android apparatus, you’ll be able to download on the Google Play Store.

Top Rated 15 Best Pedometer Apps For Android

Top Rated 15 Best Pedometer Apps For Android 

Google Fit

Google Fit is among the most prominently used pedometer programs for your Android platform. It’s much like the “Health” program in the iOS apparatus. You will find comfortable, yet distinct features made available from the program, for example, “Menu,” “Add Activity,” “Daily Goals.” Google Fit steps the number of steps you have taken together with the number of calories you’ve burnt. It provides real-time data while walking or exercising with the inbuilt detectors of your cellular phone.

Leap Fitness Measure Counter

Leap Fitness Measure Counter is arguably among the most significant pedometer programs on the market. The program uses the built-in pedometer detectors in your smartphone, and it does not require a GPS or some other cloud support for its functioning. Additionally, it will come with some topics, graphic reports, and discretionary blur backup if you’d like to store your information to Google Drive. The free version of the program includes the Ads that you can eliminate by paying 2.99.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ has existed for a little while on with their very best pedometer program on Play Store and contains an ever-expanding community of runners to take inspiration from. As soon as it’s intended for runs, you may even select walks using the program so that you can map out your space (perfect for outside walking), together with metrics such as space, the time each mile, etc.. The program also includes sound guided runs and workouts, assisting you in pushing yourself to this excess mile whenever required. This program’s social aspect is likewise quite commendable since it allows your buddies to cheer you on if you are on the run, providing you the essential motivation.

The very best thing about Nike+ is that you can sync your inventory audio player with Nike+ and then command it directly from your program without switching the program. You get access to a vast selection of metrics, such as distance traveled, time breaks, etc. In general, if you are a newcomer or a professional runner and depend on the Pedometer to acquire information in your runs, then the Nike+ program is all you must have on your cell phone. The program is free to download and does not have any advertisements or in-app purchases.

EasyFit Pedometer

This program is too colorful. There are 26 topics to pick from, and all of them are beautifully designed. These layouts are consistent with google’s substance layout. This can make you relaxed whenever you are using the program.

There’s a unique power save mode that lowers the energy consumed even if you run the program daily.

It’s possible to use the home display widget to reveal your present measures and badge of the afternoon that are 28 in total. These badges have been unlocked each string of goals you finish.

There are 24 languages to pick from.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! It is among the most interactive software that immerses consumers. It’s merely because it seems you get prepared to run out of the Zombies and plug it into your earphone to listen for their audio. Your primary aim Is to be living. The program is principally based around jogging and causing the motivation for conducting.

This offers the runner’s an excess dimension to conducting because it keeps them engaged in conducting and makes them concentrate on the storyline. As a result, the consumer has both workout and an engaging, enjoyable workout session. These pedometer programs for Android provide you with all the session statistics and the gambling session you will be participated in.


This is only one of the most innovative mobile program pedometer that requires an all-in-one physical fitness program. It has features like a calorie calculator, barcode scanner to get various food products and their particulars. The program boasts the massive library of data it has and the fact it is free and monitors the information using only the mobile apparatus.

This program’s principal feature is that the”calorie counter” to count on the number of calories you’re consuming along with your meals. What’s more, it includes personalized programs proposal for weight reduction and a comprehensive day pedometer to have a complete track of all of the actions taken along with the calories burned off.


MyFitnessPal is just another top-rated and trustworthy pedometer program used by countless individuals worldwide. The program includes a quite effective calorie counter, macro monitoring, fitness monitoring, measure monitoring, and water monitoring. It functions as your coach also retains records of your actions. Additionally, it works well with other programs like Google Fit, and it can easily export data into the program. That means that you may use it together with other physical fitness programs and produce a productive ecosystem. It’s free to use, but it includes in-app purchases.

Pacer Health Pedometer

Pacer Health Pedometer is currently Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store. Also, it’s a beneficial program to keep an eye on your measure counts. It’s used by over 30 million consumers around the globe. The program also includes the optional GPS Tracking that you may use if you’d like your step count to be accurate. It also works perfectly with all the FitBit and MyFitnessPal. The free version of the program includes a few constraints, and you’ll be able to find the pro feature for $3.99 a month that unlock some extra features like training and a few exercise programs.


Runkeeper is another remarkably common pedometer program that’s been in existence for quite a while now. The program efficiently monitors your run and walk with fantastic precision. It includes many different fitness patterns; you may set fitness objectives, progress reports to demonstrate how you’re performing on your workouts, and many more. The program also will come with exercise benefits and neighborhood challenges that are going to keep you motivated. It’s possible to find the program for free, and the pro version begins at $9.99 a month.


Accupedo is a program very similar to Pedometer in its look and functionality. A comfortable-looking program that provides the fundamentals of Pedometer, for example, measures depend, the number of calories burned, etc.. It’s a very interactive chart and graphs to look up the progress. The principal reason this program is well known for is access to a widget that puts on the Home Screen of your apparatus and provides you with real-time data of the information that’s being collected from the program.

The widget shows details like the number of measures required, the entire distance that’s been traveled along with the whole number of calories that were burned in the process.


Are you looking for a pedometer program to get in better shape and keep better health? If so, then you want to install Task Tracker at the moment. Guess what? The Action Tracker keeps track of your steps, distance, daily busy calorie burn, and energetic moment. Besides that, it also shows you a thorough summary of your actions on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


The same as the other step counter programs, Pedometer also monitors your daily actions, calorie burned walking period, walking rate, etc.. Additionally, but Pedometer further shows a comprehensive summary of your long-term walking recordings in a handy chart. Thus, Pedometer is just another very best and top-rated Android measure counter program in 2019 you can use at the moment.

Noom Walk Pedometer

For quite a while, this specific program has assembled a community of runners and walkers that rely on its services to help keep themselves healthy. The program can automatically count every step you choose (so long as the phone is with you) without needing to begin monitoring your walks. This is pretty similar to a third-party variant of Google Fit, which could also count measures on its own without manual interaction.

The programmers cite that you don’t require any other weight loss apparatus as this program will be adequate in assisting you to reduce fat and keep fit.

OEM pedometer programs like Samsung Health

The majority of the smartphone makers nowadays also send their pedometer programs with their telephones. By Way of Example, Samsung smartphones Include all the Samsung Health App. Likewise, Huawei Smartphones include the Huawei Health program and so Forth. These programs work correctly using the detectors installed on your device, and they’re also entirely accurate compared to the third-party programs. If your smartphone does not include its pedometer program, it is possible to use third-party programs on this listing. The majority of these OEM Pedometer Apps are free to use.

Accupedo Pedometer

Well, Accupedo Pedometer is just another ideal health and fitness program which may be used to record your daily actions. Aside from tracking your daily activities, the program may also be utilized to track calories burned; distance traveled, etc.. It automatically reproduces the wellness reports such as steps, distance traveled, calorie burned walking period, etc. . provide you more detailed reports after a week, month, or year.

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When working in a desk for constant hours with no break and with no bodily motion, we often succumb to health difficulties and require some exercise. Those men and women who cannot find time for practices discovered that walking is a great breather and increases physical activity.

Walking is often accompanied by those monitoring applications that monitor various data such as walking pace, number of measures, etc.. This report covers the top 10 pedometer programs for Android, which it is possible to see in the program market at this time and provides you with information relating to it.

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