Best Voicemail Apps For Android Reviews [TOP 9 CHOICES]

Best Voicemail Apps For Android Reviews [TOP 9 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Voicemail Apps for Android? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose.

Voicemail is among the most excellent methods to communicate in your busy period, mainly when it’s not possible to sort a message. Record your voice and ship it in the kind of voicemail, and friends and family will find the news straight away. If it comes to the very best voicemail program for Android, the Play Store provides a large variety of alternatives to safeguard your convenience.

Most VoIP programs are designed to provide you a much better communication encounter. Some programs even encourage visual voicemails that allow you to transcribe the voicemails and send them to your inbox not to have to listen to the mails. Some others offer more functionalities beyond only voicemail. What programs are provided by Play Store? Keep reading and discover the solution!

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What’s Visual Voicemail?

Traditionally, if you miss a call and somebody leaves you a message, you find a telling about it but understand nothing else. Without dialing the telephone, you do not know who abandoned the phone, just how long the message was, or perhaps what they had spoken about.

Visual voicemail affects all of this. You do not need to follow messages so but could instead manage them separately. It makes the whole voicemail process so much simpler.

It is by no means a new attribute for smartphones; the iPhone did it back in 2007. On the other hand, the operation has improved through recent years. Some programs can decode the voicemail, which means that you do not even have to obey them.

Chances are you already possess a visual voicemail program provided by your telephone carrier, although not all them offer it. Additionally, it may depend on several factors like where you are based and what phone you’re using.

Therefore, we are going to round up the top visual voicemail programs offered for Android.

Top Rated 9 Best Android Voicemail Apps

Top Rated 9 Best Android Voicemail Apps 


If you do not wish to call the man who sent you a voicemail, do not worry. HulloMail is among those Android voicemail programs to pull you from some obsolete procedures. With this specific VoIP program, it is easy to access your voice messages, followed by a message, telephone number, date, and time mentioned on the home page.

Hence, HulloMail includes amazing features such as automatic transcription procedure. Utilizing this transcription procedure, you can read and respond to the voicemail and delete or save them.

This tech is an update or most excellent voicemail program version which runs efficiently and smoothly. Thus, if you’ve missed some calls from the family and friends, you can assess, even though your phone gets turned away. You may also send greetings for your nearest and dearest.

My Visual Voicemail

Love another experience of obtaining your voicemails with My Visual Voicemail. This Android program allows you to follow the messages in addition to browse the emails from your inbox. The program supports voicemail transcription, letting you browse the messages everywhere and anytime. You can react to the email in one click and then handle the inbox without even dialing the voicemail.

My Visual Voicemail is a free program that may be utilized since its original launch without altering your telephone number. Just add the widget for your home display by long-pressing the distance free space and select My Visual Voicemail. You can now get easier access to voicemails. Navigate to unread messages, and you won’t ever miss important messages.

This program is made by Virtual Network Apps and comes from a pretty small download size, as miniature as 4.50 MB. You do not need to worry about the telephone’s memory because My Visual Voicemail will not offer a substantial load to your apparatus. Thus far, this program was downloaded over 100,000 times.


InstaVoice has a superb contemporary Android interface, which makes it an attractive choice for a voicemail program. You’re able to view and play with your voicemails from one display. There is no limit to the amount that you can maintain.

The program divides voicemails and missed calls into tabs, which is fantastic for clarity. There is also a conversation tab, which acts like a lower-grade chat program like WhatsApp or even Viber. Frankly, as it is only free to talk to someone who also utilizes InstaVoice, it is worth little.

Among its unique features is that you can join to ten numbers to one account. Maybe you’ve got different amounts for personal and work use-today; you can handle all of your voicemails in precisely the same location.

Google Voice

Google Voice is just another very best voicemail since it provides you with a brand new phone number to phone, text message, or voicemail. Moreover, using Google Voice, your apparatus gets synced with different devices, indicating you are in charge of everything. It stores your information and backup your messages, calls, and voicemails anytime and anyplace. This is the way it is possible to access easy access to your saved information.

Google Voice is pretty much convenient to use because we all are from the google team already. Additionally, Google Voice lets you send messages to a person or a bunch of SMS and get them from different ends. Your voicemail becomes transcribed quickly, and you’ll be able to read it via email in many languages. This very best android VoIP program also lets you make international calls without additional fees.


Here comes a second high-quality voicemail Android program to let you make text and calls others. This award-winning voicemail program has approximately 10 million consumers that trust it to get their job and company. What’s more, if you’ve ever encountered any scam or robocalls, the YouMail system admits that the caller out of their database and then blocks it by sending a message of “Number Disconnected.” Thus, it prevents you from the frustration of attending each scam telephone by eliminating you from your list of scams and robocalls.

YouMail is a superior VoIP technology for professionals. Through this visual voicemail Android, you can handle your calls quickly, and you may use a different number or more to your business transactions. A fascinating thing about this most acceptable visual voicemail program is that you’re able to host conference calls with no necessity for an ID or password. Callers need to dial your number and readily reach to your organization meeting in no moment. If you’d like stable business transactions, then YouMail is well worth the hustle.

Base Visual Voicemail

If you’re searching for an ideal voicemail program for Android to see and handle the voicemails, then you want to check out this. Base Visual Voicemail created by Telenet Group is mainly designed to provide you a much better experience when assessing voicemails. To make it work, you have to get linked to mobile networks or the net through a Wi-Fi link.

Base Visual Voicemail allows one to find a listing of text messages and pick any messages to obey. You might even talk about, delete, or respond to desirable messages utilizing this program. While listening to the voicemails, you can stop, pause, rewind, or forward the emails. In case you’ve got important messages to react, click to telephone or send SMS.

But this flexible program may be employed by Base Company clients only. To get access, you need to be their client and revel in the features. Base Visual Voicemail can be used with Android versions 2.3 and over. Since its original release, this program gets over 100,000 downloads.

Visual Voicemail Plus

One obvious disadvantage of Visual Voicemail Plus is its old-school interface. Although the program works great and receives upgrades, the programmers do not consider bringing it into present Android design criteria. If you are OK with this, do not overlook Visual Voicemail Plus.

In reality, it’s so old-school, it supports facsimile. You’ll changed to have faxes sent to your email contacts and can see them inside the program.

Quirks aside, this is a reliable program that’s full of customization choices. You can add multiple accounts and handle your information and notification preferences. Plus, it retains thoughtful features like using the voicemail play automatically once you increase the telephone to your ear.


In case you don’t have any opportunity to answer all of the calls, then do not worry. Voxist is a free Android visual voicemail which efficiently handles your voicemails so you won’t lose out on some of these. Thus, in a professional environment, this ideal voicemail program for Android proves to be helpful.

Additionally, Voxist saves your time by providing you with a transcribed voicemail to see. Whether you’re in a meeting, on the street, stuck in traffic, or occupied with any other customer, you can get easy access to voicemail information. Is not it amazing!

Other features include the transcription support of studying a voicemail in 70 different languages. It is possible to send personalized greetings to friends, customers, or family members and deliver a shut-up message into a scam too. With this specific VoIP program, you can get your voicemails and transcription text from emails. Moreover, you won’t receive a message that your voicemail is complete because Voxist delivers infinite storage space. So, download this multi-featured program in your Android apparatus with no-ads and revel in the advantages of voicemails perfectly.


Ooma is among the very best Android voicemail programs which provide high-quality voicemail providers. Even when you aren’t in your home, you can reach out for the requirements, messages and react to them at any moment. So, this program is a powerful and efficient means to handle your voicemails. Even though you might not have the ability to transcribe voicemails, you can successfully delete, Optimize, and listen to your voicemails readily.

Contrary to other Android voicemail programs, Ooma demands login via your main telephone number. It is possible to get complete access to your telephone history and handle your privacy preferences easily. You can also make international calls on reduced prices and unlimited calls at no cost via the net on Ooma.

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Best Voicemail Apps – Conclusion

In this hectic world, we can not always answer our requirements and assess them straight away. Luckily, smartphones have voicemails that may save messages so you may listen to or check on them afterward.

With visual VoIP programs, we are now able to manage our voicemails simpler than before. We do not need to worry about missed calls from our friends and loved ones with these programs.

In case you have any queries, don’t hesitate to inquire in the comment section below!

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