Carole Anne Leonard, Chris Nunez’s former wife

Carole-Anne Leonard

American model Carole-Anne Leonard is in demand as she is best known for being the ex-wife of Chris Nunez. He is a well-known American tattoo artist, television personality, and businessman.

Brief Facts of Carole Anne Leonard

Net Worth (est.) $200k
Salary Unknown
Height 5 ft 7 in
Date of Birth Unknown
Profession  Celebrity Ex-Wife

Who is Chris Nunez’s former wife, Carole-Anne Leonard?

Carole-Anne Leonard
Image Credit: LegitBaze

Carole-Anne Nunez, Chris Nunez’s ex-wife, is thought to have been born in the United States, though she hasn’t revealed her birth year. Her precise birthplace and other private details have not been made known. Carole-Anne is of American descent.

She didn’t enter the public eye until she wed the tattoo artist. Carole-Anne Leonard reared Chris Nunez’s ex-wife in the US by her parents. Their names are unknown as she has kept all this information out of the media. Allegedly that her mother was an accountant and her father ran his own small business . Most of Carole-Anne Leonard’s followers think she is an only child because she has never revealed having siblings.

Early and education

Carole’s parents, who she respects by keeping their privacy private, raised her in the United States. Since her parents followed the news almost daily, she took a keen interest in journalism.

Carole participated in various extracurricular activities during her adolescence, including gymnastics practice, playing tennis and soccer at school, and acting out supporting roles in a few school plays.

Carole did not enroll in college after graduating; instead, she got employment to help support herself.


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Body Type

With dark hair, brown eyes, and a height of 5 feet 7 inches (0.18 m), Carole is a gorgeous woman. Additionally, she weighs a typical 60 kg.

Chris Nunez, the husband of Carole-Anne Leonard

Carole-Anne Leonard
Image Credit: Biography Post

Carole is said to have wed in the late 1990s. In order to maintain privacy, they haven’t disclosed any details regarding their connection. Although Carole was only in high school, many fans think they met at a party where a mutual acquaintance introduced them.

They dated for five years and got married. The couple had a son and a girl. After barely a few years of marriage, Carole and Chris split.

Chris appeared in the 2005–2008 documentary reality series “Miami Ink,” which featured Katherine von Drachenberg, Ami James, and Yojiro Harada and followed five tattoo artists as they set up shop in South Beach, Miami.

He had two appearances in the reality series “American Chopper: The Series” in 2007, and he also made an appearance in the documentary series “Now on PBS” in the episode “Past Due and Pay Day.”

After that, Chris acted as a guest star in several programs, including “World Wide Tribe,” “Katie,” and “The Tattoo Shop.”

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Chris Nunez’s Career

He has also started acting, having an uncredited cameo in the critically regarded mystery crime series “Rizzoli & Isles” in the 2010 episode “Born to Run.” The series, which ran from 2010 to 2016, won four of the 11 awards it was nominated for. Janet Tamaro is the creator who features Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, and Jordan Bridges. They followed the chief medical examiner Dr. Maura, and detective Jane Rizzoli as they investigated crimes in Boston, Massachusetts.

As of the right moment, the divorce’s cause is unknown. In California, their son Anthony lives with Carole, while their daughter Kali is currently living with Chris. While Chris is seeing an American woman who isn’t a celebrity, Marguryta Anthony, Carole has avoided the limelight since their divorce and hasn’t mentioned any possible ex-boyfriends.

Since the divorce, Carole has avoided the spotlight and hasn’t mentioned any possible relationships with other men. Carole was married to Chris Nuñez and had two children with him. She seems to be single as of January 2022.

Carole-Anne Leonard’s hobbies and other passions

Carole-Anne Leonard
Image Credit: LinkedIn

Carole is a major animal lover, and her favorite species are cats and turtles; also reportedly has a dog and three cats.

She enjoys traveling and has visited a few US states like California, New York, Texas, and other European locations, including England, France, London, and Paris.

She enjoys watching Hollywood movies. Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, and Emma Watson are a few of Carole’s favorite actresses and actors, and several of her favorite movies are the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Sleepless in Seattle.

She enjoys reading romantic novels, particularly those penned by Nicholas Sparks, her all-time favorite writer, such “Message in a Bottle” and “Dear John.”

Carole-Anne Leonard’s Line of Work

In the US, Carol has worked as a waiter and a product since receiving her degree from a prestigious institution. Many Chris supporters claim to have seen Carole working as a wedding planner. However, we are unsure if this is accurate.

After her romance with American tattoo artist Chris Nunez, she shot to stardom. She chose to work instead of enrolling in college after completing high school to cover her expenditures and enjoys cats and turtles the most out of all of her hobbies. Vacation is frequent for her as she loves traveling.

Carole-Anne Leonard’s Net Worth

She is a famous person who enjoys a lavish lifestyle and is worth $200,000. On the other hand, her ex-husband Chris estimates to have a net wealth of $7 million due to his job. Future changes to their projected net worth are possible.

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