Casino Games Evolution Continues in the 21st Century

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How Casino Games Are Changing

Casino Games Evolution have changed a lot over the past two decades, believe us – we know. A website such as Roulette77 can give you a full breakdown of the changes that happened in roulette, but the truth is there is a lot more ground to cover than that. 

The change has been, for a lack of a better word, wide-spread, and everything, from your favorite slot to your favorite table game has now evolved. This is not to suggest that these developments have been bad.

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Far from it – they have quite exciting and the net benefit to players is undeniable. Yet, we all now want to know – how exactly games changed over the past years and where is this change headed exactly? 

  • The Internet Upended All

It’s true. Casino games were certainly evolving even before the Internet, but once the first online casinos launched in the 1990s that was, as they say, a game-changer. Games evolved much quicker. 

There were no longer associated production costs for physical devices, and the same game could be replicated and spread across dozens, even thousands of casino sites, without necessarily having to purchase a slot machine.

As you can imagine, that meant one thing – a major change in the way players interacted with casino games. True, Internet casinos were said to be “killers of the land-based segment,” but 20 years later, none of this has come to pass.

If anything, casino players are keen to make sure that after having played online, they actually make the trip to Macau, Las Vegas, or Atlantic City for a bit of spirited fun in a land-based environment.

It’s thanks to this inherent change in the way players now access games today that we are witnessing a boom in interest when it comes to casino games.

  • More Generous Payouts

As mentioned before, the Internet has made it possible to enjoy games and more importantly – win a little more. Competition has been coming from all corners of the Earth! Today, it’s not just Microgaming and Playtech who make roulette games, for example.

There are many excellent developers, such as BetGames and Evolution who are just as keen to have their products launched and appreciated. As a result, they offer high rewards and returns to players, which often make them the preferred choice. 

Players are having a real blast and that is not least because of the ramped-up return which is now the main hook for many players. 

  • Games Have Become Mobile Compatible

A huge surge in the use of mobile devices has led to a new trend in casino gaming – the use of mobile devices. In the past, the majority of online games were written on Flash, a rather dated technology that allowed for much vulnerability.

But guess what? This has changed and casino game developers have adopted HTML5, a new piece of tech that makes it possible to enjoy your favorite games without on any platform out there, and this is a truly amazing benefit to everyone who’s ever wanted to be a little freer.

But, the fact is that HTML5 doesn’t just make games more accessible, it makes them more secure and flexible to integrate new features.

  • Big Tech Arriving: Blockchain, VR and AI

The truth is that we are on the cusp of a new Casino Games Evolution. All three major technologies today, to name virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence promise to introduce new types of games.

The first to be commoditized, it seems, is blockchain and particularly through the efforts of companies that are now developed dedicated blockchain games to make the experience more transparent and even more rewarding. 

The next chapter in casino gaming evolution is not going to be easily predicted, as there are so many things happening. But one thing is certain – it’s going to make the experience more fun for everyone!

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