Dell XPS 13 Vs MacBook Air 2021 Comparison – What’s Your Decision?

The Dell XPS 13 Vs MacBook Air has been fighting it out for the greatest laptop computer title. So, now that Colorfy has reviewed the 2021 upgrades to every one of these titans of technology, we are putting them into the evaluation of a round-by-round face-off.

The XPS 13 has been called the ideal laptop. There’s, as well as the Dell XPS 13 2021, is not any different. On the other hand, the Apple MacBook Air 2021 has become the brand new computer keyboard it had and a few much-welcomed tweaks for its cost and value proposition. Is that sufficient to dethrone Dell? Let us find out.

The first-party providers and third-party program ecosystems for each system will also be considerably different, with specific programs and features locking for the long haul.

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However, for all those who’d consider changing sides, our mac air vs Dell XPS13 face-off packs all you want to learn about how the most recent editions of those heavy-hitters stack upward.

Dell XPS 13 Vs MacBook Air Comparison

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Specs compared

Dell XPS 13 (2020) vs. MacBook Air (2020) - Specs compared

The Dell XPS is 13 is smaller but provides more energy and has more battery life. Additionally, it supplies a microSD slot, which will be much more vents than the MacBook Air.


The Dell XPS 13 has the same vents problem since the Apple MacBook Air equally packs double Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports without a Type-A port.

However, Dell makes a measure to lessen the pain by projecting in a USB-C into a USB-A adapter. Additionally, the XPS 13 includes a microSD reader for enlarged storage, which the MacBook Air doesn’t.


The Apple MacBook array has long-offered magnificent wedges of the metallic layout – nearly never deviating from this attempted and analyzed formulation. To put it simply, Apple’s laptops have a fashion, and you know whether you prefer it.

While Apple has generated a lot of the sector to tweak using its layouts and a more MacBook-like metallic design (e.g., Surface Laptop 3 13 and Huawei MateBook X Pro), Dell has remained loyal with its carbon-fiber appearance. Dell has had any accidents along the way, like the garish below-display webcam positioning, but it finally seems to have settled in an appealing design that may take on top of them.

The bezel was shrunk down with the hottest Dell XPS 13 2021 version, so it is barely even evident, causing a slick, clean appearance. The MacBook Air bezel is slightly chunky, but it’s still markedly thicker (particularly at the base ) compared to XPS 13.

You enjoy what you enjoy and if you’re a lover of this MacBook-style it will be tough to convince you differently, however, we do love the XPS 13 look.


Dell XPS 13 Vs MacBook Air Display

The maximum brightness I struck in my XPS is 468 nits, and 412 nits in my MBA. Both screens are 16:10 aspect ratios that are amazing for productivity, and the two affirms 100 percent RGB. Nevertheless, the Air has a high-resolution screen for crisper pictures, but both pay comparatively the same color range and have similar color reproduction.

  • The MBA covers 80 percent DCI-P3 and 73 percent AdobeRGB
  • The XPS covers 72 percent DCI-P3 and 65 percent AdobeRGB

Both are fantastic screens and more than sufficient for everyday use but are not suggested for professional artistic media like picture editing, graphic design, or movie production.

One benefit the MBA has is its own image/text scaling. TLDR, MacOS does a much better job of scaling different image/text sizes. Many professionals use Macs due to their more significant scaling and color consistency/calibration, mainly as you’re working with more effective resolution workflows and will need to often re-scale.

It’s going to be a lot more challenging to have better scaling out of MacOS inside this circumstance. The right Tone can also help the ambient light changes in your environment, but for optimum color accuracy/consistency, I would advise you to turn it off.

No touchscreen touch bar on each version. Even though you can pay more to have a touchscreen to the XPS, nevertheless, in my view, it is not too helpful. There are hardly any programs that are optimized for touch. The majority of the time, it’s quite awkward/annoying since I must reach farther from my computer when working-that slows down my workflow-once. I could only use the trackpad that’s not only nearer but also more accurate/more comfortable to use than a signature.

Besides, I discover that apart from using the display to scroll, and there, I hardly use it. Additionally, it is a massive fingerprint magnet. It is up to you if you need it or not because it is just $50-100 longer (depending on whether there is a sale). However, I wouldn’t get it.

Keyboard and trackpad

The biggest thing about the 2021 MacBook Air is that it eventually has a keyboard that we adore. However, Dell has also awakened the scanning experience for its XPS 13 2021.

The new MacBook Air’s Magic Keyboard is a pleasure to type on, together with keys that feel good to click. A scissor-switch design that is more reliable than the contentious ‘Butterfly’ mechanism which preceding MacBooks depended upon.

That is having been said, the XPS 13’s keys provide similarly lovely comments. Additionally, Dell improves the encounter using a soft-touch keypad coating and the XPS 13’s textured, soft wrist rest, which makes typing extra-comfortable.

The XPS 13’s keyboard can also be an edge to edge, maximizing the laptop’s property while providing a sleek appearance.

The MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13 provide big trackpads that empower rapid, responsive input signal. I wish Apple would allow its trackpad to click and overlook that the Force Touch trackpad only simulates a click and haptic feedback.

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Battery Life

The XPS 13’s battery life may endure a complete workday with a couple of hours to spare. It clocked 12 hours and 39 minutes onto the Laptop Mag battery test. The Air came up short by a few hours, with a period of 9:31.


Since Dell has included a brand new Core i3 version to the XPS 13 this season, it is the less expensive option. We are only taking a look at the 2018 MacBook Air, maybe not the old version.

Therefore the XPS 13 begins at £999/$899 while the MacBook Air 2018 begins at £1,199/$1,199; however, the specs are somewhat more notable such as a Core i5 processor. Dell’s XPS 13 similar i5 starts at £1,249; therefore, it is a bit more costly (we do not possess a US price).

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Conclusion – XPS 13 or MacBook Air?

In a world of seemingly endless settings, it is difficult to ascertain a definitive winner at the MacBook Air 2021 vs Dell XPS 13 2021 and we are still yet to get our hands on both the devices to permit a longer decision verdict.

By what we know so much, the MacBook Air 2021 provides the most attractive choice regarding cost, but there is no reason to shy away in your Dell XPS 13 2021 if you fancy paying a bit longer for some excess horsepower.

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