Echo Show 5 Vs Echo Show 8 – Which Should You Buy?

Amazon Echo Show 5 Vs Echo Show 8

You are considering between Echo Show 5 Vs. Echo Show 8? Colorfy will compare these Echo Smart Displays to help you determine better.

Amazon announced a slew of new products in its September 25 press conference, but among those standout apparatus was that the Echo Show 8, a fresh step upward from the Echo Show 5. Apart from the obvious difference in title, the newest Echo Show includes a bigger, high-definition display. While more concrete information and details of its functionality will not be accessible until the gadget releases November 21, ancient specs look great.

Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8

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The Amazon Echo Show 8 has taken nearly everything has been great from the Echo Show (2nd Gen) along with the Echo Show 5 and match them in a perfectly-sized smart screen speaker. On-device privacy controllers, a better screen resolution than the more compact Display 5, and smart speakers make this a fantastic purchase.


  • Fantastic compromise size
  • Physical cover/off change for camera and radios
  • Similar specs to the more costly Echo Show (2nd Gen)


  • No Dolby processing
  • Want a rack to correct viewing angles

Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

The Amazon Echo Show 5 changed the match to your Echo product lineup. It “revealed” that Amazon could place an excellent smart screen encounter in a more compact package without sacrificing security or sound. It’s the best companion device, but it might not stand alone when that is the only Show.


  • Compact design to fit anyplace
  • Physical cover/off change for camera and radios
  • Better speakers compared to Echo Dot or Echo Spot.


  • Auto-brightness is not well-tuned
  • If all you need is an Echo using a clock, then the Dot with Clock is 2/3 the cost.
  • The way they perform and look

The Amazon Echo Show 8 has the same slender aesthetics because its smaller cousin, alongside the same design, enables it to sit upright. By simply taking a look at pictures of both smart displays resting on a flexible plastic rack, they seem virtually identical to the racks Amazon has launched for past iterations of this Echo Show. Therefore it’s probably another will combine the list of possible accessories.

Together with the maximum resolution display of any edition of this device up to now, the bigger display size of this Echo Show 8 makes it ideal for studying recipes off as you’re cooking or as an electronic photo album. Video calling is also much-improved due to the HD display, even though the one-megapixel camera stays just like the Echo Show 5.

Both Echo Show devices are present in the same two colors: Sandstone and charcoal. Nevertheless, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is a device whose smaller dimensions feel at home on a nightstand or coffee table for a clock/photo framework compared to the bigger shape of this Echo Show 8.

Echo Show 5 Vs Echo Show 8 Comparison

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Amazon Echo Show 5 Vs Echo Show 8 Comparison

Privacy and features

The Echo Show 5 along with the Echo Show 8 have the same privacy features. It is possible to disconnect the camera and the microphone with all the press of a button. The two devices incorporate a plastic camera that may slide across the camera for a further safety layer. This can improve the first Echo Show, which enabled users to detach the camera and mic but didn’t incorporate a slider.

Apart from these fundamental hardware features, all variations of this Amazon Echo Show can function as a control center for heaps of other smart devices. Control your lighting, safety system, smart tv, and even more using a spoken command. You’ll also have the ability to create Alexa kid-friendly by triggering Amazon FreeTime. Amazon FreeTime is a subscription-based service ($2.99 a month) that provides access to tens of thousands of Audible novels, kid-friendly videos via Amazon Prime Video, and ad-free radio – while filtering explicit articles and remaining kid-friendly.

The Amazon Echo Show may work as a screen for your safety system, also. If a harmonious smart camera or clever doorbell picks up the action, it is possible to display its own perspective in your own Echo Show so that you do not ever need to escape bed or off the couch to check on what is happening outside your property.

Alexa compatibility

Despite cutting on the Zigbee receiver in the second-gen Display and the tap-to-snooze characteristic of Display 5, the Display 8 may be the very best Alexa-enabled smartphone screen. But that does not mean it is the very best screen altogether. While I enjoy the combo of smart features – and as importantly, the cost attached to the – Google’s smart screens do boast a much better consumer experience.

It is hard to compare the Display 8 straight to the Nest Hub ($90 at Best Buy) – Google’s $130 7-inch screen – since that does not have a camera. The Nest Hub Max, which does include a top excellent camera, costs $230. However, one thing both Nest Hubs discuss is a much smoother interface compared to Amazon Echo Show 8. The display is much more responsive, so the camera may trace your head if you walk around while video chatting, and you may get videos on YouTube using a simple voice command.

Amazon’s operating system is improving, but in comparison with Google’s, it calms – a jarring experience if you are used to contemporary tablets and smartphones’ responsiveness.

Sound Quality

If you would like to listen to songs from just about any corner of your property, then the Echo Show 8 is your ideal alternative for you. It’s more prominent speakers, which enhances and brightens your mood when listening to a favorite beat.


Both the Display 8 and 5 use a 1MP front-facing camera for video calls; this can be lower than the 10-inch Display with 5MP. The largest series also has Dolby processing plus a built-in Zigbee smart home hub; However, these make this apparatus the smartest choice; the present cost of 159.99 implies it isn’t worth considering unless a major discount occurs later in the week.

While Display 8 is a definite update from the predecessors, it appears to fall short in one enormous region: The camera is simply 1 camera, rather than the 5-megapixel camera in the second-gen Display. Lower-megapixel cameras normally produce blurry outcomes, and frankly, I was taken aback when I noticed that spec.

But when I movie chatted with myself with the second-gen Show and the Display 8, then the feed in the 5-megapixel camera really looked more pixelated than the one recorded from the lower-quality camera. No matter the reason, the lower-quality camera, in this instance, actually produced consistently higher quality leads to me personally.

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Which should you buy?

In terms of pricing, the Amazon Echo Show 8 is currently available for preorder for $129.99, whereas the Echo Show 5 is currently $89.99 on Amazon. But a combo package with the newest Echo Show along with the Echo Show 5 can be obtained for $169.98. Another buy option comprises a Ring Indoor Camera for $159.98. Unlike many deals with accessories, both of them can save the purchaser a nice amount.

The inclusion of a third Amazon Echo Show provides buyers lots of sizing choices. Amazon’s continuing support of earlier models means that clients do not need to worry about buying a near-obsolete smart apparatus. 1 size is better suited to a desk or even a nightstand, while others may find their home in the kitchen or on a living room umbrella.

Video: The New Echo Sound Quality

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