Fitbit Inspire vs Inspire HR Review – Which Should You Pick?

Fitbit Inspire vs Inspire HR - Which Should You Pick

Fitbit has two of their most excellent fitness trackers; you can purchase with the new Fitbit Inspire vs Inspire HR.

The Inspire HR is your very best Fitbit under $100 and easily the best value for almost any Fitbit; although the Inspire is your most excellent cheap Fitbit, it is possible to purchase.

Inside this Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR comparison, I will cover the design, features, specs, and a couple of alternatives you might wish to consider. Colorfy will also provide some last ideas based on our personal experience wearing and using simple life devices.

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Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

The Fitbit Inspire HR is a sophisticated tracker that monitors your pulse, allowing it to track a lot of different things. It may track your different phases of sleep also, above all, it can watch many sorts of exercises, mechanically.


  • Fantastic health and fitness tracker
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Tracks your sleep phases
  • Guided breathing
  • Tracks Many Kinds of exercise


  • Prices over Fitbit Inspire
  • No built-in GPS
  • Just One color available
  • Can not be worn out as a clip

Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire

The expensive Fitbit Inspire does not track your pulse or has some of the features involved, but it still has lots to give. Much like the Inspire HR, it monitors your steps, action, calories burned, and menstrual cycle. It scans your sleep, and it permits you to get notifications and alarms from the connected smartphone.


  • Prices 30 percent less than Inspire HR
  • Feature-rich Wellness and fitness tracker
  • Comes in two distinct colors
  • Could be worn as a clip


  • No heart rate monitor
  • No built-in GPS

Fitbit Inspire And Inspire HR: In-depth Review

Fitbit Inspire vs Inspire HR - In-depth Review

Layout and Screen

Fitbit Inspire HR vs Inspire equally possess a similar instinctive, easy-to-use grayscale OLED touchscreen display. It lacks a color screen, and you can’t fix its brightness.

These two wearable physical fitness bands have a slender design and discreet appearance, making them seem sleek and fashionable in your wrist.

On the flip side, there is a button that Can Help You navigate throughout the guys.

The most crucial difference between Inspire and Inspire HR is that the layout of this group. Inspire HR’s ring is much more flexible and thicker since it’s created of premium-quality silicone with aluminum buckle and tang fastening. At the same time, Inspire’s ring is made from durable elastomer material with peg and loop fixing.

Both of Inspire and Inspire HR to possess a limited variety of clock faces, and you can’t utilize third party clock faces or elect to possess always-on screen.

Main Features

Inspire HR inherits all features of Inspire as well as several added features such as:

  • Sleep Stages (moderate, Deep, REM)
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Guided Breathing Sessions (according to your heartbeat )
  • 15+ Goal-Based Exercise Modes
  • Quantify Cardio Fitness Level with heart rate
  • Real-time Pace and Distance Measuring with Telephone’s GPS

Seeing its low price, the two Inspire versions don’t arrive with in-built GPS to quantify real-time speed and space during rides or runs. However, Inspire HR can exhibit real-time data of speed and distance when linked with your phone’s GPS.


If it comes to aesthetics, there is only a small gap between the two.

Inspire fitness group comes in two colors viz. Black and Sangria. While you can get Inspire HR from Black, Lilac, and Panda (White + Black) color. Both these versions have little and big band options in the box to get the user’s convenience.

For these two Inspire versions, ring designs can be found in stainless steel, silicone, leather, or double-wrap.

By default, the home display shows the current date, measures required, heartbeat (just in Inspire HR), etc.. ) If you swipe, you may notice extra stats in detail, and if you press the side, that you may go back to the primary display.

UI (User Interface) of both rings is relatively straightforward and responsive. However, workout metrics based on Inspire HR will be just like that on Fitbit’s pricey, high-end trackers- that is a massive bonus!

Fitbit incorporates subtle cartoons into each transition and icon to generate the applications experience more beautiful and add fluidity into the UI.

Moreover, both the wearables are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Inspire and Inspire HR- equally have 1.45″ extended vertical modules, whereas the wrist ring is approximately 0.63″ broad.

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Battery Life and Fixing

The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR both possess a decent battery life of around five times.

The two Fitbit trackers nevertheless call for a proprietary, non-standard charging cable; however – for the first time, the Fitbit Inspire charger would be the same as the charger to your Fitbit Inspire HR.

The Fitbit Inspire / / Inspire HR charger includes a regular USB (type A) plug one side and a magnetic attachment on the opposite end.

The magnet layout makes it much easier to attach the Inspire and Inspire HR into the charging cable, but some care has to be taken to ensure that the magnet does not detach while charging.

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Last Ideas

The Fitbit Inspire HR is an impressive update from the Alta HR, particularly considering that it is being offered at a considerably cheaper cost. Additionally, it is readily Fitbit’s finest fitness tracker below $100. It is still a terrific, more affordable option to this Fitbit Charge 3 if you do not require the additional features.

If you do not require heartbeat tracking and do not care to find stats about your workout as you’re exercising and you would like to save more cash, the Fitbit Inspire is the most generous cheap Fitbit. You’ll be able to purchase it in 2019.

I’m pleased with my purchase and enjoy the Fitbit Inspire HR because of its slender design and a quite full attribute set for an excellent price. The Fitbit Inspire is a superb exercise tracker too, but maybe not having the capability to begin a work out from my tracker and see stats such as present heart rate and elapsed time is a deal-breaker for me personally.

Video: NEW Fitbit Charge 3 Unboxing and Setup!

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