What are the principal things to underline in your franchise training?

franchisees training

Your brand voice becomes stronger, only when your franchisee network. To accomplish it, your franchisees need training.

How to train your franchisees effectively?

An LMS system is the best option for strengthening your power network by identifying the skill gaps, creating relevant content, and stressing the brand value. 

Here are five principal factors you should underline in your franchisee training. 

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Structure the learning as a continuous process

When structured aptly, you can witness measurable business benefits out of the franchise training. 

In a survey conducted in 2017, companies conducting franchisee training experienced around 61% increase in sales. Interestingly, the training costs also came down by 67%. 

Wait, we already provide training. Then why your franchise training isn’t enough?

In addition to the training provided for the internal employees, the franchisees have additional needs. 

While structuring training programs for external employees, keep in mind their semi-independence and responsibilities towards the collaboration. 

It includes consideration of factors like

  1. Investment levels
  2. The number of franchises.
  3. Type of franchisee experience (business background)
  4. Legal constraints. 

Use an appropriate LMS system to identify the gaps, brainstorm the needs, and execute the training. 

Focus on quality, not quantity

The number of courses you create doesn’t matter; what accounts is the value you’re offering through the content. 

When you’re creating a training module, it might be tempting to include enormous details, facts and stats in it. 

However, understand the human tendency towards grasping information. Your training goal must focus on simplifying the hardcore details to your franchisee in a comprehensive way.

For example, a storytelling format speaks better than a PPT when conveying a case study. 

Take time to analyze the content format you’re going to adopt through the training too. 

Align Franchisee’s goals and Organizational goals

Every franchisee has a unique set of talents and skills. Understanding the uniqueness will put you in a path for success.

Identify the ‘sweet spot’ and create customized training programs which must align with organizational goals

For example, you can create two sets of training for soft skills and operational/technical stuff. The franchisee strong in communication can opt for technical development programs and vice versa. 

This will yield humongous financial and marketplace benefits. Precisely, the franchisor organization will experience great ROI. 

Such extended enterprise learning cuts down the annual LMS system expenditure as well. 

Keep the training relevant and vibrant

No matter how well your training content is, you can’t achieve what you wanted if your delivery is compromised.

Changing with the times and adapting to the current trend is the best way to execute your franchise training. 

For example, during the late 90s, PPTs were a great format to train the employees. With the decrease in attention span, videos capture the employees’ concentration with its vibrant visuals. 

Use a mix of all styles until you understand the learners’ pulse. Once you get to know them better, you can stick to one format. 

Ask, analyze, revise

As a leader, it’s an unwritten rule to look into the room for improvement. Particularly, in franchisee training, when external employees are involved, you have to get feedback.

To get better feedback, ask specific questions like

  1. What is your favourite part of the training? 
  2. What were the things you wish you needed more information?
  3. Did you like the format of the training? Tell us ways to improve.
  4. Which was the least engaging part in the training?
  5. Was it possible to access the training?

Send them a personalized email and short survey form. 

With the answers, you get collectively, review your training content and its delivery. Make changes and execute it better again.

Final Thoughts

By following through this loop, you can improve your training content, ensuring a better output from the franchisee. 

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