How Furniture Stores in Singapore Thrive Amid COVID-19?

Furniture Stores in Singapore

Due to the lockdown orders imposed in the wake of the raging pandemic, survival became a critical question for everyone. Those who found out innovative and advanced ways of tackling could reap the benefits. For example, you can think of furniture stores in Singapore. They adopted the digital route, or more precisely, augmented reality (AR), to help customers shop stress-free. They turned to AR-driven apps where users can see the actual scale of the products and their details. From the texture of the fabric to leather, the AR app lets them examine all the details, just like in the real world. At the same time, shoppers can use the technology to figure out the look of a specific piece of furniture in their home environment before committing a purchase.

To be precise, furniture stores found a way to flourish even during COVID-19 times through the adoption of AR, which offers multiple benefits to customers. Here is a quick look into them.

Trial before purchase

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As mentioned once, AR-powered apps allow customers to check the look of the furniture in their home environment through advanced techniques. It means you can try something even before buying it. The enhanced digital representation of the objects allows you to see how a sofa or something else would fit in with your apartment in real-time. And you don’t have to pay for it. With big-ticket items, such arrangements can feel like a bonus. You can virtually check the presence of the furniture in your room, avoiding the risk of a wrong decision.Here is table covers wholesale.

Option to customize

You can order the proper color and size of your choice of a furniture item. Most customers become anxious about their choice for fear if it doesn’t fit properly. So, the ability to scroll through all the options alleviates some tension. As per recent studies, around 77% of customers now depend on augmented reality to compare products in different colors, styles, etc. 


AR also helped furniture shops to engage people more. Since nearly 80% of shoppers check reviews, product pricing, and information, the furniture companies use digital images to share every type of relevant piece of information, including how-to, tips, and others. Plus, you can navigate the entire store easily. Some stores also offer loyalty points, which you can keep in your wallet and use when required.

During the most challenging times, the furniture industry proved that it is not as conservative as others believe it to be. The retailers and direct-to-consumer brands are trying to find innovative ways of engagement to improve the shopping experience online and offline. Apart from AR, another thing that helped the furniture industry was the online Great Singapore Sale (GSS). The annual sale extravaganza is a 26-year old event. Earlier, the main shopping belt of the country used to exhibit discount signs in stores. Due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders, the discount coupons came live on the online platform for redemption. 

Hence, shoppers could still benefit from their shopping experience while being safe at home. So, essentially, online shopping, coupons, live streaming, AR, and other such techniques paved the way for success for the furniture business in Singapore.

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