How to share screen on teams? A Complete Guide for Microsoft Teams user

How to share screen on teams

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world of business and employment has transformed. From sharing live documents online to how to share screen on teams, Microsoft’s brand-new work from home software, we are definitely living in the modernized world. In 2021, Microsoft launched “Teams” software which acts as an improvised communication platform for businessmen, employees, managers, freelancers, etc., to conduct productive informational meetings and exchange ideas and whatnot!

Thanks to Microsoft’s captivity when it comes to cross-platform features, this “teams” software is available on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and other operating systems. Apart from this, one can also access the team’s screen sharing feature on browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari. 

However, because this improvised screen sharing software by Microsoft is specifically new to users all over the world, a countable percentage of users are still finding it a challenge to figure out how to share screen on teams? In the event that you are also one such user, you are on the right platform.

Today, we present you a concise Microsoft Teams user guide, specific to “how to share screen on teams?” But, first of all, let’s learn about this feature:

What is “Screen share” on Teams by Microsoft? 

To begin with, as the term “screen sharing” suggests, it is a feature that allows you to share your screen with other people present at a live conference using Microsoft teams software. For example, if you click on the “share” icon on the left of the “red-background leave/end call” icon, you will receive a confirmation message for screen sharing. Once you confirm it, other users present in the following conference/meeting will be able to view your computer screen on their monitor. 

For the most part, it is quite an amazing concept. However, it is not new. Zoom software released in 2011 (9 years before Microsoft teams) already has a screen share feature. But is it more effective? 

How to share screen on teams
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The answer is yes. Microsoft teams allow users to pick which tab of the screen they want to share. For example, desktop, browser tab only, presentation, Microsoft excel screen, and so on. More often than not, the Microsoft teams screen share feature is beneficial for companies that rely on Microsoft Office for all types of work, such as creating and sharing documents, slide presentations, excel sheets to interpret significant data, and such. 

So, for users’ reference, here’s a brief guide on how to share screen on Microsoft teams? Let’s take a glance and learn: 

How to share screen on teams? 

For the most part, in order to share screen on Microsoft teams, you will require to create a meeting link. This link will allow all the invited users to join in the meeting. Once the meeting has begun, you can apportion the screen with teams. Thus, allowing people to view what’s on your screen? It is a fantastic way to interpret ideas, instructions and provide online training to new employees. 

Apart from this, the Microsoft team is a free platform. Thus, it is also nowadays used among students for “study from home” purposes. 

Following is a stepwise instructional guide on how to share screen on teams? Let’s view: 

STEP 1: Create a Meeting on Teams

In order to share screen on teams with multiple users at a time, you will need to create a meeting. In the event that you do not have time for a meeting at the moment, you can also “schedule” a meeting on teams in the future. Here’s how: 

  • Login to Microsoft Teams using your official Microsoft profile credentials. 
  • Please note that you will require to download Microsoft teams software on your PC/Mobile. 
  • Click here to download
  • Once you have logged in to Teams, tap on the “Chat” alternative provided below. 
  • Next, click on the “new meeting” option provided on the top. 
  • Enter a name for the meeting, such as “Meeting for database inquiry.”
  • Further ahead, click on the “Get a link to share” option. 
  • Click on the (copy to clipboard/clipboard) icon to copy the link to the meeting. 
  • Share this link on WhatsApp with all the people you want to invite to the meeting. 
  • Once you have shared the link, tap on the “Start Meeting” so that all invited users can join in. 
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You can also enable or disable camera/live video of yourself in order to protect anyone from viewing you during the meeting. Tap on the “camera/video” icon below. 

Similarly, you can mute/unmute to remain silent or speak during the meeting by using the “mic” icon provided below. 

STEP 2: Share screen on teams

Now that you have created a meeting in teams in order to instruct other employees or share new ideas/databases, for that matter, you can easily provide visual access to your live computer screen. Here’s how: 

  • While the meeting is going on, locate the “share icon” on the top left side.
  • This icon is on the left of the “leave” option.
  • Click on the “share screen” icon.
  • As a result, a menu will appear below. 
  • In order for others to listen to computer audio, toggle to the right “include computer sound” to turn it on. Toggle to the left if you do not want others to listen to computer sound. 
  • Next, select which screen you want to share. There are multiple options like desktop screen, browser tabs, PowerPoint presentation, or simple whiteboard. 

By clicking on the whiteboard, you can provide instructions or teach the present users in the meeting easily by writing down ideas or instructions. 

How to share screen on teams
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Note: While you are sharing the screen on Microsoft teams, other people in the meeting will only obtain access to content on your computer screen only. In order to interact using live video, click on the “video icon” provided below. 

Image ref: You can also use “Control/Command + Shift key + E key” to directly share screen on teams during the meeting.

How to share screen on teams not working? What to do? 

In general, by using the above-mentioned guide on how to share screen on teams? Users can easily interpret information from home or other personal spaces. However, it has only been a number of months since the launch of Microsoft teams. Thus, a time-to-time glitch is possible. But, don’t worry! You will find all solutions here. 

Is the share screen on teams not working on your PC/Mobile? Here are the top six solutions to resolve this error and continue productive visually-improvised discussions from home. 

#Solution 1: Connect to a stronger source of internet

Applications like Microsoft teams require a strong source of internet in order to connect with multiple users at a time. On the side, it also requires a steady connection to load all screens on your computer and share it further during video conferences. 

Thus, in the event that you are unable to share the screen on teams, it is predittable that your internet connection is not strong or stable enough. To resolve such an error, you can either try to disconnect or reconnect to the Wi-Fi. Or use mobile data as a source of connection for a temporary period. 

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Apart from this, rebooting the router is another productive idea in order to fix poor internet connection errors. Once the internet connection is down, it is possible that Microsoft teams will shut down automatically. As a result, you will be entailed to create a meeting again.

#Solution 2: Display Resolution on your computer is not compatible

In the past few years, Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac have come up with advanced display resolution choices for the user. However, when you create a meeting on Microsoft teams, it is predictable that not all users are utilizing computers with high intel. As a result, if your computer’s display resolution is set to the highest such as 1440X. It means that the share screen feature may not work properly because others’ computers may not support such high resolution. 

Thus, a simple solution is to decline your display resolution for the meeting. Here are the instructions for your reference: 

For Windows users: 

  • Head to the “Start Menu”. Further, navigate to the “Settings/cog icon” alternative.
  • Now, click on the “Systems” option from the settings main menu. 
  • Click on the “OPEN” option provided at the top.
  • From the left-side menu, select the “Display” option.
  • On the right side, ramble down and locate the “Display resolution” heading.
  • Click on the arrow to open other display resolution options. 
  • Select a lower set of display resolution such as 1920 X 1080. 
  • Save the settings and click on the “back” option. 

Now, restart the Microsoft Teams meeting to check if the share screen feature is working now. 

For MacBook users: 

In Macbook Systems, more often than not, Display resolution settings are set to “Default.” Use the following instruction to select a lower display resolution to fix the error. 

  • Go to the Macbook desktop.
  • Click on the “Apple icon” provided on the top left corner in the toolbar.
  • Next, select the “System preferences” option.
  • From the bottom bar, click on the “Display” option.
  • Next, change “Display for default” to “Scaled” by filling the circle.
  • Now, from the “Scaled display” dropdown menu, pick a resolution lower than the current one. For example, 120 X 800 (Macbook Air).
  • Enter MacBook password to save the new settings.
  • Go back and retry sharing screen on Microsoft teams. 

#Solution 3: Provide “Screen recording” access to Microsoft Teams

One of the major reasons for “Why can’t I share screen on teams?” is that you have not provided access to screen recording for the Microsoft teams app on your MacBook. Here’s how to undo this setting on MacBook: 

  • Go to the Macbook desktop.
  • Click on the “Apple icon” provided on the top left corner in the toolbar.
  • Next, select the “System preferences” option.
  • Tap on the “Security and Privacy” alternative.
  • Scroll down to the “Screen Recording” option in the left-side menu.
  • On the right side, select “Microsoft teams” to provide access.
  • Enter MacBook password to save the new settings.
  • Go back and retry sharing screens on Microsoft teams. 

#Solution 4: How to share screen on teams not working on Android/iPhone? 

Presuming that you have an outstanding internet connection and stability, the share screen on teams feature should work fine. However, in the event that you are trying to share a screen on teams using Android or iPhone, please make certain that no video streaming application is running in the background. For example, Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, etc. 

The reason is when such high-end streaming apps run in the background. It generally slows down other apps’ performance rates. 

#Solution 5: Lookout for storage issues

While using applications like Microsoft teams, it is significant to remember that all these apps create temporary data in the background. Thus, if the Microsoft share screen is not working on your PC or mobile, it is predictable that your device is running low on storage. As a result, the app itself is unable to share data online. 

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To resolve this, you can consider running “clear cache, cookies, and data” on the browser (if you are using Microsoft Teams in the browser). Or, you can utilize a Macbook cleaner or Windows defender program to get rid of unwanted data. Henceforth, making some space to run apps at an acceptable pace. 


We do hope that you have understood how to share screen on teams? For more information on this subject, mark us your favorite. We will bring back new solutions to resolve any kind of error related to this program or other substitute programs. Thank you!

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