How to Use Siri on iphone 11?

Introduction to iphone Siri

Siri is Apple’s voice assistant that is available on the majority of Apple’s products, including the (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and HomePod. Additionally, you can ask Siri anything, from simple weather questions to more complex questions about anything from sports scores to the number of calories in food. Also, Siri can allow you to disable general phone settings, find content in a list, put alarms and reminders, calls or texts, and many other actions. This blog will cover everything from basics to advanced knowledge of Siri, including some of the commands you can use to activate Siri on your IOS devices that include Siri and iOS devices that support more difficult hands-free “Hey Siri” commands as well as “How to Use Siri on iphone 11” efficiently.

How to use Siri on iphone 11
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iphone 11

iPhones are one of the most famous smartphone gadgets, with many tech fans adoring them. Apple Inc owns the smartphone brand, and the corporation recently released the iPhone SE 2, its newest addition to the iOS smartphone lineup. Apple’s initiative to target low-budget customers looking for inexpensive iPhones.

Furthermore, with its great attributes and specifications, the iPhone 11 know as one of the most popular iPhones. Many new iPhone 11 users are finding it difficult to adjust to the user experience, which is vastly different from that of Android handsets.

Siri, an AI assistant, is built into iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices (Artificial Intelligence). Siri makes it simple for consumers to complete a variety of tasks.

iphone 11
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Latest Features of Siri

Siri enables us to do many things in a single sentence. Siri, as an Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowed voice supporter, has all the answers to your doubt.

While, Siri was explained with the iPhone (device) as a task manager, she aged quite well with time, increasing her capabilities to the greatest extent possible.

Few are some examples of how the smart technology assistant can assist you:

  • Check your texts and emails
  • Make contact with your links
  • Find a book by a specific author
  • Book an online table at your favorite place
  • Break jokes
  • Tell you about the today’s weather
  • Set alarms
  • Set meetings schedule
  • Music play and change on the Apple Music app

She is intelligent and astute, and Apple designers make every effort to improve Siri’s intelligence as new features are added.

How Does ‘Siri’ Work?

While “Hey Siri” is the common command for waking up Siri on all iOS devices, you can also activate it with a power-on key or a tap on some devices.

How does Sir work on iphone 11
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Siri on iPhones and iPads can be access via voice command or the small icon at the bottom of the device’s display.

  • Apple watches– Voice command on the Mac via the Siri application ‘icons’ in the menu bar.
  • A twice-tap activates the first-generation AirPods.
  • Second-generation AirPods – Voice control
  • Apple TV– Using the Remote’s Siri button

When the voice supporter hears your voice command, it activates. The command is then processed nearby to determine whether it can be executed on the iOS device.

What Languages Does Siri Speak?

Siri may be working in 21 languages and 36 different countries. It can also be used to convert phrases from one language to another efficiently.

How to Use Siri on iphone 11

Siri is an iOS digital assistant that enables you use your voice to do things like search the web, send messages, call, activate apps, and access your accessibility settings efficiently.

How to Use Siri on ipnoe 11
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Furthermore, long-pressing the ‘Home’ button then call “Hey Siri” if you’ve already enabled the feature will bring up Siri. A live internet link is require for all Siri requests, and certain elder devices may additionally require mains power

Here are a few steps of “How to Use Siri on iphone 11”

  • First, Say “Hey Siri”
  • Second, Just say “Hey Siri,” then instantly say what you want.
  • Third, Press and release the button
  • If your iPhone 11 has a Home button, press the Home button, then make your request.
  • If your iPhone 11 doesn’t have a Home button, press the Side button, then make your request.
  • To create a longer request, press and hold the side or Home button of the iphone 11 until your request is not complete.

Type to IOS Siri 

If you know how to speak your ‘Siri’ commands, you can enable the ‘Type to Siri’ option in Accessibility settings.

Activate Type to Siri

  • Navigate to accessibility general settings
  • Accessibility can be establish below General settings.
  • Tap ‘Siri’ in the ‘Interaction’ section.
  • Toggle the switch next to ‘Type to Siri.’
  • The options displayed for ‘Voice Feedback’ are identical to those displayed in the ‘Siri & Search’ settings window.

More information about these settings can be found in the ‘Voice Feedback’ section above.

Using Type to Siri of iphone 11

  • To activate ‘Siri,’ hold down the ‘Home’ button for a long time.
  • In the search box, type your request. In our example, we ask ‘Siri’ to establish a timer (see panel one).
  • When you’re finish, tap ‘Done,’ as shown in the second screen.
  • The final panel shows how ‘Siri’ will deliver visual and aural feedback.
  • While ‘Siri’ is open, tap the search box at the bottom of the screen to bring up the keyboard and ask another question.
  • Check out the third panel.

How to Get Siri on iPhone 11 

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is incorporated into the iOS operating system and comes reloaded on all new iPhone cellphones. To get Siri on your iPhone 11, you don’t need to download or install any apps or files.

Active Siri When Phone is Locked

When your smartphone is locked, you can use the “Hey Siri” command as well as a long press on the home key to activate your Phone Siri. By default, enable Siri when the Phone is locked’ is turned on. Toggle the toggle control next to “Active Siri when locked” to turn it off.

Siri (Voice)

Suppose you want to change voice between male and female voices for ‘Siri,’ as well as a variety of dialects. Toggle switch then to ‘Siri Voice’ to change the voice ‘Siri’ uses.

Voice Feedback

When ‘Siri’ replies to your question, you’ll get both verbal and visual feedback on-screen by default.

Tap’ Voice Feedback’ to alter this setting.

You can also choose from the following options on another screen:

Always On – For getting audible and visual input still as your iphone 11 is silent.

Manage with Ring Switch – while your iphone is silent, you’ll only get visual feedback on the screen. When you use the “Hey Siri,” and if your Phone is associate to a bluetooth (audio device), headphone, or car play, you will still get spoke feedback.

Hands-Free Only – Only when using the “Hey Siri” word or while your device is join to a bluetooth audio device, headphones, or car play will you receive spok feedback.

My Info

To select your contact card from the ‘Contacts list’ address book, you can inform ‘Siri’ who you are under ‘My Info.’ When addressing location-based questions like “provide me directions of their house,” ‘Siri’ uses this information.

Then, use your contact detail, go to ‘My Info’ and select your person’s name from the list of contacts.


The search functions on your iOS device are control by ‘Siri.’ When utilisw Search results, Look up, or Keyboard recommendations, you can establish permissions to allow ‘Siri’ to reveal information from apps.

‘Siri’ can also do tasks in another-party apps like ‘WhatsApp,’ ‘PayPal,’ and ‘Pinterest,’ with no having to first open the program. This is something you can do app per app.

Know More About ‘How to Use Siri on iphone 11″

Q-1 How do you speak Siri a question on iPhone?

Ans: To open Siri, first press and hold the Side button on your iPhone 11. Two rapid beeps will be heard, follow by the Siri icon on the screen, indicating that Siri woke up and is waiting for you to say something.

Q-2 How do I direct Siri on my iPhone 11?

Ans: Activate the Side button. Siri is activate by pressing and holding the Side button on the right side of the iPhone 11. “Hey, Siri,” say after that. Simply uttering this phrase on your iPhone 11 will activate Siri.

Q-3 What all can Siri do on iPhone 11?

Ans: Make phone calls and Facetime calls, Send emails and text messages, Set calendar events and reminders, set alarms and timers, Obtain weather forecasts, Give directions on Apple Maps, Perform calculations, and Open applications.

Q-4 What are the benefits of using siri on iphone 11?

Ans: help you to call and email quickly, set alarms and a reminder of meetings, record keeping, and open app easily are the few benefits of using siri.


  • After knowing about How to Use Siri on iphone 11, you will be able to control tasks, make phone calls, and do other things easily.
  • Siri can also help you to set up alarms, to-do lists tasks, etc.
  • Additionally, many individuals use this AI system to chat and get the information on several news and current affairs.
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