HP Envy vs HP Pavilion – Which Is Greater? [2020 Update]

HP Envy vs HP Pavilion - Which Is Greater

If you’re planning to purchase an HP laptop, then it’s tough to compare the two series of notebook HP Envy vs HP Pavilion & pick which is most suitable for you in the long term. You NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

Nowadays, we can answer that the HP laptop is ideal for you in both HP collection. So, you’re able to make the ideal choice between Pavilion and Envy matches and matches your requirement, which won’t cause you to regret after purchasing some of the laptops.

HP Envy vs HP Pavilion Comparison

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HP Envy vs HP Pavilion Comparison

Design & Build Quality

The HP Pavilion and HP Envy are rather similar in layout. It’s hard to tell them apart. You’ve got precisely the identical silver finish and appearance. There are some differences, however.

The HP Envy has smaller screen bezels compared to the HP pavilion. Second, the HP logo is inserted on the screen of this HP Envy whiles the emblem on the HP Pavilion isn’t but instead a circle together with HP at the center.

Last, the colors. The HP Envy is either all black or all white. For your HP Pavilion, the black version has a black keyboard while the snowy version is all-white. Aside from such differences. It’s relatively tricky to tell them apart.

Suppose it comes to build Quality. The HP Envy consists of superior materials. A unibody generated from anodized aluminum that could withstand shocks and bumps. There’ll also be no flex on the screen lid and keyboard place.

People who favor the HP Envy x360 will be delighted to understand that the hinges are powerful. The 13 inch weighs 2.88 pounds (1.3 kg) and 0.58 inches thick if it comes to the fat. The 15 inch weighs 4.53 lbs (2.05 kg) and 0.67 inches thick. The HP Envy 17 begins at 6.18 pounds (2.74 kg) and 0.88 inches thick.

The build quality of the HP Pavilion is not as good as the HP Envy as it is a budget. The HP Pavilion consists of both metal and plastic.

The screen lid and keyboard are alloys, whiles the remainder of the laptop is plastic.

Due to the metallic and plastic construct, the laptop has quite a lot of flex to it. And it’s evident on the screen lid and keyboard. The thickness and weight of this HP Pavilion fluctuate based upon the version. It could be between 3 – 6 lbs and 0.7-0.8 inches thick.

Overall, the HP Envy has the best build quality due to the materials. Additionally, it seems better than the HP Pavilion since it looks more polished and contains slender bezels.


The HP Envy impresses with its processors. In reality, the laptop is useful for AMD Ryzen processors or 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processors. It may take 1TB PCIe SSD of storage and 16GB RAM. Suppose you would like to understand more about the graphics cards. In that case, you are going to be amazed by HP Envy’s dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA MX150 or MX150) or incorporated (Intel or AMD) or dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA MX150 or even MX150).

The HP Pavilion has an AMD Processor or 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. For storage and ram, it’s effective at 1TB SSD or 1TB HDD and 16GB RAM. The HP Pavilion laptop is fitted with a dedicated graphics card (MX250) or an integrated graphics card (Intel or AMD).

Teardown/ Upgradeability

So, how easy is it to get inside every laptop? Well, it does not suggest trying to start the HP Envy, as you risk damaging the chassis. Additionally, it’s just feasible to update the SSD. Therefore it is not worth it anyhow.

The HP Pavilion is marginally simpler to get indoors, but it’s still not advised. The base cover is particularly troublesome to start. However, when you’ve opened it up, you can update the SSD, HDD, WLAN, and RAM.


Both laptops provide similar configurations. However, the 10th Gen Intel Core configured HP Envy is stronger than the 8th Gen Intel Core configured HP Pavilion. Besides that, the two make use of the same 8th Gen Intel Core and AMD processors. They’re excellent for everyday use and are relatively healthy enough to handle demanding tons to an extent.

For the graphics card, based upon the configuration. You can have an incorporated (Intel or AMD) or committed (MX150 or MX250). The menu is acceptable for gaming. You are not recommended if you play games a great deal.

The MX150 and MX250 are entry-level gambling cards. The MX250 is the stronger of the two, however. The two graphics cards can manage casual matches nicely. However, AAA name games can only be performed in non settings.

The HP Envy and HP Pavilion provide have similar hardware configurations. However, the HP Envy may consume around 10th Gen Intel Core. And if you’re concerned about the operation, most acceptable to go to the 10th Gen HP Envy.


HP’s Envy series provides better screens compared to HP Pavilion.

Envy shows an outstanding viewing quality than the Pavilion screens; the wealthy screen quality makes the viewing experience another level.

The Pavilion series usually contains 720p displays, and Envy has a 1080p screen, making a slight detail of this screen much memorable.

Keyboard & Touchpad

The HP Envy includes a full-size computer keyboard using well-spaced keys. We’d like it if the up and down keys were more extensive, but that is no major problem (if you pardon the pun).

The keys are traveling well and provide excellent visual feedback, which provides an enjoyable studying encounter. The keyboard has backlit lighting, which may be corrected to the ideal degree. Together with Windows Precision drivers, the massive touchpad is accurate and responsive.

Though not quite as great, we had been impressed with all the HP Pavilion’s computer keyboard. The keyboard step either 15 or 17 inches, and the two include a Numpad. The computer keyboard is well-spaced using decently-sized keys, making typing a simple encounter.

Some HP Pavilions have backlit keyboards, although others do not. The touchpad is big and receptive to get in touch. Overall we have been impressed with the computer keyboard on the HP Pavilion range.

Battery Life

The HP Envy series defeats the HP Pavilion series in regards to battery life. The Envy 13 laptops are fitted using 3-cell 51Wh batteries. HP claims the Envy 13 can last up to 14 hours. Obviously, that is a perfect situation, however, testing has demonstrated that even when browsing the internet on Wi-Fi, a few versions of the HP Envy 13 can continue approximately 11 hours.

HP claims the Pavilion 15 laptops may last 10 hours in perfect circumstances. This isn’t bad, but at minimum brightness and without linking to Wi-Fi; evaluations demonstrated the HP Pavilion 15z signature lasted just for 8 hours and 24 minutes. At maximum brightness, the computer had to recharge after two hours.

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What’s far better to purchase ps5 or even an HP Pavilion gaming laptop?

PS5 will be a much better option for gambling. Subsequently, the HP Pavilion gaming laptop and many matches are Play Station exclusive that won’t be available for a different stage.

HP Envy 17 is fantastic for civil Software?

HP Envy 17 is a fantastic selection for civil applications to operate on.

Which Should You Get?

The HP Envy is the one to get. It’s better to build quality, screen, and functionality. What’s more, it’s thinner and lighter. The HP Envy provides more worth than the HP Pavilion, and there’s no good reason to select it.

Unless you’re strapped for money, the HP Pavilion is far Less Expensive compared to HP Envy. A budget laptop receives a lot of things right, which makes it a fantastic option.

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