Looking For Assistance with Workers Compensation Claims? Hire the Best Attorney to Fight Your Claim

Assistance with Workers Compensation Claims

Looking for assistance with workers’ Compensation claims can be challenging to manage. Sometimes, you may even feel like the insurance company or adjuster is forcing you to settle for a lower amount than what you deserve. It is especially true when a doctor has just released you from the hospital, and you are unsure how the injury will affect you in the long term. There are also times when you are denied the claim on various grounds, even when you are an eligible employee and have a valid case. 

In such situations, the best thing to do is take help from a professional in this area—a Workers Compensation attorney. They can better educate you about your legal rights under the Workers Compensation law, offer you the necessary guidance on the matter, and help you get what you truly deserve. The chances of you receiving any compensation or settlement—after the denial of your claim—increases with adequate representation.

Your rights under the Workers Compensation law

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Suppose you have done everything like reporting the injury within 30 days of the accident and filing the claim in form DWC-1 along with the crucial details of the injury. In that case, you are eligible for benefits under the Workers’ Compensation law. You have the right to get:

Medical benefits

Medical benefits (surgical fees, nursing care expense, and medication costs) are generally unlimited with zero deductible to the point that you are cured or given maximum care. You are also eligible for additional medical benefits like vocational and psychological rehabilitation, but with jurisdictional nuance. In California, you also have the option to choose your physician or medical group as your treating doctor—with some prerequisites. 

There are many hidden or small clauses in the law that an average person would know or couldn’t understand; this is why you need an expert by your side. If you are searching for a lawyer for workplace injuries in Clearwater, you can find the best one online. 

Disability/Indemnity benefits

Disability/Indemnity benefits cover loss of income because of the injury caused at work. These benefits are subject to minimum and maximum weekly payments specified by the statute. The limits depend on the severity of the injury. Your disability/Indemnity benefits vary based on the injury type: Temporary Partial, Temporary Total, Permanent Partial, and Permanent Total.

Death benefits

Death benefits include payments towards funeral expenses, a weekly payment to eligible dependents, payments to or for surviving children, and more. You must request work-related death benefits under Workers Compensation within a specified period following the death.

Looking for assistance with a Workers’ Compensation claims case? Hire a reputable Workers’ Comp attorney and safeguard your interests. You can directly look for the lawyers on their website and know about their experience and their fees so you can compare them and hire the best one. 


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