Marcel Young — Everything you need to know about the first born son of Dr. Dre and Michel’le big family

Marcel Young

When it comes to learning about the family tree of famous people (especially celebrities), there are so many branches. Similarly, counting down Dr.Dre and his kids in a family tree can be confusing for fans. Today, we are cornerstoning on one of the elite and successful kids of America’s legendary Rapper — Dr. Dre. His name is Marcel Young. 

To begin with, you may have only heard “Marcel Young’s name.” One of the major reasons behind it is that Dr. Dre’s sixth kid — Marcel Young with Michel’le Toussant, is quite private about his life. He has eight other siblings, including Andre Young Jr., La Tanya Danielle, Truly, Tyra, Curtis, Ashley, Truice, and LaToya. 

Do you want to know more about this mysterious celebrity kid? Well! Today is your lucky day because our research has enlightened some amazing facts about Marcel Young. So, without any further stir, let’s begin this journey —

About Marcel Young

To begin with, Marcel Young was born in 1991. His accurate birthdate is unknown. Some sources mention it as “6th February,” however it is unconfirmed. He is 31 years old and popularly known as the son of Dr. Dre. Marcel Young’s Father’s real name is Andre Romelle Young, who was born in 1965 in Compton of, California, The United States. Surprisingly enough, Dr. Dre is also known by his several stage names, such as “The Mechanic” or “Brickhard.”

Marcel Young’s Father, Dr. Dre, is one of the legendary American rappers, music record producer, and businessmen. In his prime time in the music industry, he has collaborated with high-end singers and rappers, including Snopdog. 

On the contrary, Marcel Young’s mother, Michel’le Denise Toussant, is also an elite celebrity. She is a popular American Singer, best known for her songs like No More Lies, Close to Me, 100% Woman, Never Been in Love, and so on. 

Both Marcel Young’s mother and Father are famous, which often brings him into the spotlight. Marcel Young is also acknowledged by his grandparents’ reputation — Verna Young and Theodore Young. They were the owners of R&R Group, which is one of the best and most well-established transport companies in the world. 

Yet, of course, personal details about Marcel Young are still unknown. It is no surprise, given that Marcel is private, he is not findable on social media as well. Unlike him, his brothers and sisters enjoy the popularity that their Father’s name brings to them. 

Marcel Young
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Full Name Marcel Young
Mother’s Name Michel’le Denise Toussant
Father’s Name Andre Romelle Young Sr (Dr. Dre)
Birthday 4th February 1991
Birthplace LA, California, USA
Education Local High School 

University education (unknown)

Profession Not Available
Height 6’1’’ (Six Feet and One inch)
Weight 180 pounds
Body Measurements 42-28-38 inches
Complexion Black
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Famous for Being the son of legendary American rapper — Dr. Dre
Siblings Tyra Young, LaToya, Truice, Andre Romelle Young Jr, Ashley Young, Truly Young, Curtis Young, and LaTanya Young
Net Worth Unknown
Relationship Status Unknown
Own Pets Yes (Dog)
Controversies None
More None


Is Marcel Young the first child of Dr. Dre? 

For the most part, the response is no. According to the inside details and history of Dr. Dre’s marital relationships in the past, Marcel young is the first born son of Michel’le Toussant with Dr. Dre. However, Dr. Dre Marcel Young is the sixth kid in the family. 

For the reader’s information, Michel’le Toussant was the first wife of Marcel Young’s Father, Dr. Dre. Inside details reveal that the couple began dating each other in 1987. At that time, Michel’le was only 17 years old. On the contrary, Dr. Dre was 18 years old. At the lifetime of 20 and 21 respectively, the couple married in 1991. The same year, they welcomed their firstborn son — Marcel Young. 

Previous to Marcel Young, Dr. Dre also had another son named Andre Romelle Young Jr. In 2008, at the age of 20, Andre died due to mysterious consequences. According to the details of Andre’s death news, he was found dead in his apartment in the morning at approximately 10 o’clock by his mother, Jenita Porter. 

Marcel Young had been spotted with his late brother Andre several times. It appears like these two kids were close in spite of their parents’ differences. 

Marcel Young’s mother, Michel’le Toussant, filed for divorce in 1995 as she found out about Dr. Dre’s affair with another woman named Nichole Young. 

Curtis Young is Dr. Dre’s oldest kid. He is also the oldest brother of Marcel Young. Sisters LaToya, Ashley, Tyra, Andre, and LaTanya are also older than Marcel. 

After divorcing Dr. Dre in 1995, Marcel Young’s mother, Michel’le Toussant, married Suge Knight. In 2002, Marcel Young’s stepsister Bailey Knight was born. He has not been seen with any of his half-siblings recently. 

How tall is Marcel Young?

Marcel Young, son of Dr. Dre, is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He is best known for his phenomenal looks. However, unlike his various siblings, he has not entered the music or Hollywood industry. According to the inside details, after the shocking death of Andre Young Jr. due to cocaine overdose, Marcel Young focuses on living a simple and private life. He is often away from the eyes of the media. On the other hand, his Father, (Andre young Sr) Dr. Dre, American record executive and CEO of Beat Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment, is still active in the industry. Marcel’s Father is 57 years old and making a fortune. 

What are Marcel Young’s body measurements? 

Marcel Young, brother of Curtis Young, is quite ripped. He is well-built. His body measurements are 42-28-38 inches. He is a regular at Gym. 31-year-old Marcel Young is American by nationality. He is of black ethnicity like his Father, Dr. Dre, and mother, Michel’le. 

According to the inside details, Marcel Young follows Christianity as a religious belief like his mother. He is quite compact to his mother and remains in touch with her on a daily basis. On the contrary, he has rarely been spotted with his famous Father, Dr. Dre, in public. 

What are Marcel Young’s hobbies? 

Even though Marcel Young remains away from the eyes of the media, his few pictures with his half-siblings and friends in LA depict him well. For example, the sixth-born son of Dr. Dre, Marcel Young, takes a high-end interest in streaming movies online, dancing, swimming, sports, and traveling. Not only this, but he also follows up a few celebrities as his ideals, such as Will Smith, Pearl Thusi, and Chadwick Boseman. 

According to the inside details, Marcel loves to visit Greece. It is his best vacation destination. 

Where does Marcel Young live? 

Since most of his family members, including his mother, Father, stepmother, and half-siblings, reside in Los Angeles, Marcel Young also lives in LA, California, USA. His accurate address is unknown. However, he lives all by himself. 

On the contrary, Marcel Young’s Father lives in Brentwood, LA, California, USA. He owns a $40 Million mansion there where he lives with Nichole Cage Young, the latest ex-wife of Dr. Dre. Did you know? In 1996, after divorcing Marcel Young’s mother, Dr. Dree married Nichole Young. After 24 years of marriage, in 2020, the couple split up. 

Nicole Young is the mother of Dr. Dre’s two children — Truice Young and Truly Young (daughter). They are 24 and 20 years old by age, respectively. Surprisingly enough, Nicole Young took away $100 Million in divorce settlement based on the charges of adultery, share fraud, domestic violence, and attempted murder. 

Image credit: Married Biography

There is no doubt that Marcel Young keeps a distance from his successful Father. In one of Nichole’s testimonies, she claimed that Dr. Dre (a.k.a. Andre Romelle Young Sr) held a gun to her skull and threatened to kill her. Further ahead, she also claimed several instances where Dr. Dre punched her in the face and stomach. 

Thanks to the divorce settlement, all charges were dropped. 

What is Marcel Young’s net worth?

Unfortunately, there is no particulars available about what Marcel Young does for a living. His Net Worth is unknown. Although, it is well-known that he comes from a rich and very financially stable family. His Father, Dr. Dree, is one of the biggest American Rapper and record producers in the world. Dr. Dre’s Net Worth in 2022 is equivalent to $800 Million. Further ahead, Marcel Young’s mother, Michel’le Toussant, Net Worth 2022 stands at $250K. She is currently not potent in the music industry. Most of her income comes from the royalty of her previous musical albums released in the late 1980s. 

On the other hand, Marcel Young’s former stepmother, Nicole Young’s Net Worth in 2022, stands at $113 Million. She was also born in 1970, the same as Michel’le Toussant. In 2020, she divorced Dr. Dre based on domestic abuse charges. She took away $100 Million in the divorce settlement. Her 2020 net worth was $13M only. 

On the lines of Net Worth(s) 2022, Marcel Young’s half-sibling net worth is also unknown. Tyra Young, daughter of Dr. Dre, is an American actress. However, her mother’s name is unknown. 

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre’s daughter Truly Young are also accomplishing their career as an actress. Her current net worth is $4 Million. Most of it usually comes from her trust fund. She is not very active in Hollywood or any other career field. Our assumptions are that she is still studying. 

Twenty-four years old, brother of Marcel Young, Truice Young is also not active in Hollywood or the music industry. His net worth in 2022 stands at 500K USD only. 

It is also noteworthy to mention that multiple sources mention Marcel Young’s 2022 net worth equivalent to $10 Million. However, it is unconfirmed. 

Does he have a Girlfriend or Wife? 

The answer is not known. As mentioned before, Marcel Young, 31 years old, son of Dr. Dre, is private by nature and away from the glamor that his Father and mother bring. He may or may not be in a relationship. Yet, of course, it is for sure that he is unmarried. Marcel has completed his studies at Local High School in LA. His further academic information, such as graduation, degree, and university he attended, is unknown. 

For a very long time, M. Young has not been spotted by the media, which is a big-time concern for Michel’le’s fans out there. 

On the other hand, Marcel’s younger brother, Truce Young, is secretly in a relationship with Isabella. According to the inside details, Isabella comes from an “Ethiopian plus Danish” background. Truice is afro-American. 

The relationship status of other siblings, including Tyra, Truly, LaTonya, Ashley, etc., is unknown. Please remain active on this page to get quick updates on the marital status and relationship dramas of the Young family. 

Family Controversies — What are the controversies M. Young is part of? 

To begin with, Marcel Young has not been very public since childhood. There are very few images of him on social media. He is not active on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok. However, Marcel Young’s Father has been part of several controversies till today. Some of these are mentioned below —

  • From 1991 to the present, M. Young’s Father has been accused of violence in public, assault, etc., many times. Indeed, he once assaulted a show host on television. Due to this, he also faced legal circumstances and did community service. 
  • Marcel Young’s mother, Michel’le, who was in 1991 married to Dr. Dre, also accused him of domestic violence. Did you know? There is a documentary available by the name “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le,” in which Dre’s violent behavior is portrayed. 
  • Lisa Johnson, who is the mother of one of Dre’s kids, also once confronted on television in an interview that Dre hit her when she was pregnant. However, she took no legal action against the celebrity. 
  • Apart from this, multiple co-actors and co-actresses have confessed to being assaulted and abused by Dr. Dre. Dre, on the contrary, confronted these accusations by saying that he was a young man with drinking issues back in the day. Yet, of course, in 2020, Nicole Young divorced him based on domestic violence charges and attempted murder charges. 


Many viewers out there wish for Marcel Young to enter the Hollywood or music industry soon. However, we do not think that 31 years old Marcel Young was interested in the world of glamor. To know more about what’s going on in the lives of your favorite celebrities, bookmark us. Get to know your ideals better with us every day. Thank you!

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