Message blocking is active: What does this mean? How to undo it? 

message blocking

Are you persistently trying to convey a message to someone using SMS? However, your mobile shows an error “message blocking is active.” More often than not, this error confuses users beyond imagination because they have no idea when they even activated the message blocking feature. Not only this, but the more frustrating part is not knowing how to undo the message blocking active feature on their Smartphone. If you are one such distinct user, you have come to the right place. 

Today, we brought you a concise Logue on how to resolve message blocking as an active error on Android, iOS, and other devices? In 2022, we are also introducing you to the topmost preferred and easy-to-use message blocking applications that you can download/install and use for free. Let’s begin: 


To begin with, in the 21st century, message blocking features are both fortunate and unfortunate depending on the terms between the sender and the receiver of a message. For instance, in the event that you want to avoid a person/company from sending you unlimited scamming SMSs 30 or more times a day, by adding such a number to the blocking list, you can relieve yourself of this problem within seconds.

On the other hand, when you receive a “free msg: unable to send a message because message blocking is active” pop-up on the screen, it can be really annoying. Because now you need to keep your needs aside and resolve this error first-handedly. Otherwise, you will not be able to send/receive messages from your loved ones. 

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According to our research, one of the major reasons why message blocking is active on your mobile Phone is that you have added “respective contact” in your blocklist deliberately or by mistake. 

However, presuming that you have already checked out your blacklist and such contact is not among the “blocked” number. It means that something is wrong. What could be other reasons for automatic message blocking feature activation on your Smartphone? Let’s find out: 

Why does it say “Message blocking is active” on my Phone? 

For the most part, when “free msg: unable to send message because message blocking is active” error pop-up on your screen, it may mean that you have blocked the respective user. Or, it can also mean that the other user has potentially blocked you. In the first scenario, you can simply unblock the other user and undo this error. On the other hand, if the other user (whom you are trying to send an SMS to) has blocked you, unfortunately, you cannot do anything. 

Yet, of course, in the past few years, there have been cases where no two users have blocked each other from sending SMSs. Even then, one of the user’s mobile says, “message blocking is active.” Our thorough research on the subject has opened the possibility of the following reasons being primary for message blocking. Let’s take a glance: 


  • T-mobile shortcode problem. If you are utilizing T-mobile US, you may encounter shortcode problems from time to time. Let’s suppose you have not blocked someone, yet upon messaging them, your mobile says “message blocking is active.” It means that there may be technical issues existing. 


  • In the case of family pack mobile membership, it is possible that other family members have blocked such numbers deliberately or accidentally. Check the blocklist or ask around. 


  • You are trying to send “Premium Message/SMS,” which requires a premium package as well as charges. For example, when you book a taxi or cab online, large companies like UBER send SMS containing information about the cab and driver via premium message. This is why the message does not contain any dial-able number. 
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  • SMS service has been blocked for a temporary period by your service provider. There can be many reasons behind it. So, call the customer care number to confirm. 


  • In the event that you have recently upgraded your mobile plan, please make certain that it contains “SMS services.” Suppose the package does not cover it. You will often see “message blocking is active” errors on the screen. 


Apart from that, there can be other reasons for message blocking. For instance, if you have activated a third-party messaging app on your Mobile Phone. As a result, general SMS features on mobile will not respond. 

“Message blocking is active:” How to Fix it? 

In this reading, we have come across six possible reasons for message blocking activation on one’s mobile. It is no surprise that message blocking can be a trigger based on mobile settings, network settings, or external issues that users have no control over. However, in the event that you have outweighed your need to send SMS to someone. And no longer wait to resolve message blocking errors by themselves. The following methods will help you.

#Method 1: Double-check your monthly plan

Have you recently upgraded or downgraded your monthly recharge plan? In that case, it is common among users to double-check SMS validity and negotiable services. However, you will not know the satisfaction of access to SMS service until you see a message blocking error on the Phone. Thus, first of all, confirm whether your latest plan contains SMS service or not. 

Here’s how to do it: 

For T-mobile users: 

  • First of all, access the T-mobile app on your Smartphone. 
  • Login to your T-mobile service account (single or family package).
  • Next, click on the “Account” option provided above. 
  • Then, click on the “Plan and Usage details” alternative. 
  • In the next step, you will be able to see your current plan details. 

For example, if you have a $30 monthly plan. It only offers 1500 messages. Henceforth, in the event that message blocking is active on your Phone automatically, it means that you have completed sending 1500 SMS and service is no longer available. 

message blocking
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Similarly, a condition that you are using SIM card service or mobile service of other companies such as Airtel, Sprint, Jio, etc. You can download the respective mobile app to keep track of data, call minutes, and SMSs left on your account. 

At last, if you are out of SMSs to send, you will require to purchase an SMS pack separately to resolve message blocking active errors on your Smartphone. 

#Method 2: Re-compose message with correct country code

More often than not, a “message blocking is active” error appears on the screens of users who are trying to send international text/SMS. It can mean two things: 

  • Either you do not have sufficient money in your SMS account to send an international message, or;
  • You are using the wrong country code, which results in failing the delivery of SMS. 

In order to resolve this error, you can consider re-composing the message with the country code reflected on the proper list of codes. For example, for India, the country code is +91. Similarly, on the web, you can easily search for the country code and the proper way to send an international SMS to such a country. 

On the other hand, using (method 1), check if your account has sufficient funds to send international SMS. If not, contact customer care service to activate this service. 

Solution to exception: Activate “roaming feature” on your mobile

Please note that each international SMS or call charges an extra amount called roaming. Now, in the event that the roaming feature has been disabled on your Smartphone, it will not allow you to send international messages or calls. Thus, message blocking is active while roaming is common. 

Here’s how to enable roaming: 

For Android users: 

  • Navigate to the “Settings” option from the App library. 
  • Click on the “Network and internet” alternative. 
  • Next, scroll down to the “Mobile network” option.
  • Use the toggle to slide the “Roaming” option in order to enable it. 
  • Save the settings. 

Once roaming is active, the company will charge you extra for each international message sent or received. To know about these charges, contact customer care.

For iPhone users: 

  • Navigate to the “Settings” option from the App library. 
  • Click on the “Mobile Data” alternative. 
  • Next, click on the “Mobile data options” option.
  • Use the toggle to slide the “Data roaming” option in order to enable it. 
  • Save the settings and go back. 

message blocking

#Method 3: Change the Date and Time on your device to “Automatic.”

For many reasons, users out there often change the date and time on their device to something random. However, because of this tendency, these users face many technical challenges. For instance, using the wrong date and time on your device creates a glitch in your Phone’s service plan. As a result, SIM settings remain unable to comprehend day-to-day activities as easily as sending an SMS. 

In simple words, if your Phone’s SMS service package is ending 3 days from today. However, your Phone’s data and time setting have already skipped these 3 days. As a result, because of technical misunderstanding, you will see a “message blocking error.” 

Here’s how to change the date and time to automatic: 

For Android users: 

  • Navigate to the “Settings” option from the App library. 
  • Click on the “date and time” alternative. 
  • Then, tap on the “Automatically set date and time” option on Samsung SmartPhone.
  • Next, slide the toggle to the right in order to enable this option. 
  • Save the settings and go back. 

For iPhone users: 

  • Navigate to the “Settings” option from the App library. 
  • Click on the “General” alternative. 
  • Then, tap on the “Date and Time” option on iPhone 12 model or later.
  • Next, slide the toggle to the right ahead of “Set Automatically” in order to enable this option. 
  • Save the settings and go back. 

#Method 4: Delete and resave the number of receivers of the message

For humans, it is common to make small errors. While saving contacts, it is possible that you have mistakenly skipped a digit in one’s contact. As a result, when you send an SMS to such a contact, you see “message blocking is active.” In this case, it is fine to delete the existing contact and resave the number. 

Or, to make this process much quicker, you can simply edit the existing contact. Here’s how to do it: 

  • First of all, head to the “Contacts” on your Smartphone/iPhone.
  • Next, scroll down to the contact to which you are unable to send SMS. 
  • Further ahead, click on the contact.
  • Then, on the top right corner, click on the “edit” alternative. 
  • Ahead of the Mobile section, click on the “small cross” to delete the existing number.
  • Now, ahead of the mobile section, re-enter the correct number of the user. 

Once done, click on the “DONE” option provided above. Now, try to send an SMS to the new number. 

#Method 5: Message blocking on your phone? Turn off “Filter Unknown Senders” on your iPhone

iPhone advanced model offers many features that allow comfort to the user. However, in the event that you are constantly viewing, message blocking is active on your iPhone, even though you are not trying to send any messages. It may mean that an unknown person is trying to send you a message. However, because of the filter unknown senders option enabled on your Phone, such a message is not delivered on your number. 

Follow the steps below to disable/discard this option: 

message blocking

  • Navigate to the “Settings” option from the App library. 
  • Scroll down to the “Messages” alternative. 
  • Then, tap on the “Unknown and Spam” option on iPhone 12 model or later.
  • Next, slide the toggle to the left ahead of “Filter Unknown senders” in order to disable this option. 
  • Save the settings and go back. 

What is the best message blocking apps to download? 

No doubt that when you disable the filter spam messages option on your Phone, you will feel uncomfortable with all the messages from companies, unknown senders, etc. In this case, you can choose to download one of the following shortlisted message blocking apps. These apps allow you to figure out which contacts have been blocked by other users under the “spam” category. Henceforth, making the job much easier. 

  • Truecaller (for Indian users)
  • SMS Blocker (For USA users)
  • VeroSMS
  • Firewall Call and SMS blocker
  • Blacklist


We strongly hope that your daily chat with friends and family has not been blocked by message blocking error now. In the event that the issue is still persisting, contact your service provider’s customer care assistant. For more information on tech tips for message and call blocking, give us a heads up. Thank you.

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