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Tourist activity is based on interaction with the customer, providing quality services and solving problems that arise. Customer loyalty is the gold of any travel business. Travel applications are a convenient and effective tool for interaction between the travel agency and the traveler. They help you pick the best vacation, deal with difficulties finding the location, get all the necessary information about the popular tourist spot, and other great perks we’re going to tell you about. 

Why your travel company needs a mobile app

Mobile applications for tourists are very useful, and their owners benefit from it. It is a tool for communication with the customer. The task is to make a tourism app without which the user cannot imagine his best vacation. It’s not just a pre-sales tool. It is a personal assistant who helps solve problems, resolves conflicts and problematic situations, prompts and helps find the right object in another country. The travel app development for business can do it.

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What does it give to the business? First, a loyal customer who becomes a regular. Increase brand awareness, collect positive feedback. This is an opportunity to further monetize the business. The person may not use your company’s services, but your app will be just as useful to them. You will still be able to interact with him and sell him additional features.

Basic functionality of travel mobile applications

The functionality of a travel application can be very different, and depends on the needs of the business and the field of activity. That is why we first define the objectives and build a clear strategy for developing the application. It will be very important for us that the application meets the requirements. To do this, certain tools are implemented. They vary depending on who the application is being developed for. After all, the users can be not only travelers, but also employees of a travel agency.

For travel agencies

For companies in businesses such as tourism, as a rule, choose the following functions:

  • Page with information about the company;
  • list of tours;
  • Catalog of additional services (insurance, guides, interpreters, etc.);
  • Catalog of sites and attractions by country where the tours take place;
  • Promotions and hot deals page;
  • Flight plan, integration with ticketing services;
  • work with maps and geolocation;
  • Filtering, sorting and quick search tools;
  • Tools for ordering, filling out documents.

Depending on the needs of the company, the necessary tools are selected. The goal is to simplify the work of employees, speed up and improve customer service, and make the travel application simple, accessible and understandable.

For tourists

Tourist applications are usually implemented:

  • Search hotels by country with ratings and reviews;
  • a map of important places;
  • information pages to help the tourist prepare for his or her trip;
  • reviews of restaurants, hotels and other establishments;
  • Tools for interacting with sites, the ability to leave reviews, add photos;
  • visual content;
  • Filter and search for the right sites;
  • Informative pages with valuable content;
  • necessary emergency numbers;
  • A button to contact company representatives.

The functionality depends directly on the type of application. If we are talking about an interpreter program – its capabilities are the same, if we are talking about a guide with a map of the area – the tasks are quite different. This is why we study the needs before development, so that the travel application is targeted and as useful as possible.

Examples of applications for tourism

Travel apps have their own features and each one is created with its own functionality. It is very important for such an app to be very convenient and useful. Here are some successful projects:

  • AroundMe.  An app that helps tourists find landmarks, establishments, hotels, and other places in an unfamiliar city. 
  • MAPS.ME.  Very useful app for traveling, because there are maps that work without the Internet. For this you need to download them in advance

Travel apps bring great value to users, and for owners it is a tool for additional sales of services and products, an opportunity to interact with the customer, to stay in the center of attention.

Mobile app for tourism: how we do it

Mobile applications for tourists are of practical value. They are an additional tool, an assistant that is always at hand. When developing applications for tourists, we try to make them as accessible, understandable, simple and concise as possible. So that the user gets the desired result right away.

Stages of development:

  • To create a travel app, you need to understand the main objectives. We discuss the idea with you, form a vision, and determine how the app can be used, what role it will play, and what the benefits are for the customer and the business.
  • Then comes the analysis. We gather data to help shape the concept. We study competitors, analyze the market, customer needs, and plan promotion. The analysis helps set clear goals and develop a work plan.
  • Specialists create a prototype, prepare an initial design, determine the tools to implement the application, which technology stack will be used to create a travel application. A prototype makes it possible to understand how the application will look like in the end. After its approval, technical specialists get to work.
  • After the design is created, the elements have to be visualized, then the code has to be written. This takes a lot of time. Then testing and assembling the application as a whole.
  • Launch. Our specialists train your employees how to use the travel application, put them on the sites and help them launch it. When the application is fully functional with no nuances, the work is complete


Mobile travel apps are an effective tool to help promote business services. It brings great value to customers and is therefore valuable in demand. Integrating a travel app into business operations helps attract more customers, improve customer relationships, increase brand awareness and expand business opportunities. Come see us at for a consultation and we’ll talk more about how to integrate modern technology into your business.


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