Suzette Quintanilla — Keeping the legacy of Selena Quintanilla, The Queen of Tejano Music alive

Suzette Quintanilla

We often hear that siblings share a special bond. They may refuse to serve each other a glass of water, but when it comes to donating a body part like a kidney, they do it in a breath. Suzette Quintanilla and her late sister, the famous American singer — Selena Quintanilla, shared such a special bond.

To begin with, Suzette Quintanilla is the real sister and one of the most elite members of Selena Quintanilla, the Queen of Tanejo Sound. Back in the days of her prime success in the American Music Industry, this particular and unique sound created by Selena earned her two Grammy Awards, an ALMA award, and a Billboard Latin Music Award. However, Selena Parez, sister of Suzette Quintanilla, said goodbye to the world in March of 1995.

Suzette Quintanilla
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Suzette Quintanilla with Father Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Mother Marcella Semora

According to the details, Suzette Quintanilla was part of Selena’s band. She was the drummer. We hope she still is! However, after the murder of Selena Quintanilla at the hands of her obsessed fan named Yolonda Salvidar. For the most part, the devastating death of Selena Parez pulled her entire family down. And there was no one more affected by the death of the beloved and most celebrated Latino singer than her sister Suzette.

As a fan of the band, you must be wondering, where is Suzette Quintanilla now? Well! The good news, we have tracked her new career details and lifestyle. Let’s take a glance:

Who is Suzette Quintanilla?

There is no other way to put it, but Suzette Quintanilla is the elder sister of the late Selena Quintanilla. She was born on June 29th, 1967, in Lake Jackson, a city in Texas, USA. She was one of the prime puzzle pieces of the 90s elite band — Selena Y Los Dinos. In English, the band is called “Selena and the Guys.” Back in the days when Selena was alive, Suzette was the drummer in the band. From 1981 to 1995, the band was active, and so was Suzette’s growth and development in the music industry.

Suzette Quintanilla
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Suzette Quintanilla with passed away sister pop-star Selena Quintanilla in her 20s.

Suzette also acted as the executive music producer and one of the Selena Y Los Dinos band musicians.

At the time, Suzette Quintanilla was only 14 years old and her sister Selena was 10 years old. Both girls loved their father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., who was also a prime part of the band. Unfortunately, the respective band dissolved in 1995.

What is Suzette Quintnilla’s educational background?

According to our research, as mentioned before, Suzette and Selena Parez Quintanilla (sisters) kickstarted their band with father Abraham quite early. Yet, both girls were good at studies and continued with their education on the side. Suzette Quintanilla has completed High School Graduation from the Corpus Christi Local High School in Lake Jackson of, Texas, their hometown.

On the contrary, the younger sister of Suzette, Selena Quintanilla, also had immense interest in studies. She earned her high school diploma from Correspondence (open school) in Chicago. Before her death, she also enrolled in Pacific Western University, where she was studying business administration.

How old is Suzette Quintanilla now?

According to the calculation based on Suzette Quintanilla’s birthday, her age at present is 54 years. She will turn 55 years old on June 29th, 2022. Whereas her sister Selena Quintanilla would have turned 49 years old in 2021. Unfortunately, we lost the Queen of Tejano sound too soon.

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Suzette Quintanilla with passed away sister pop-star Selena Quintanilla in her 20s at a concert.

Who are Suzette Quintanilla’s parents?

Suzette Quintanilla ‘s parents are Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and Marcella Ofelia Quintanilla. Today, Marcella Semora, mother of late pop star Selena Quintanilla is 76 years old. According to the history of music, Marcella herself was a legendary songwriter back in the day. Not only this, but during her prime days of success, she also contributed as a model, singer, and song producer. However, she was not as prominent as her Grammy Award winner daughter Selena. The world got to know the heartwarming story of mother Marcella when Selena died, and Suzette Quintanilla left the music industry for good.

On the contrary, Suzette Quintanilla’s father — Abraham Quintanilla Jr., also explored his career in America as a songwriter, singer, and producer. However, the world still acknowledges him as the Father of Tejano singers. After 27 years of the death of Selena, Abraham has continued to keep his daughter’s legacy alive via a new band called Elektro Kumbia.

He also published his book in 2021, “A Father’s Dream: My Family’s Journey in Music.” In this book, he has delivered a tribute to his late daughter Selena as well as Suzette Quintanilla, who left music forever.

Where is Suzette Quintanilla now?

In 1995, when Suzette Quintanilla’s sister died at the hands of Yolanda Salvidor, Suzette left the band. She opened a museum by the name of Selena Museum to keep the legacy of her prominent sister alive. Prior to 2 years after Selena’s death, Suzette Quintanilla married her long-term boyfriend named, Bill Arriaga. Currently, the couple lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, along with their son named Jovan Arriaga.

Suzette Quintanilla
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Suzette Quintanilla with parents.

Apart from their late sister and parents, Suzette Quintanilla also has a brother named Abraham Quintanilla III. According to the inside details, Abraham III has held a keen interest in the music industry. Currently, he owns an American record company and works as a record producer.

Abraham III is also married. In 2011, he tied knots with Rikkie Leigh Robertson, who is a modeling professional. Inside details reveal that Abraham III was married to Vangie before that. Not only this, but Abraham III’s marriage to Rikkie is 4th. Before that, he had tied knots with Heather Grien (2003). In 2004, he divorced Heather and married Brenda Ramirez.

All family members, including Suzette Quintanilla, are living a happy and luxurious lifestyle.

What is Suzette Quintanilla’s profession?

Back in the late 1990s. Suzette Quintanilla was prominently known as the drummer of Selena Y Los Dinos’ band. However, after her sister’s death, Suzette was so affected by the loss that she quit drumming. Until today, she hasn’t picked up drumsticks. For a living, she has joined her father Abraham Quintanilla jr’s music company called the Q productions. She acts as a Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Apart from this, she also runs a museum dedicated to her sister Selena and the Tejano sound. In the respective museum, fans can view Selena’s original outfit collection, footwear collection, makeup, car, and other belongings.

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(Suzette Quintanilla and brothers at wax museum with Selena Quintanilla’s wax potrayal)

To the reader’s surprise, Suzette Quintanilla appeared as a guest on Entertainment Tonight. On the show, she discussed of how she could feel her sister’s presence while she walked into the museum. You can get an immense understanding of Selena’s personality and human nature through her belongings. The guest teared up.

Recently in the year 2021, Suzette also appeared on the stage for Grammy as a proxy for Selena. She also collected her Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a heartwarming moment for the family. Surprisingly, the same year, Suzette’s father also received a Lifetime Achievement Award dedicated to Selena’s band.

What is Suzette Quintanilla’s Net Worth?

According to the latest revision of Latin Celebrity’s net worth in America, Suzette Quintanilla, the former drummer at Selena, and the Guys band’s Net Worth stand at $3 Million. Not only this, but Selena’s entire estate net worth was $5 Million back in the 90s.

The inside details reveal that in 2020 – 2021, Netflix created a series of episodes on Selena. During the making of this series, Suzette acted as the prime producer. To the reader’s surprise, Netflix paid $2 Million for one episode of Selena the series to the Quintanilla family.

Not only this but Suzette Quintanilla’s father, Abraham Quintanilla’s Net Worth stands at $10 Million. He is still continuing his band. Last but not least, Abraham Quintanilla III also has a strong net worth of 1.5 Million USD.

Apart from this, Suzette Quintanilla’s mother, Marcella Semora, is running a foundation dedicated to Selena. Her total net worth in 2022 is 500, 000 USD.

Suzette Quntanilla — Basic Details

Suzette Quintanilla in 2022 is 54 years old. She is an American, born in Lake Jackson, Texas. In the context of Ethnicity, Suzette Quintanilla is Mexican (both her father and mother). However, they are citizens of America, so they are Mexican-American. Surprisingly, the Quintanilla family also shares Cherokee Indian Ethnicity through Marcella Semora.

They are indigenous Mexican and known to speak languages like Spanish and English.

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Suzette Quintanilla is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. In centimeters, she is 173 in height. Currently, she is approximately 70 kgs or 125 lbs. She has dark hair like Selena, and her complexion is White.

What happened to Suzette Quintanilla’s famous sister?

On March 31st, 1995, Selena Quintanilla, Suzette Quintanilla’s sister, went to meet a model to meet their former financial manager Yolanda Salivdor. According to the inside details, Yolanda was stealing and frauding Quintanilla’s family, and hence, she was fired. Salvador invited Selena to meet her at the hotel with the intention of shooting her. Hence, she was armed. As Selena tried to leave the motel room, Yolonda shot Selena. On her way to her car, Selena died. Her last words were, “Yolanda Room 158.”

The hotel staff tried to keep Selena alive; however, due to severe blood loss, she died on the spot. Suzette Quintanilla has contributed the details about Selena and Yolanda’s relationship in Netflix’s series — Selena: The Series. You can stream the documentary there.

Suzette still remembers that incident like it happened yesterday. In the memory of her sister, Suzette has started a makeup called “MAC Selena.”



Full Name Suzette Quintanilla / Arriaga
Born on  29th June 1967
Born in Lake Jackson, Texas, USA 
Belongs to  Quintanilla Family (Musicians)
Currently lives in  Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Age 54 years (as of today)
Complexion White
Hair Black/Dark Brown
Ethnicity  Mexican, Chorkee Indian, American
Nationality American
Father’s name Abraham Quintanilla Jr.
Mother’s name Marcella Semora 
Husband’s name Bill Arriaga
Son’s Name Javon Arriaga
Sister’s name Selena Pérez Quintanilla 
Brother’s name Abraham Quintanilla III
Sister-in-law Rikkie Leigh Robertson


Drummer/CEO of Q Productions/ Producer of Netflix’s Selena: The Series, Entrepreneur of Selena MAC Makeup line, starter of Selena Museum. 

Net Worth

$3 Million + Selena Estate worth $5 Million + Netflix payment of $2 Million per episode. 
Past relationships Ricky Vela (former band member of Selena Y Los Dinos) was in love with Suzette. She married Bill in 1993. 
Assets (Car) 1986 Porsche 911


Even though, Suzette’s sister Selena has died and left the world behind. Her Tejano sound is here forever. Let’s stream Quintanilla’s music together on YouTube. You can visit the Selena Quintanilla museum at 5410 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78408, United States.

For more information about Quintanilla’s family and Suzette’s front, please keep us in your bookmarks. Moreover, get new updates every day when you access your browser. Thank you for having this journey with us. If you have any further queries concerning Selena Museum or Suzette Quintanilla and Family, drop (?) emoji below along with your question. Good luck.

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