TeamViewer Vs AnyDesk: Which Is Greater Remote Desktop Software?

AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer

Are you considering TeamViewer Vs AnyDesk? Colorfy‘s post below provides you useful information on these versions that help you decide easier.

Remote Desktop software alternatives have quickly grown into among the essential tools in the marketplace. AnyDesk isn’t the sole Remote Desktop software accessible, and it isn’t always the ideal selection for your requirements. That’s the reason why we’ve compared AnyDesk using TeamViewer, weighing one program contrary to another.

If you are studying this comparison, then you are probably interested in picking AnyDesk or even TeamViewer. AnyDesk provides features such as Surveys & Feedback, Remote Server Monitoring, Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access, Dashboard, etc.. Whereas, TeamViewer provides Surveys & Feedback, Remote Server Monitoring, Screen Sharing, Dashboard, Document sharing, and Similar functionalities. Additionally, we have added RemotePC for this comparison that will assist you in making an educated choice.

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AnyDesk Vs TeamViewer Summary

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AnyDesk is a remote service solution that helps users get files and files on almost any device across multiple places. The platform’s key features include online collaboration, document sharing, access control, and customized user interface.


Intended for small to midsize companies, AnyDesk includes a built-in address book that keeps tabs on contacts/connections and empowers users to look at the online standing for collaborators. It enables businesses to execute jobs with less bandwidth and also in regions with poor online connectivity. The alternative’s management tool permits remote reboot, session coverage, automatic invoicing, and billing.

Other features of all AnyDesk include global keyboard support, document transport, lightweight, en…

How does this function?

AnyDesk is a distant connection software that stands out mainly because of its speed. To utilize it, the user needs to put in a free file that has to run subsequently; subsequently, to access the following device, the apparatus has to reveal its PC’s ID. After a session has been launched, users may perform a variety of functions like sharing mouse and keyboard control, desktop screenshots, and much more.


  • The program’s interface and direction display are very excellent. The display picture quality is quite significant when I provide a distant connection. The link speed is quite excellent.
  • It’s a great screen-sharing program, such as that I may take charge of the team’s spouses program while he/she isn’t on sit and share files effortlessly.


  • Very rarely, there’s a lag from the distant connection. The features can be improved small. Otherwise, the software Is Quite great.
  • The very least regarding any desk is that the session died a while quite often. It Might Be the Reason Behind Terrible Online connection. Otherwise, the entire experience is excellent.


TeamViewer is an online meeting and video conferencing solution that connects any PC, server, and mobile worldwide. The remedy is offered in almost all nations and supports over 30 languages. TeamViewer is acceptable for companies of all sizes and could be deployed both in the cloud in addition to on the assumption.


TeamViewer provides features like file management, combined writing, invitation management, remote management, display sharing, messaging, and chat. It has instant messaging performance covers features like offline messaging, group chats, web-based chats, persistent discussion classes, customer-initiated discussion from support instances, and chat background. The program provides end-to-end encryption and complete support for mobile devices.

How does this function?

TeamViewer is a comprehensive remote entry tool of simple deployment and easy operation.

When the document comprising TeamViewer is downloaded into your device, the consumer will have the ability to navigate within an easy-to-use interface at which he’ll get access to the numerous functions of this program. Each TeamViewer setup will provide an exceptional 9-digit ID number connected to this apparatus. As a safety measure, as a way to get other computers, it’ll be crucial for the consumer to share that amount with the apparatus they would like to get.


  • It is excellent, very quickly, and very helpful. I adore the quality where you operate since it’s the correct one to utilize.


  • Teamviewer is an excellent program, but in comparison to the choices out, its pricing is only too high for my liking.
  • It is a fantastic tool but quite expensive, especially for little companies with few customers, and might want to cut back on the cost of traveling to the customer’s website and provide technical support.

Anydesk And Teamviewer Comparison

TeamViewer Vs AnyDesk Comparison


Particular Features of TeamViewer:

Secure Remote Access: TeamViewer helps customers access your remote system by simply sharing with a unique randomized ID with another individual working with the remote desktop computer. Users won’t be able to acquire access unless they do not authorize the session.

Additionally, all newest TeamViewer versions, such as TeamViewer 12, TeamViewer 13, and TeamViewer 14, are procured by AES session encryption for extra security.

Multiple Platform Compatibility: TeamViewer works with the most popular operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. TeamViewer additionally provides cloud-based management solutions, which empowers users to utilize TeamViewer on browsers without needing to install it.

Remote Hardware accessibility: With all TeamViewer’s support, users may provide commands to the hardware on the system. Functions like remote access to this printer, cursor, and tripping down/restarting the machine could be implemented with the support of TeamViewer.

Text, Audio, and Video Communication: TeamViewer includes capable instruments for real-time communicating between the local and distant users. This assists the parties to exchange data, insights, and reports during sessions.

Particular Features of AnyDesk:

Remote Server Monitoring: AnyDesk enables users to track all of the workstations on a server and also to execute acts across the local community, including transferring documents, installing troubleshooting, and application. AnyDesk for Ubuntu was made as compatible with remote server monitoring as AnyDesk for Windows.

Mobile to PC Remote Control: AnyDesk enables users to access remote computer programs from personal computers and out of iOS and Android cellular devices with AnyDesk App. With the support of all AnyDesk programs on mobile devices, users may execute the majority of the tasks that may be implemented from a computer, including file transfer, desktop access, printer access, shutdown, and resume, to mention a couple.

Whitelist: AnyDesk provides the whitelist feature to its customers by which they may allow selected devices and users to access a specific system without needing consent freely.

Widget-inspired User Interface: With its newest upgrade, AnyDesk has restored its user interface, taking inspiration from widgets. It creates various tasks required to keep up the workflow, such as file transfer and fast controls, easy.

Multiple Language Support: AnyDesk includes multiple language support, making it simple for users who aren’t fluent in English to use them seamlessly.


As a result of its speed, AnyDesk is a convenient alternative for light remote accessibility. Regrettably, its limitations concerning compatibility set it at a disadvantage in comparison to TeamViewer, which, along with its rapid performance, additionally supports support to get a massive number of working systems.

AnyDesk is mostly compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows, Windows XP operating systems, and Linux, and macOS.

On the flip side, TeamViewer provides support for Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, XP and 2000, Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003 and 2000; Mac, Linux, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, along with BlackBerry.


In this aspect, we have to affirm that both options are well-positioned as equally provide their customers with protected connections. But, TeamViewer delivers some exciting security features such as the following:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Whitelist of users
  • Blacklist of limited users.
  • Display lock after childbirth

Benefits of Use & Compatibility

AnyDesk is comparatively simple to use. It’s light, mobile, and contains easy to recall identification numbers. AnyDesk also features chat communicating, making it simple for you to stay in touch with all your team members or associates of a project. AnyDesk creates a very convenient choice as a result of its speed. The only limitation it’s is the lack of compatibility with lots of working systems. The functioning systems AnyDesk can be used with include; Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows, Windows XP, Linux, and macOS.

TeamViewer is excellent in regards to compatibility. It works on several widely used operating systems, including some not so frequent, including; Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Home Server, Windows Home Server 2012, 2008, 2003, and 2000. The listing also comprises; Linux, Mac, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and iOS.

Mobile Access

Having the ability to get your data and resources on your cellular device is vital and convenient. AnyDesk considers this and has generated a remote desktop program for the Android apparatus. Their remote access program for Android offers you a truly mobile solution to remote desktop connectivity and access. This provides you with remote control through your portable apparatus. You may also use it to administer outside support to your clients, all while away from the desktop computer.

TeamViewer also includes its distant apps. It’s possible to utilize Android, iOS, Windows, or even a Blackberry device to access your desktop from the TeamViewer program. This permits you to quickly expand your remote support services and tech support to clients and your colleagues or IT administrators, utilizing a mobile device. Providing this type of support from your mobile device can permit you to be a massive assistance to your customers and clients even if you’re on the move.

Document Sharing Capabilities

AnyDesk provides users with a copy-and-paste synced clipboard to assist in performing file transfers via their services. This attribute is intended to operate on all platforms. Furthermore, they offer you a dedicated file manager that’s available for both Windows and macOS users. If you would like to move files using Linux, then you will need to adhere to a different method that is much less straightforward. Details about the best way to do file transfers with Linux can be located on the AnyDesk support site.

TeamViewer also includes great file sharing choices. It’s possible to utilize TeamViewer to transfer your documents at high rates with end-to-end encryption. This helps to ensure your information is stored highly secure during the moving process. Some added file-sharing features include; shared clipboard, which allows one to paste and copy documents, pictures, and text from 1 pc to another; and quick file transfer. Accelerated file transfer will enable you to transfer data at rates around 200 MB/s. This applies to movie files around 8GB or even 3KB spreadsheets.

Business Benefits

Your tooling needs of any sort might vary based on your company requirements. So, if one instrument works better than another inside your company is dependent not just on the features it incorporates but also on the goals you aspire to attain. But with compatibility in mind, the TeamViewer alternative can give you far more extensive accessibility for your company’s internal processes and the delivery of solutions to your clients.

Pricing Alternatives for Both Platforms

With AnyDesk, pricing begins at $10.99/month for a single user and one apparatus with boundless endpoints. This option is excellent for freelancers and small companies. The professional/ multi-user program is $20.99/month, which are appropriate for mid-sized businesses, along with the Power strategy for associations is 52.99/month.

TeamViewer’s plans begin at $49.00per month for one person, $99.00/month for multi-user, and $199.00/month for groups. This is a substantial cost difference in comparison to AnyDesk.

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FAQs on AnyDesk vs TeamViewer

Below are the few questions on AnyDesk vs. TeamViewer, which everybody is hoping to reply to and that I did include precisely the same for my readers.

With all these complaints, is TeamViewer trustworthy?

Yes, sadly, there’ve been several complaints against the safety element of TeamViewer. It’s surprising, to say the very least since their safety features are considered the very best in the business.

Depending on the study performed by the TeamViewer safety team staff, they discovered it to be attributed to inadequate handling or careless use of this tool. This wasn’t a security violation, as most users believed.

Users can be sure that the remote connection tool, TeamViewer is dependable and incredibly safe for use.

Would you need the world wide web to run TeamViewer?

Yes, you need to create use of the net if you wish to utilize TeamViewer. If you would like to join a system that’s from your network or area, you will need a speedy online connection.

However, if you would like to connect with a system inside your network, then it’s possible to use it on your LAN mode. However, as an individual, you’d need to be sure your web connection and device you’re using it are free of malware and viruses.

What are the key tasks you can perform with TeamViewer?

Utilizing TeamViewer, you can share your PC online, run meetings on the internet, have internet conventions, and move files between PCs. These are mostly the key purposes of employing a remote connection instrument.

How secure is AnyDesk?

Well, AnyDesk is a secure and protected remote connection tool. If which were not true, over 15000 companies found in over 150 countries would not be utilizing it. And of course, it is possible to carry out a vast selection of tasks using it when connected to precisely the same network.

Can AnyDesk operate without the Web?

AnyDesk can operate on low-speed net connections. And of course, they’ve provided you with an android program for your smartphones. Whenever you’re working in a distant place or place, you might find this remote connection tool useful.

What’s AnyDesk used?

Utilizing AnyDesk, you can carry out a vast assortment of tasks like using it to get your PC remotely. You can also cut, copy, and paste your data to the clipboard. You can quickly move files, and you’re able to reboot a PC safely.


Looking at all of the significant provider’s variables, it boils down to the features that match the demands of your company. We’d advise picking the software that assesses all or the majority of the boxes to enhance your company processes.

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