The Best Men’s Hat for Men Who Travel – The Best Hat Picks Suitable for Every Climate

Best Men’s Hat

So, when are you planning for another adventure trip? If it’s sometime soon, you certainly need a hat along with all other things that you pack. You could be traveling to the snow-covered wonderland or to a sunny tropical paradise. Irrespective of the destination, you need to select a hat that will be your best companion. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, this article has you covered for Best Men’s Hat . 

As you search for the best mens hats for travel, you need to decide on a few basic features. It will help you to decide the hats that are apt to carry with you when you are traveling. If you don’t know how and when to start, you can opt-in for the checklist below for Best Men’s Hat :

1.Crushable- Best Men’s Hat 

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It’s usually called foldable or packable hats. The crushable hats can make a good travel companion as its easy to carry. You can add it to a backpack, and it will not impact the shape. However, there might be some creasing, but that won’t stop the hat from rebounding back. Today, you can get crushable hats in almost every style and several materials, such as wool fedoras, straw flat caps, and cotton baseball caps. 

2. Wide brim- Best Men’s Hat 

A wide brim hat can offer maximum protection from the sun for your neck, face, and ears. Few men don’t prefer an extended brim. They often find it bothersome. Do you resonate with this? If yes, then there’s nothing to worry. You can opt-in for a short brim hat that can secure your face to a great extent, but you need to apply sunscreen along with if you are travelling to a place where the sun’s rays are high. 

3. Weather-proof

Similar to your attire, a hat should highlight where you are heading. For instance, if you are traveling to a place where the sun is strong, you need to opt for a sun hat with a high UPF rating. This fabric ensures that your skin stays protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun. It’s always good to select a hat that has a UPF 50 rating or more. And if you are traveling to a place where the temperature is low, you can choose water-repellent hats which can withstand the extreme weather. 

The best hat picks for men

1.Panama hat

If you are heading to a beach destination, then it’s essential to pair your white linen shirt with a Panama hat. It belongs to Ecuador and will make you appear as if you are experiencing the Miami summer. The hats are made from the plaited leaves and hence if you are traveling to any tropical destination; you should definitely choose a Panama hat. It’s a hat that’s best suited for blue skies and sunshine. Wearing this hat during the winter months is not a great decision. The hat is breathable, lightweight, and has a light color. It’s easy to wear and will seamlessly fit your casual style. 

2. Fedora

Whether you like it or not, the Fedora hat survived its test of time! During the 1920s, the hat was popular amongst the gangsters. In the 1950s, it became a famous hat amongst the hippies. However, today in the 21st century, the hat is a popular choice amongst young boys and men. So, if you are planning to travel to any one of the popular cities worldwide, the fedora would be a great hat to carry along. Even though this hat is available in multiple colors and sizes, it’s best to opt-in for medium width and neutral shades. 

3. The snapback

It’s said that the baseball cap popular in the 90s came back to the style scene as the New York snapback gained prominence amongst the Yankees. Today, the cool kids, cap enthusiasts, fashionistas and ballers are in favor of the snapback. The hat gets its name from the manageable back fastener. And akin to the dad hat, which is its vintage cousin, here the one-size can fit everyone. The hat has an oversized and relaxed fit. But this hat comes with a rigid design which gives it a good structure. This hat can make any man look cool in any attire. 

4.Bucket hat

The bucket hats have made a great comeback! It has gained prominence in several skater and musical subcultures. The hat is made using heavy-duty cotton, like canvas and denim and wool blends such as tweed. Most of the bucket hats have a brim that slope downwards which looks like an inverted bucket. It was a popular street style hat for several years and is apt to sport a casual urban look. If you want to add more jazz to your look, you can pair this hat with a jersey or even a bomber jacket. 

Men are very particular about the hats they carry when they are traveling. If you have plans to travel soon, you can opt-in for the hats mentioned above and match it with your attire the way you want to. 


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