Maintaining Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

The COVID-19 outbreak has successfully changed a lot of things in our life. One of which is normalizing working from home (WFH), which is widely implemented in various companies or institutions. Even though the outbreak is longer restricting our life and movement, still this mode of working is widely used. Even though it sounds exciting because you will be able to work from anywhere, in actuality remote working can have many challenges. One of the main challenges during remote working is the absence of work-life balance.

Indeed, work-life balance is very important because it can affect our health and happiness. People with a poor work-life balance are more prone to stress and in the end, they will become unproductive. Because working hours are more flexible during working from home, some people find it difficult to stop working, even though working hours are over.

Thus to help you solve that problem, here are some tips that should follow to ensure a balance in your life.

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When you work from home, you should still have a special workplace that was created solely for you to work. Avoid working in the bedroom or lounging on your sofa, because this can disrupt your work balance. If you use your place to relax as a place for you to work, it will be very difficult for you to stop working even though working hours are over. 

When creating your own working space, you should also design the space as comfortable as possible, thus you will be more at ease and energized every time you have to work. You should also purchase things that you know you will need and can be great additional items in your workplace. Things such as desk lamps, desktop organizers, laptop gear, and many other items can help support your remote working better. 

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  • Start your working day as usual

Even though you’re working from home, you should start your day the same as usual when you are working from the office. Do the things you usually do, like taking a bath and having breakfast before work, dress like you’re going to the office, and so on. You should also do your work following the same working hours as your office hours. 

This way, you can work effectively and productively just like when you work in an office. You will be able to finish all your work on time. You can also be more disciplined in ending your work immediately after working hours are over.

  • Create a daily work schedule 

Next, you should make a daily schedule or to-do list related to your work. Planning each of your work will help you focus and prevent you from doing other things outside of the work plan. With a daily to-do list, you can work more efficiently so that your work gets done quickly. You can also end work as soon as working hours are over. This to-do list can be made in a notebook, whiteboard, or notes on your gadget.

  • Dare to say no

When you and your co-workers have agreed on a work schedule, you must commit to that schedule. But what if a co-worker asks you to take care of work outside of the schedule? Unless it’s urgent and important, you better dare to say no and postpone doing the work until the next working hour. Politely explain why you put off the job.  Besides being able to disrupt your work-life balance, you may also not be able to focus on doing the work outside of working hours.

  • Make plans for activities outside working hours

On your non-working day, make time to do your hobbies or household chores. Apart from making work-related to-do lists, you can also make other to-do lists after your working hours are over. For example, doing your hobby or household chores. That way, you have a reason to stop working once the working day is over.

When working from home, you might be drowned in your mountainous work thus you tend to work continuously until you forget about the time. With that kind of thinking, it will be difficult for you to achieve a work-life balance. Therefore, you should have activities outside working hours to distract you from work matters.

  • Have an alarm bell for breaks

Even though working from home is flexible, don’t forget to still take advantage of break time. Just because you have too many tasks or are too engrossed in doing the task Don’t forget to take a break. You can create a reminder through an alarm clock on your cell phone to remind you when it’s time to take a step back from work.

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