What is WiFi Calling, how does it works and how to enable it?

What is Wifi calling

Do you know the answer to what is WiFi calling really is? Or have you learned of it but do not exactly understand how it performs and even more chiefly, how you can enable it in your smart devices? 

Android and iOS devices support the feature of WiFi Calling. Without exercising your smartphone assistance provider as the middleman. Moreover, it is among the best ways to get high-quality calls indoors. 

As most organisations have shifted their staff to work from home, one is likely to get familiarised with WiFi calling and the limitations to it. Although, the most immeasurable part of it is that if you have a strong WiFi network coverage, you can access an HD quality Voiceover at your cloud phone system. As compared to cellular service, it has a considerable more distinguished quality and sound accuracy, which is necessary for any organisation. 

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What is WiFi calling? 

WiFi itself performs on a set of measures instituted by IEEE and the network of WiFi. If you have a broadband connection that provides you with a high and standard speed, the chances are more likely that you will also have this radio coverage that is likely offered by the router. 

WiFi calling using a wireless internet connection provides you with the opportunity to execute phone calls. Moreover, iOS and Andriod devices have now accepted universal criteria for VoIP calls in a specific method that is an improvement for your battery’s life and other experiences that you perceive as users. 

Thinking from the point of view of business flow, it is vital to keep a -connection that would work s your back-up plan. So, somehow if your company’s network connection is unstable, and it disappoints, you can manage your business over cellular connections that are based on LTE. WiFi calling can be handled easily over these two when set up correctly. The current global situation has accelerated the shift towards enabling employees to do their organisational works from their home. In an approximate idea, out of every ten companies, at least four are promoting work from home. 

How does the service really work?

Now that you are aware of What is WiFi calling let us learn how to do it. The most manageable way to make a WiFi call is with the help of VoIP. If you know of ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ practice, the making WiFi call would be easier to manage. It operates by grasping a career over the internet connection to connect a phone course. This all might seem like a lot is happening, and indeed it is. But for you it as quite smooth. 

Some social media applications, such as Whatsapp and Facebook, use the technology of VoIP to perform calls. There are even apps that let you make calls without any cellular data. From these apps, you can easily make WiFi calls. 

Basically, WiFi calling provides you with a better experience in quality calls. They do this using VoIP and provide HD quality calls. Moreover, with recent advances in ship-to-shore routers, you can leverage a stable connection. 

Do you have to pay for it?

As you might be knowing, you have to pay the price for making calls through your cellular connections. The feature of WiFi calling is similar to it. WiFi calling has no added charges to it. The plan you buy for your voice calls on a monthly basis is what you pay. 

WiFi calling is an excellent choice for workers who have to telecommute. This helps you save the sky-high prices of over the border calls that you make. All you do with WiFi calling is pay from your monthly data allowance, to pay for calls that are beyond geographical boundaries. 

With services of ‘cloud phone’, you can make calls anywhere possible, by paying as less as a penny. 

An interesting fact about WiFi callings is that there would be around 520 million wireless hotspot systems supporting the calls. Moreover, this prediction is likely to reach its height by the year 2021. 

How to facilitate WiFi calling if you use an iOS device?

WiFi calling if you use an iOS device
Image Credit: bugthinking.com

By now, all your queries about what is WiFi calling must have ended. So let us move on to the part where you can perform your initial WiFi call. You now no longer will require to install Skype to do so. Also, this process works the same on every iPhone model. It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone 6, iPhone 6s devices, or even, iPhone XS, iPhone X it will work the same on all. 

To make your WiFi call over the iOS device of yours, hit your settings and then the ‘Mobile Data’ option. There you will see the segment of WiFi calling. 

Now, launch into the WiFi calling toggle, and slide it on. Your phone is now all set for making the WiFi calls. But for exclusively using WiFi calls on your device, you would need to switch off your cellular data. For that, head to the Settings, then into the option of ‘Cellular Data’ and slide the toggle. 

A few other features present in iOS devices.

As all iOS devices are made with the same settings, it will work on your device, whether it is iPad, iPod or iPhone. 

However, few of the iOS devices have the feature of WiFI calling already enabled in them. iMessage is a typical example of a assistance for messaging that Apple uses already. The users there, collect and post messages from their WiFi connection instead of their cellular data. 

The only thing different will be if you are messaging to a user other than of iPhone. Any other devices rather than iOS do not support iMessages, so if you will share your text, it will be carried as a regular message. 

How to facilitate WiFi calling on if you have Android devices?

WiFi calling on if you have Android devices
Image Credit: talkatone.com

You can use the feature of WiFi calling even if the device you use supports Android Operations. 

For enabling the feature of WiFi calling on Android device of yours:

Head into your Settings.

Slide into the option of ‘Network & Internet’, into your WiFi preferences.

Get into the option of Advance.

There you will view an option for WiFi calling, and you need to switch the option on. 

You can then turn down of close your regular mobile data; you can turn your Airplane mode for this. 

Aeroplane mode will prevent your Andriod tool of making cellular calls, and then you can manage your calls via WiFi calling. 

The difference separating WiFi calling and cellular data.

What WiFi calling really is? You know it now, but why you should prefer it over cellular data? For finding the answers to this here the difference that WiFi calling and cellular data posses.

For making a WiFi call, you can manage it over remote areas. There is no need for you to stick around the cellphone towers. The connection of the internet will go fine with it. 

However, these provide you mobile data for calls over cellular data only till you’re close to the towers they provide. 

Despite, WiFi calling might get a connection that is weaker than that of cellular data. Also, the quality of voice can decrease if there are a lot of people around using the same sort of calling. You are likely to face these issues if you are in a crowded place like in a market or cafeteria. 

Some other differences between the two different calling services.

While what WiFi calling is: has now a very simple answer, but there are a few other fundamental differences to the cellular data and WiFi calling.

There is a demerit of using WiFi calls if your internet connection or VoIP is troublesome. Your calling experiences can be a subject of disruption. While these problems can be avoided, you might, at times, suffer from echoed voices and delay in reaching the audio. These problems usually arise if your network connection is faulty. 

Also, video calls can suffer too as a consequence. Hence, for this purpose, if you have to work from places that are overcrowded, the calling service sway not turn out as a viable option. 

Lastly, the feature of WiFi callings can extend the life of your battery. You can run your device longer than before. As compared to this, cellular data drains your battery faster in search of the network. The devices using WiFi calls do not connect to one interface furthermore without any interruptions stays there till you end the call. You can talk long hours without having the problem of charging your device any sooner. 

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