you do in the U.S. with a CCNA certificate?

There has always been high competition in the IT industry. Specialists are always required in the IT industry. When hiring certified professionals, people can keep their companies safe from cybersecurity threats. CCNA is one of the most famous certifications that people can get. 

The objective of the people is to get jobs after getting these certifications. Certifications are worthy as they improve the resumes of the candidates. Certified professionals are always better than non-certified professionals. Therefore, everyone should focus on getting the certifications. To get the CCNA certification, the candidates have to pass the CCNA exam. The candidates can learn the CCNA 200-301 practice questions here.

Many people are interested in knowing the jobs they can do with the CCNA certifications. Some jobs they can find after getting the CCNA certification are as follows.

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1.A technical support engineer

The national average salary of a technical support engineer is $69003 per year. The technical support engineer is accountable for assisting the company employees and customers with computer devices and technical issues. They also answer phone calls and participate in live chats with customers. They also submit the billing to the customers, suggest viable solutions, and solve problems. A technical support engineer is a well-known post in the IT industry. 

2.A network administrator

The average salary of a network administrator is $69941 per year. The primary duty of a network administrator is to oversee the company’s networks and troubleshoot the issues, manage the updates, optimize the networks, and perform regular maintenance. They also train the employees on ways to manage the network and clarify it. There are a lot of professionals who are working as network administrators after getting the CCNA Certification. 

3.A data center technician

The national average salary of a data center technician is $70666 per year. A data center technician’s primary duty is to maintain the servers of the organizations. They update and install the servers and solve the problems and issues that arise, and people troubleshoot and diagnose to identify the problems. The professionals can earn a healthy income by working as data center technicians after getting the CCNA certification. 

4.An IT Security Specialist

The national average salary of an IT Security Specialist is $78783 per year. The primary duty of an IT security specialist is to ensure that the computer systems of a company are safe from harm. They choose protection tools and research them. They are also responsible for protecting the company from threats. This is one of the worthiest job opportunities that professionals can get. 

5.The VoIP engineer

The national average salary of a VoIP engineer is $84125 per year. VoIP is a voice-over-internet protocol engineer. He is responsible for maintaining and installing VoIP systems for a company and a business. The VoIP engineer configures the in-house telephone systems and accessories and installs software and in-house telephone systems. This is one of the best job opportunities that people can get after getting the CCNA certification. For more details, the candidates can get the Cisco questions here. 

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