What’s so special about Bela Guttmann’s curse

Bela Guttmann's curse

Despite the fact that there should be no place for mysticism in professional sports, sometimes incredible events still happen. One of them is directly related to the Portuguese club Benfica. After the 1xBet login online, players can easily place bets on top sports events, including the Portuguese championship. This story is directly related to the ex-coach of the team, Bela Guttmann. He achieved good results with the team and won the European Champions Cup twice. However, after the victory over Barcelona in 1962, the coach turned to the team’s management with a request to raise wages. As a result, after he was refused, Guttmann’s curse left the club and said that without him Benfica wouldn’t be able to win a single European title. If you complete the 1xBet login online and study online statistics, you will see that the team remains among the grandees of European football. However, it continues to remain without the long-awaited trophies on the international arena.

Team’s results after the Guttmann’s curse begins

It was originally thought that Guttmann’s curse extended to all Portuguese football. Subsequently, the successful results of Sporting and Porto refuted this information. The 1xBet alternative link will allow users to bet on Benfica matches in European cups, even if they have restricted access to the bookmaker. Finding the link is easy enough. On the other hand, Benfica’s results remained poor. Between 1963 and 2014, the team competed in eight European cup finals, losing all of them. The most striking defeats were:

  1. A year after the departure of Guttmann, the team could break the curse by opening the score in the European Cup final against AC Milan. However, Jose Altafini scored two goals in response and brought victory to his team.
  2. In 1968, the team faced Manchester United in the final and were able to extend the game into extra time. There it was destroyed by the opponent, having received three unanswered goals in 30 minutes.
  3. After seven consecutive defeats in the European finals, the team decided to build a monument in honour of Bela Guttmann near Estadiu da Luz. Even after that, the team failed to beat Sevilla in the penalty series.

Naturally, sometimes any unsuccessful streak ends. And many people hope that this will happen before 2067. If you believe in the success of this team, you can bet on the triumph of the Portuguese grandee at 1xBet using the alternative link. Will it help the club?

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