Why is my phone so slow? Top 5 Solutions to help your phone recover performance power

Why my phone is so slow

Do you remember the times when we were required to tap the button four times to write “s” in a text message? From the 1900s’ cell phones to 2021’s highest-quality smartphones (both iOS and Android), we have come so far. However, even today, there are rare instances when you wonder, “why is my phone so slow?” I mean, in this century of advanced features in Smartphones like troubleshooting, airplay capabilities, video call, audio transfer, and whatnot, you do not have to find a reason to conclude that some “task” that is stuck in the background has slowed down your phone. Henceforth, you simply close all tabs and start again. But, what to do when your phone is still slow? 

Well! Thanks to our group of experts, we brought you a brief guide on the reasoning behind why my phone is so slow. Further ahead, also take a glance at the solutions to how to fix a slow smartphone? So, let’s get started:

Why my phone is so slow
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Introduction – Why is my phone so slow? 

To begin with, the subject of “why is my phone so slow?” is because there can be many uncountable problems that may cause such issues. For example, if your phone’s out of storage power, it will begin to slow down whatever task you are performing on Apps. Thus, it is best to catch this “slow phone” problem early. Therefore, for your reference, here’s a list of symptoms that relate to the slow phone issue. If you catch any sign while your phone begins to act up slow, you must skip to the solutions: 

  • Couldn’t connect to the internet source (even when the internet source is working properly).
  • Heavy Gaming Apps like Candy Crush, PUBG Mobile, and others collapse in the middle of the game. 
  • File Storage/Space problem shows in the notification bar, and you cannot remove it. 
  • The touchscreen responds after 1-2 seconds (believe it or not, but that’s a long time).
  • The power button and/or home button respond after 3-4 seconds of tapping. 
  • Your mobile phone randomly crashes, and Android OS restarts. 
  • The camera takes more than enough time to open and capture photos. 
  • Battery lifespan decreased from 12 hours to 6 hours or less. 
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Apart from the above severely observable and non-isolatable causes of slow phone, there can be many non-observable signs at the beginning like audio cut in and out, along with blank screen pause whenever you dial someone, the phone vibrates seconds later after receiving the message, and Bluetooth device connects and disconnects randomly. In all the scenarios, a slow phone may be a mutual reason. In the event that you are dealing with a highly annoying slow phone, do not worry! We have a perfect set of solutions for you. Let’s take a glance:

How to fix an extremely slow smartphone? Solutions to recover phone’s performance power

For the most part, when your phone slows down amid a crucial task, it gets really frustrating. But, you are stuck in a persistent loop of what to do? Thus, your first instinct may be to switch it off and switch it on again. However, does that fix the problem once and for all? The answer is NO. Switching Off and On the phone every now and then can only worsen the problem. 

Thus, we brought to you the following solutions that can help to fix the problem instead of temporarily preventing it from occurring. Please note that none of the solutions given below is without disadvantages. As a result, we highly recommend that you create a data backup on iCloud or any other third-party data backup App. In this course of action, you can easily restore all data in order to reverse the consequences of the following solution. Let’s take a look at the methods now: 

#Method 1: Close All Tabs on your phone

Wondering why is my phone so slow? Well! Here’s a clearcut answer for you: you forget to or deliberately or habitually didn’t close apps on your phone that you opened before. For example, when you open a gaming app and you simply close it by tapping on the “home” button. It does not mean that you close the gaming app. It only means that it is no longer running first handedly on your phone. Thus, it keeps running in the background. Similarly, there can be many apps that you forget to or habitually didn’t close. In this course of action, all you need to do is simply close all the apps/tabs in the background. It will help your phone recover from its “slow down” issues. How to do it? 

Why is my phone so slow
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  • For iPhone users:

In the iPhone, you can view all tabs of apps running in the background by going to “home”.” And then, slide up on the screen using your thumb. One by one, you can slide up each tab to close it. 

  • For Android users:

In Android Smartphones, more often than not, there is a button available to open all tabs running in the background. You can track this button by observing the button with the symbol “square” on the bottom. Tap on it. All close tabs will appear. Slide each tab up one by one to close it. 

In the event none of the solutions works for you in order to open “recently closed apps” on your phone, you can check for the same on your phone guide. 

#Method 2: Why is my phone so slow? Free up space on your phone

When it comes to Android smartphones or iOS iPhones, it is rather easy to perform on them when they are barely out of the box and are brand new. But, with time, they begin to perform slowly and slowly. Why? Well! Here’s a simple explanation: All the apps that you use on your phone, each time, save cache and cookies. Not only this, but it also saves temporary data over and over again. As a result, space on your phone keeps filling up. When you do not clear cache, cookies, and temporary data from time to time, it keeps running out of space. And then there’s a situation where there’s no longer space to save this data. Consequently, you can no longer smoothly work on your phone. 


Apart from the cache, cookies, and temporary data, unwanted photos, videos, movies, audio files, duplicate files, programs also take some percentage of storage available on your Smartphone. Thus, here’s how you can free up storage: 

  • Download a third-party clean-up app on your Smartphone. 
  • It will have a clean-up button that will scan complete data on your Smartphone and allow you to clean up with a single click.
  • Apart from this, you can also look out for duplicate content on your Smartphone using these third-party apps and prevent storage space from bad maintenance. 
  • Alongside, we also recommend that you remove applications and programs which you have not used in a while. 

It is essential to annotate that for an Android Smartphone to work smoothly without randomly switching off; you must keep at least 200 MB free in storage space at all times. 

In comparison, iPhone features are stronger. Therefore, you must keep at least 2 GB in space free to keep it working smoothly at all times. 

#Method 3: Turn off unwanted features on your Smartphone

Believe it or not, but many-many users all over the world find themselves highly unmaintained when it comes to Smartphones. Here’s a simple example: when they open Bluetooth, they forget to turn it off once they are done. Similarly, not closing tabs and websites on the browser, keeping the phone’s brightness level to the fullest, etc. All these activities can prove as a silent killer for your phone’s performance capacity in the long run. 

Why is my phone so slow
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Therefore, in the event that you are a user who fits in this category, we recommend you to consider the following list of suggestions rigidly: 

  • Do not keep internet/mobile data ON all night if the phone is not in use.
  • Always downslide brightness level to 20% when not in use. It protects battery lifespan. 
  • Do not play audio tracks on full volume. It can be damaging for your Smartphone. 
  • Avoid keeping your iPhone/Android phone charging overnight. It only withdraws 1 or 2 hours for smartphones to charge. A 12-hour charge is unwanted and can do damage. 
  • Avoid using duplicate chargers to charge your android/iPhone. 
  • Do not wait to put your phone on charging until the battery drains to 0%. 
  • Turn off Automatic mobile updates as they can harm your phone’s storage space without your knowledge. 

#Method 4: Scan for Virus and Malware

Do you use a lot of proxy websites to download or stream content on your Smartphone? Well! Then you do not need to ask the question, “Why is my phone so slow?” Well! Even if you use a proxy website that claims to “not access” any type of personal data, it does not denote that the website will not deliver corrupt files to your phone. To the reader’s surprise, this method is also highly recommended for those who use uTorrent more often. You may not know this, but one corrupt file in your file system can do a lot more damage than you can imagine. 

So, what to do? 

Well, you can download a third-party antivirus program on your Smartphone and scan for viruses and malware. If the App finds any type of file, folder, or program which is remotely related to virus or malware, it will authorize you to clean up easily. 

Apart from this, if you have an antivirus program in-built in your Smartphone (especially Samsung), you can use it as well. 

#Method 5: Download new Android Updates (if any)

One of the most common habits among Android users is that they all avoid downloading new updates. There can be many excuses behind it. For example, unstable internet connection, too much internet data consumption, not having time for updates, etc. But, what you do not register is that all these excuses give your phone time to slow down. All users must understand that each Android new update comes with pros. For example, a new update ensures that previous bugs in the system are fixed. Thus, you must take every Android Update as an opportunity to improve your Smartphone’s performance level. Here’s how to update it: 

Why is my phone so slow
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  • Go to the App’s library on your phone.
  • Now, tap on the cog icon (or settings) on your phone. 
  • Scroll down to the “System” Alternative.
  • Click on the System Software Update.
  • If any are available, click on the “download now” button.
  • Wait for the process to complete. 
  • Restart your phone. 

Epilogue – Why is my phone so slow?

Why is my phone so slow? All the solutions provided above can resolve slow phone performance issues for you. Sometimes, a phone has more than one problem. Therefore, we suggest that you follow up on each method and give your Smartphone a refreshing start. In the event that your phone is still slowing down, it may mean that it has gone beyond damage. Thus, for better control, we recommend that you visit a nearby device repairer or official manufacturer according to the brand you have. 

For specific queries on the subject, our comment section is round-o-clock open. Bookmark for more updates on this problem. Thank you!

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