Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Which Is Right For You?

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini

The wise house is considered a luxury by many consumers. Together with Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini, the wise house technology is now cheap. By Alexa and Google Home, Echo Dot and Mini are economical options. The businesses are currently fighting several fronts too.

However, neither is going to suit everybody’s requirements. Both may contact family and friends, be a helper at the kitchen, play with your favorite songs, and provide the data which you will need.

So who’s the winner one of them and which device you must purchase? Let Colorfy find out!

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Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini Comparison

Echo Dot vs Home Mini Design

The Echo Dot and the Home Mini game compact, puck-like layouts with curved edges and mesh cloth on the exterior. Both have three color choices: that the Echo Dot comes from Charcoal (black), Heather Gray, and Sandstone (white), whereas the Home Mini comes from Charcoal, Chalk (white), and Coral (red).

The Echo Dot includes a ringed LED that lights up blue when Alexa is listening to you, or crimson once the unit is muted. This ring of light is so bright it is difficult to overlook, even from far away. There are two physical volume buttons on the Echo Dot, in addition to a button that mute the mike and a button that activates Alexa.

The Home Mini has bodily volume controllers, in addition to one button that turns the unit off and on. Little LED lights indicate if Google Assistant is listening to you, but they are pretty hard to view in all but the strongest settings.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Mini Set-up Process

Setting the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot is a simple process. To prepare the Google Home Mini, just download the Google Home program and plug in the speaker in, and then it must pop up for installation immediately within the program. Then stick to the on-screen instructions to link it to a Wi-Fi system.

The process is quite like the Echo Dot. Begin with downloading the Alexa program and hit the”+” button at the upper right-hand corner of this tab.

The Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are easy to establish, so there is no need to create a buy decision based on the set-up process.

Audio quality

The Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are all speakers, however, they equally highlight their smart features a bit more than audio quality. In the end, if you are genuinely searching for high-quality audio, then you are probably better off investing in one of those bigger smart speakers, such as the Google Home or Home Max, or Amazon Echo or Echo Plus.

However, that does not imply you ought to dismiss sound quality, and happily, both these speakers sound pretty great because of their size and cost.

Though the Google Home Mini beats old generations of this Amazon Echo Dot in relation to audio quality, the third-generation Dot seemingly has a slightly heavier, richer sound when compared with Google Home Mini.

That is not to mention the Google Home Mini seems terrible – although a modest midsy and devoid of a whole lot of detail, it will do the job for many who do not intend on using the apparatus mainly for listening to music anyhow. Neither of those two speakers can get super loud, but they’ll be loud enough for many basic usages.

Presently, Alexa automatically scans and detects new apparatus around. On the flip side, to attach with Google Assistant, the apparatus maker is to be chosen followed by specific directions. Consequently, it’s simple for the smart-home apparatus to be incorporated with Alexa compared to Google Mini.

Voice Assistant

Alexa and Google Assistant are similar to day-to-day activities. As an example, dialing touch of your family and friends in the contact list on your telephone, booking a taxi for you, ordering your favorite food from your favorite restaurant, setting alerts and reminders for you that you don’t overlook anything significant.

However, Google Assistant flairs over Alexa concerning complex tasks. Google Assistant provides instructions, can pull / draw information, help you along with public transportation smoothly, and is better in voice recognition too.


It is not surprising that the Echo Dot provides more features to appreciate, as it’s been around considerably longer compared to Google Home Mini. Calling features, patterns, whisper mode, Blueprints (which allow one to create and release your own Alexa abilities ) and much more make the apparatus a powerful winner in this category.

But, the two devices can relate to controlling several smart home products, such as Philips Hue lighting, smart locks, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and much more. Both devices are capable of obtaining “abilities” or”activities,” that provide features like booking bookings, recipes, and weather reports. 1 thing to notice: that the Google Assistant is best in locating information from the net (a leg up thanks to Google’s long history in the hunt!).

It really boils to the electronic ecosystem you presently have inside your house. Do You’ve Got the Amazon’s Fire TV or even the Google Chromecast? If you are an Apple enthusiast, Alexa links to an Apple Music account.


When smart speakers operate, we adore them, and within the class of 2018, they have shown they could do far more than you may believe – even these funding apparatus. So not just can they provide you advice, control some wise home technician and, yes, play with music, today they’re also able to make calls, place patterns, broadcast around the home, and much more.

When it comes to comparing these, matters are much nearer here – some features that one has, another appears to have before long. By way of instance, Alexa can now make calls to landlines and mobiles along with your phone number, just as you can formerly with the Home Mini.

Presently, Alexa can restrain more things on your house than Google Assistant can. A good deal of that boils to Alexa being longer and becoming more popular in earnings, which has intended developers have made simpler to make sure their smart home products operate with this.

Support for Google Assistant is increasing, however, and a number of the large players are already there, such as Philips Hue and Nest. In Addition, the Home Mini gets the Advantage of Google’s ecosystem. It is possible to make the most of Chromecast to set your content up on TVs and improve your audio with speakers. Talking of Nest, in case you’ve got any of the kits in your property, go for Google as much more integrations are being announced all the time.

Now Alexa and Google Assistant have Routines, the two apparatus feel much more private, permitting you to use conversational controls such as “goodnight” and “bedtime” to commence a day sequence around the house instead of”turn off all of the lights.” Not only is that cool, but it just feels more natural. Amazon has also pushed out Short term Mode to create Alexa less chatty if you want it to carry out a simple regular endeavor.

It is worth noting here that you might simply choose to say “Alexa ” as a control – you may also set it to amazon’, ‘Echo’ or ‘computer’ – instead of the slightly annoying “Hey Google” or “OK, Google” wake phrases. Internet rumors do state that habit aftermath words are coming into Google Assistant and we very much hope that is accurate, however, Google has told us right that it does not think there is enough demand for this.

In general, we would say that the Echo Dot, from a feature standpoint, is much more well rounded than what Google is offering at the moment. Sure, Google Assistant remains better in contextual commands and may make the most of Google’s services, such as Calendar and Chromecast. However, the Echo Dot functions with more smart house products and is reaching parity on a few of the cool items Home Mini can perform.

In the long run, however, we fully anticipate Google Assistant to close the difference – do not forget folks are already utilized to having it in their Android cellphone, which is just another benefit.

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Both the devices comprise an upward-facing motorist with the intent of dispersing the noise at 360 degrees. The Home Mini has capacitive touch sensors in the top on each side for volume controller with 4 LED indicators between a toggle at the back to turn off the microphone.

On the flip side, Echo Dot, unlike the Home Mini, has 4 tactile, bodily buttons at the top for changing the quantity, turning off the microphone, and invoking Alexa. Round the buttons is a mild ring that changes color and intensity depending on the activity being done.

An additional bonus with an Echo Dot is that the existence of a 3.5millimeter jack-in for enjoying music through cable, something which the house mini lacks.


The Home miniature employs the ‘Home’ program, and the Recycle Bin employs the Alexa program for setting up and managing your apparatus. Both apps are intuitive however, the Home program was cleaner, better organized, and more polished when compared with the Alexa program.

The Alexa program was occasionally shown to be unresponsive or sometimes even, crashed! The house program is quick, fluid, and contains useful placards directly on the monitor.

The house mini is effective at restraining your android television or some other television using a chrome throw attached to it and also the echo dot may do exactly the same using a TV attached to some fire-tv device.

It is also possible to install your smart devices like a wise bulb, Smart and etc through these programs and command them with your own voice.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Homemini Price

The Echo Dot and Home Mini are $49.99, nevertheless, both Amazon and Google routinely roll out various promotions for you to get into the Home Mini or the Echo Dot.

For example, Amazon has bargains when you purchase more than one Echo Dot and Google has been bundling the Home Mini using a few Nest products, such as its smart thermostat, even when it is not giving them away free of doubt trucks. It will not cost much to purchase both of those ecosystems, but Amazon will get more continuing deals, which makes the Echo Dot a bit more enticing for people on a budget.

Echo Dot or Home Mini?

There Cannot Be a definite winner between Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. But certainly, Echo Dot is forward of Home Mini in terms of general performance.

With an investment of approximately INR 2999, these devices aren’t a bad investment in any way. These devices will get smarter and better with time and consequently, it’s the very best time to purchase those devices.

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