Easy Steps of Solving a Block Puzzle


Block puzzles come in many configurations and forms. The most common ones are a 6-piece star, a snake cube puzzle, and a 3-D puzzle.

Solving a puzzle is extremely easy though it may look difficult as the pieces look like they will never fit together. You have to become a block, think like a block, and take the puzzle.

In this article, we will clearly outline three simple steps of solving a 6-piece block puzzle. You are not allowed to remove any blocks but to slide them either horizontally or vertically.

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Step 1: Identify the six pieces

There are six pieces in a block puzzle. The piece with a partial notch in the middle with a square protruding underneath the notch is set as number 1. The piece with one rectangular, short notch, and L-shaped sides is set as number 2. The piece with 1 square and 1 rectangular notch will be number 3. The piece with 1 long rectangular notch will be used as number 4. The piece with an L-shape from the partial notch will be number 5, and the long rectangular piece with no notches will be number 6.

Step 2: Fit Block Piece number 2 horizontally into piece number 1

Step two involves finding the piece with a partial notch in the middle and a square underneath the notch. Find the piece with L-shaped sides and one short rectangular notch. Fit them together to ensure that the square notch fits horizontally into the vertical piece with L-shaped sides.

Ensure the notch on the vertical piece is facing towards you and the square shape on the other piece is facing on the left and toward the vertical piece.

Slide piece number 3 underneath number 2 so that they are perpendicular. Since piece 2 has two notches, fit it underneath the horizontal perpendicularly. Make sure the notch is facing towards the horizontal piece for them to fit together, then match up piece number 4 with piece number 1.

Hold piece number 4 and make sure it is in a vertical position with piece number 1 and the notches are facing each other. Slide it into the puzzle.

Step 3: Slide Piece Number 5 into the Notches on the Horizontal Pieces

Hold piece number 5 and make sure the notch is facing the vertical pieces and the flat part is outside. While positioning it on the left side, slide it into the existing horizontal pieces’ notches and slide the rectangular piece through the center opening. This is the last piece that needs to be added.

Slip the long rectangular piece in the square opening at the center of the other pieces to lock together and complete the puzzle.

This activity is designed to help gamers see the world as being made of shapes and prepare them for mathematical ideas. Block puzzles are designed with a wide range of students in mind, from those practicing to solving challenging puzzles independently. As illustrated above, everyone can learn and practice the simple steps.

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