Facebook Metrics You Should Track

If you are using Facebook for your business or to build your personal brand, keeping a close eye on your Facebook metrics is something that should be among your top priorities.
Facebook metrics tell you about the performance of your organic or paid social media marketing campaigns. It also explains how well they are performing and how you can improve them. Getting free Facebook likes does serve the purpose most of the time. But, it is crucial to track your progress through these metrics.

Most people do know that they should track Facebook metrics for both their paid and organic campaigns. But there are a lot of Facebook metrics when it comes to your business page. People are often confused about which ones to track and which ones to ignore.
In this article, we will discuss some of the most critical Facebook metrics that you should track. This will help you focus on what works best and save you time and resources.
First, let’s take a look at what can happen if you do not track your essential Facebook metrics.
● Targeting the wrong audience in your posts
● Posting when your followers are asleep or away
● Keep repeating the same mistakes.
● Less impressions, reach, and likes on posts
● Bad performance on Facebook ads
To avoid these issues, we are giving you the Facebook metrics that you should definitely track.
Facebook Metrics to Track
On Facebook, “engagement” is described as the interactions people have with your posts. When people like your posts, comment on them, or share them, it counts as an engagement. You should definitely track engagement on your posts, whether they are video, image, or text posts. It tells you the impact your post had on the audience and how much they loved it.
Facebook page likes
Facebook page likes are one of the most important metrics to track if you want to track the overall performance of a page. Even if you are advertising a page, you need to track the change in your Facebook likes and reactions to know your efforts are working. One tip is not to get disappointed by the small changes. Even if you are getting a few likes, you have to keep in mind that these are probably for a lifetime.
Facebook reach is also one of the most important metrics to track and include in your KPI. Reach consists of all the unique views that your post has. So it tells you the potential size of your audience for a given post. You can track the reach of individual posts on Facebook. Although, organic reach is harder to get these days on Facebook. But if you keep an eye on the posts that are performing better organically, you can use these posts in your ads.
Referral Traffic
You need to track the traffic your website or video is receiving from the links that you posted on Facebook. This tells you how many people are actually visiting your business or personal blog. If you are using Google Analytics, you can see Facebook traffic under the social network referral traffic option.
There are some important metrics you should track if you are running ads on your Facebook page. These include CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click), and CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions). These metrics tell you how your ads are performing on Facebook and how much money you are spending.
Times When Your Fans Are Online
This is a metric that is overlooked by most people on the internet. You can see when the majority of your fans are on Facebook and online by looking at your Facebook page analytics. It shows you graphs for days or weeks of data, telling you when your fans are mostly online. You can use this data to decide on posting times, and those posts will then easily be seen by your followers.
So these are some of the Facebook metrics you need to check in order to track your progress. Let us know in the comments section which one was new for you!

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