Three of the Best Sports Games in 2021

Best Sports Games

The video games industry is worth billions of dollars, approximately $160 billion at the last count. Sports games account for a significant percentage of that eye-popping sum, thanks to gamers worldwide purchasing titles featuring their favorite sports and sporting heroes.

Tennis for Two was the first-ever video game in the sports genre. William Higinbotham created the game in 1958; it was played on an oscilloscope. It was extremely simple but showcased how computers could be used to play action games instead of only puzzles. Of course, video gaming is almost unrecognizable from those days, and developers have created simulations that put users in the thick of the action. The following sports games are the best money can buy right now.

Football Manager

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Football Manager is the Godfather of sports management simulations; nothing comes close to touching it. Football, in this case, is soccer and not the NFL. The game gives players the chance to manage their favorite soccer team from almost anywhere in the world. Its massive database of nearly 1.9 million players is unrivalled. It is that accurate that the best sportsbooks online often use Football Manager to make season-long predictions, while some teams have used Football Manager to scout new talent for their real-life rosters.

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There are stories of players using their Football Manager experience to get real-life jobs in the soccer world. Serbian Andrej Pavlovic was an avid Football Manager player who took his favorite Serbian second division side FK Benzanija to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. He also won ten consecutive league titles and six Serbian cups. He decided to offer his services to FK Benzanija, and the club offered him the role of Data Analyst.

Football Manager 21 is the current game, although the sequel, aptly named Football Manager 22 releases to the soccer-mad public on November 9.

NBA 2K22

Basketball games are immensely popular, especially those created by 2K Sports, an American publisher based in Novato, California. The company has released titles since 2005, but it is the more recent NBA 2K22 that it is best known for.

NBA 2K22 is the latest basketball game from 2K Sports, and it is phenomenal. Not only does the game look ultra-realistic, thanks in part to using motion capture of real NBA stars to create the game’s animation, but it plays very much like and real-life basketball game.

The developers have tweaked dozens of areas of the game, including adding more emphasis on stamina. Tiring players now struggle to make shots instead of being able to sprint less, while each player feels different, especially when on defence. 

MyCareer is one of the most popular modes. It puts you in control of an up-and-coming NBA rookie on a quest to join the basketball Hall of Fame. You build your player’s statistics through training drills and playing on the court, all while interacting with fans and the media. It is excellent immersive fun and gives you the chance to live out your dreams of being a baller.


They refer to soccer as “The Beautiful Game,” which is definitely the case for FIFA 22. No soccer game comes even remotely close when it comes to capturing the game in all its glory. EA Sports face captures every player from the top divisions worldwide and even has detailed replicas of the teams’ stadiums. FIFA 22 is for you if you ever harbored dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.

This latest edition features what EA Sports calls “Hypermotion Technology,” which captures the traits of real-world footballers. The feature is available on the latest Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia and sees more than 4,000 new animations captured from real-life players. This is the best-looking soccer game of all time.

The title’s FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) returns in all its glory. Think of FUT as fantasy football. Players start with a randomly generated squad that is made up of poor-to-average players. You earn coins by playing in games and use those coins to open random packs of players. Some of those packs contain the world’s elite stars, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. If you love soccer, you will love FIFA 22.


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