AfterShokz Trekz Air Vs Titanium: TOP Full Guide 2021

How Are AfterShokz Trekz Air Vs Titanium Different

Are you considering AfterShokz Trekz Air Vs Titanium? Colorfy‘s post below provides you useful information on these versions that help you decide easier.

In a few of our other site posts, you may read more about bone conduction technology and regarding the precise specifications of the cans. In this article, however, we’re not likely to pay for accurate information. Still, we will deep-dive to the gaps between Aftershokz trekz titanium vs air headphones to provide you with a clear image of what bone conduction cans suit your requirements and taste the best.

What’s Bone Conduction?

What I love about AfterShokz is because a busy mother of 4 I often do most of my training early in the morning using AfterShokz headphones lets me pump up my favorite music or music while still leaving my ears loose to listen to the entire world seems around me, visitors or some abrupt moves from Jaz, my puppy who I conduct a whole lot with.

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Bone conduction transducers (the component that sits against the anus ) direct micro-vibrations throughout the cheekbones into the internal ears, providing sounds without hammering or masking them. As a result of this, you’re free to enjoy music without obstructing your ears, allowing you to open to your surroundings.

I was utterly blown away when I read this story about bone conduction in which a guy had lost a portion of the hearing, but the inner ear organs were still wholly operational. With his AfterShokz, he can hear music and telephone calls!

What Is The Difference Between Aftershokz Air And Titanium?

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The Differences Between AfterShokz Trekz Air Vs Titanium

Though Aftershokz air vs titanium features substantial similarities, like IP55 sweat-resistant durability, 6-hour battery lifetime, and the capability to shoot calls and music, they have some crucial differences.

Redesigned Frame

AfterShokz Titanium features a part-titanium, part-plastic framework which weighs in at 36 g, whereas AfterShokz Air is marginally lighter in 30 g, using a lightweight wraparound titanium framework. Air headphones have a slightly redesigned transducer plus a second-skin feel. Though both Aftershokz titanium vs Air headphones can withstand workouts and the components, Air is significantly more elastic, leading to a little more protection.

Fit Choices

As mentioned previously, Titanium is your sole AfterShokz headset version that comes in two distinct sizes: standard size and a miniature. Titanium Mini is suggested for kids, teenagers, and people with smaller heads who favor a more comfortable fit. If you are not fond of too much additional space between the wraparound frame and the rear of your mind, snag a set of AfterShokz Titanium Mini for a fitted feel.


Contrary to our Titanium version, AfterShokz Air was equipped with a back-a-track (rewind/replay) attribute. It let you return to the previous tune played if you inadvertently bypass or wish to hear it. Just triple-click the multifunction button to trigger back-a-track!


The two Titanium and Air wireless headphones are budget-friendly. Still, Titanium is the most inexpensive alternative (priced at $79.95 plus tax). It is frequently suggested for those not seeking to splurge a great deal, but still needing to enjoy excellent audio.

Sound Quality

Aeropex is louder, though the transducer is 50 percent smaller than that of the Air. I’ve tried some in-ear buds, and I do believe these Aeropex are likely to be challenging to beat. Plus, with all the noise leakage being diminished, if I get a call from the household while out training with the club, it implies that not everybody must listen to the dialogue of my Mother’s life!! I’ve done a few tests on the noise leakage with my husband & loved ones, and in various scenarios, I was so impressed. There was barely any noise leakage, unlike the Titanium and Air of yesteryear.


When I unboxed my Aeropex, among the first things I discovered, the charging system is different from that of the other AfterShokz family members. This time together with all the Aeropex, we receive a user-friendly magnetic interface that is quite practical and trendy.

Battery Life

Albeit smaller in proportion compared to Trekz Air, the Aeropex transducer consumes less electricity. There’s also a brand new chip at the Aeropex, which considerably reduces the Bluetooth energy consumption.

While the battery might be smaller using the Aeropex, you currently get a protracted 8 hours of playback time contrary to the Air’s 6 hours of the payback period. I do not tend to perform lots of ultras to justify 8 hours of playback one move, but it’s good not to have to worry day daily about charging always.

With my training in the mo, I will find a fantastic few days or even more instruction from one charge since life is long! Additionally, if I do happen to overlook, the Aeropex possesses a fab, fast charge feature, so when I forget to charge them after a 15-minute fee, I will readily get a morning run from these. To fully control the Aeropex, it takes two hours.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium or AfterShokz Trekz Air Price

AfterShokz Trekz Air vs AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Price


Super impressed with those brand new Aeropex headphones. The audio quality is excellent and will offer any in-ear buds for a fantastic run for their money! Additionally, combined with the small to no sound leakage at high volume, sporting comfort, waterproof feature, and battery life, AfterShokz has generated a top excellent product which excels at the bone conduction marketplace. In my view, they’re brilliant headphones, which I would happily pay that bit extra for.

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